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Home  >  Journal list  >  MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS  >  Vol.57  No.5 (2016)  >  pp.732-737

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Investigation of the Characteristics of Submicron-Structured Powder-Fabricated Cr50Ni50 Alloys via Different Hot-Press Sintering Pressures

Shih-Hsien Chang1), Cheng-Liang Liao1), Kuo-Tsung Huang2), Ming-Wei Wu1)
1) Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology 2) Department of Auto-Mechanics, National Kangshan Agricultural Industrial Senior High School

In this study, two different compositions of submicron-structured chromium and nickel powders are mixed to fabricate Cr50Ni50 alloys by vacuum hot-press sintering. The research imposes various hot-press sintering pressures (12, 24, 36 and 48 MPa), while the temperature is maintained at 1275℃ for 1 h, respectively. The experimental results show the optimum parameters of the hot-press sintered Cr50Ni50 alloys to be 1275℃ at 48 MPa for 1 h. The relative density reaches 96.29%, and the hardness and electrical conductivity increase to 75.2 HRA and 2.01 × 104 Scm−1, respectively. Simultaneously, the transverse rupture strength (TRS) value increases to 1109 MPa. Moreover, the Cr50Ni50 alloys dramatically acquire a more homogeneous microstructure, and the mean grain size decreases to 3.48 μm. Consequently, it is shown that hot-press sintering has a positive influence on the sintering behavior and improves the performance of the refractory metals.

Cr50Ni50 alloy, hot-press pressing, electrical conductivity, hardness, TRS

Received: October 26, 2015
Accepted: March 02, 2016 , Published online: April 25, 2016



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