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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.117  No.1369 (September) (2009)  >  pp.1035-1038

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Characteristics of Au/SBT/LZO/Si MFIS structure for ferroelectric-gate field-effect transistors

Jong-Hyun IM1) and Byung-Eun PARK1)
1) School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Seoul

  Non-volatile memories using ferroelectric-gate field-effect transistors (Fe-FETs) with metal/ferroelectric/semiconductor gate stack (MFS-FETs) have superior advantages such as non-destructive read operation and high density. However, the interfacial reactions between ferroelectric materials and Si substrates make it difficult to obtain good electrical properties of MFS-FETs. As an alternative solution, Fe-FETs with a metal/ferroelectric/insulator/insulator/semiconductor gate stack (MFIS-FETs) have been proposed. We prepared SrBi2Ta2O9 (SBT) film as a ferroelectric layer and LaZrOx (LZO) film as the insulating buffer layer, and then fabricated the n-channel Fe-FETs with the Au/SBT/LZO/Si structure. The thickness of the LZO buffer layer and SBT film deposited by a sol-gel method were about 35 nm and 450 nm, respectively. From the electrical properties of the LZO film on Si, no hysteresis was observed in the C-V curve and the leakage current density was about 1.4 × 10-7 A/cm2 at 5 V. SBT film on the LZO/Si structure was crystallized in a polycrystalline phase with a highly preferred (115) orientation. The C-V characteristics of Au/SBT/LZO/Si structure showed a clockwise hysteresis loop and the memory window width increased as the bias voltage increased. The fabricated Fe-FETs showed typical n-channel MFIS-FETs C-V characteristics and the current on/off ratio was about 103. Also, the memory window width was about 0.7 V.

MFIS-FET, SBT, Buffer layer, LZO, Ferroelectric

Received: November 04, 2008
Accepted: July 16, 2009 , Published online: September 01, 2009
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