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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.30  No.5 (1998)  >  pp.431-434

Polymer Journal
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cis-Isotactic 1,4-Polypentadiene. NMR Solution Characterization and Crystal Structure of Polymers Prepared with Neodymium-Catalytic Systems

Barnasan Purevsuren1), Giuseppe Allegra1), Stefano Valdo Meille1), Alessandra Farina1), Lido Porri2) and Giovanni Ricci3)
1) Dipartimento di Chimica del Politecnico di Milano
2) Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale e Ingegneria Chimica del Politecnico di Milano
3) Istituto di Chimica delle Macromolecole del CNR

ABSTRACT:  The synthesis of cis-1,4-isotactic polypentadiene with Neodymium (Nd)-catalytic systems yields polymers of higher stereoregularity than previously available and made possible the determination of the crystal structure of this polydiene. The lattice is orthorhombic with a=9.49, b=6.07, and c (fiber axis)=8.17 Å; space group P212121 implies the presence of two isochiral chains in the unit cell. The refinement of the crystal structure also establishes the details of the structure confirming the (CS+TS)2 chain conformation originally proposed on the basis of the fiber repeat.

Crystal Structure/ Fiber X-Ray Diffraction/ cis-1,4-Isotactic Polypentadiene

Published online: March 29, 2005
© Copyright, 2005 by The Society of Polymer Science, Japan



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