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Polymer Journal
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Development of chemically amplified reaction development patterning

Xu Cheng1, Akio Takahashi1 and Toshiyuki Oyama1
1Faculty of Engineering, Department of Advanced Materials Chemistry, Yokohama National University, 79-5 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama, Japan

Various carboxylate and sulfonate esters were synthesized as acid amplifiers by reacting carboxylic acid chlorides and sulfonic acid chlorides with alcohols. The synthesized acid amplifiers were introduced into a photosensitive polyetherimide (PEI) system on the basis of reaction development patterning (RDP) composed of PEI (Ultem) and a diazonaphthoquinone compound (PC-5) as a photosensitive agent, and the availability of the resulting chemically amplified RDP (CARDP) system was examined. It was found that the amount of photosensitive agent and the exposure dose required for the formation of fine patterns were closely related to the structure of acid amplifiers. Consequently, the use of 2SCE with two sulfonate groups in a molecule enabled the formation of clear patterns with 5 wt% of the photosensitive agent and a 300-mJ/cm2 exposure dose, which achieved a sharp reduction of 30 wt% and 2000mJ/cm2, respectively, in the amount of the photosensitive agent and exposure dose used in conventional RDP. Good thermal properties of the patterns prepared by CARDP were also indicated.

acid amplifier, chemically amplified reaction development patterning, photoresist, photosensitive agent, polyetherimide

Received: July 09, 2009 , Revised: September 04, 2009
Accepted: September 12, 2009 , Published online: January 01, 2010
© 2010 The Society of Polymer Science, Japan

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