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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan ( 2003 - 2007 )  >  Vol.113 No.1317 (May) (2005)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan ( 2003 - 2007 )
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Thermally Grown ZnO Nanorods from Zn Ingot
( pp.337 - 339 )
Kyoung R. HAN1), Hyun-Jung JANG1) and Chang-Sam KIM1)

Aging Effect of Starting Solutions for Spherical Silica Synthesis
( pp.340 - 343 )
Naoya ENOMOTO1), Akihiro KUMAGAI1) and Junichi HOJO1)

Surface Modification of Diamond Powder with Formaldehyde Solution
( pp.344 - 348 )
Heidy VISBAL1), Chanel ISHIZAKI1) and Kozo ISHIZAKI1)

Formation of Bi2(Sr1-xCax)2(Ca1-yYy)Cu2Oδ and Its Superconducting Transition
( pp.349 - 352 )

Effect of Ti Substitution and Atmosphere on Sintering Properties of LaCrO3
( pp.353 - 357 )
Hiroshi TSUKUDA1), Yoshiaki INOUE1) and Yasuo UCHIYAMA2)

Zeolitization Process of Allophane Compacts and Macro-Pore Property of Zeolite A Compacts
( pp.358 - 362 )
Taiji MATSUMOTO1), Tomohide IINUMA2), Fumio ISO3), Takashi YAMAMURA4), Toshio MITSUBOSHI4) and Yoshiaki GOTO5)

Reaction of Calcium Hydrogenphosphate Dihydrate (DCPD) with a Solution Containing a Small Amount of Fluoride
( pp.363 - 367 )
Masamoto TAFU1) and Tetsuji CHOHJI1)

Low Temperature Synthesis of LiGaO2 Using Lithium Nitride
( pp.368 - 372 )
Akira MABUCHI1), Yuriko IWASE1), Takashi SUGIURA1) and Hideki MINOURA1)

Fabrication of Photonic Crystal Rod by Hot Vacuum Stacking Method Using Multicomponent Glass
( pp.373 - 375 )
Fumio SATO1), Akihiko SAKAMOTO1), Shigeru YAMAMOTO1), Kenji KINTAKA2) and Junji NISHII2)

Optical Microscopic Observation of Silicon Nitride Exposed in High Temperature Combustion Gas Flow
( pp.376 - 379 )
Kazushi KISHI1), Hatsuhiko USAMI2), Daisuke IGIMI3), Mineo MIZUNO3), Eishi MAEDA1) and Tatsuo TABARU1)

Kinetic Study on Nano-ZrO2 from ZrOCl2 Solution Modified with Diglycol
( pp.380 - 382 )
Yu JIA1), Yuji HOTTA1), Cihangir DURAN1)2), Kimiyasu SATO1) and Koji WATARI1)

Formation of Polymer-Derived Ceramic Film on Rough-Ground Silicon Nitride Surface
( pp.383 - 385 )
Hideki KITA1), Kazuo OSUMI2), Yu-Ping ZENG1) and Katsumi YOSHIDA1)



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