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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan ( 2003 - 2007 )  >  Vol.112 No.1309 (September) (2004)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan ( 2003 - 2007 )
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Chemical Reactions Occurred in Oxide Glasses and Their Melts and Evaluation by Acid-Base Concept: NMR Investigation of Multi-Component Silicate Glasses
( pp.467 - 471 )
Takashi MAEKAWA1)

Dynamics of Grain Boundary Network in Ceramics Superplasticity
( pp.472 - 476 )
Fumihiro WAKAI1)

Structural Study on Mechanical Behavior of Glass
( pp.477 - 485 )
Setsuro ITO1)

Formation, Absorption and Emission Spectra of Cr4+ Ions in Li2O-SiO2 System Transparent Glass-Ceramics
( pp.486 - 490 )
Shigeki MORIMOTO1)

Humidity Control Ability of Silica with Bimodal Pore Structures Prepared from Water Glass
( pp.491 - 495 )
Yumiko TOMITA1), Ryoji TAKAHASHI1), Satoshi SATO1), Toshiaki SODESAWA1) and Makoto OTSUDA1)

Structure Study of Binary Titanophosphate Glasses Prepared by Sol-Gel and Melting Methods
( pp.496 - 501 )
Anjiang TANG1), Tadanori HASHIMOTO1), Tetsuya NISHIDA1), Hiroyuki NASU1) and Kanichi KAMIYA1)

Dissolution of Sparingly Soluble Inorganic Compound to Aqueous Suspension with Ion Exchange Resin (Part 11)
—Octacalcium Phosphate—
( pp.502 - 506 )
Tadashi NISHINO, Koichi INOUE1) and Masayuki NAGAI2)

Coloring Phenomenon of Hydroxyapatite (Part 2)
( pp.507 - 510 )
Tsuyoshi ISHIKAWA1)

Preparation of Eu-Doped CaGa2S4-CaS Composite Bicolor Phosphor for White Light Emitting Diode
( pp.511 - 513 )
Jian ZHANG1), Masahide TAKAHASHI2), Yomei TOKUDA1) and Toshinobu YOKO1)

Fabrication of Zirconia Nanoparticles from Zirconium Propionate by Flame Spray Pyrolysis
( pp.514 - 516 )
Hideaki MORISAKA1), Takao TANI1), Hisashi KAGA1) and Kazumasa TAKATORI1)



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