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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan ( 2003 - 2007 )  >  Vol.114  No.1329 (May) (2006)  >  pp.399-403

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan ( 2003 - 2007 )
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Cation Distribution and Electrical Conductivity in BaxSryLa0.50InO2.25+x+y System with Excess Alkaline Earth Oxide

Katsuyoshi KAKINUMA1), Tooru ARISAKA1), Hiroshi YAMAMURA1) and Tooru ATAKE2)
1) Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Kanagawa University
2) Materials and Structures Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  We have investigated the influence of the excess doping of alkaline earth oxides on the structure and electrical conductivity of the BaxSryLa0.50InO2.25+x+y (x+y≧0.5) system. It was found that over 0.10 mol of BaO or SrO could be doped in 1 mol of the cation stoichiometric system (x+y=0.50). We propose that some of the Sr cation move from A-sites to B-sites in this system to maintain the cation stoichiometry [(x+y+0.50) : In=1 : 1]. The dependence of the electrical conductivity on the oxygen partial pressure varied with the magnitude of the oxide ion conductivity. The oxide ion conductivity of the excess-doped system was dependent on the unit cell free volume. The relationship corresponded to that of stoichiometric BaxSryLa0.50InO2.25 (x+y=0.50) and Ba1-yLayInO2.50+y systems.

Perovskite structure, Cation defect, Rietveld analysis, Unit cell free volume, Oxide ion conductivity

Received: June 18, 2005
Accepted: March 16, 2006 , Published online: May 01, 2006
Copyright (c) 2006 The Ceramic Society of Japan



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