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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan ( 2003 - 2007 )  >  Vol.115 No.1341 (May) (2007)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan ( 2003 - 2007 )
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Nonoxide Glass-Forming Systems—Glass Formation and Structure, and Optical Properties of Rare-Earth Ions in Glasses
( pp.297 - 303 )
Kohei KADONO1)

Mechanical Properties and Contact Damages of Nanostructured Silicon Carbide Ceramics
( pp.304 - 309 )
Seung Mo LEE1), Tae Woo KIM1), Hong Je LIM1), Chul KIM1), Young Wook KIM2) and Kee Sung LEE1)

Visible-Light-Induced Hydrophilic Conversion of an S-Doped TiO2 Thin Film and Its Photocatalytic Activity for Decomposition of Acetaldehyde in Gas Phase
( pp.310 - 314 )
Kazumoto NISHIJIMA1), Hitoshi NAITOH1), Toshiki TSUBOTA1) and Teruhisa OHNO1)

Larger Scale Syntheses of Surfactant-Templated Nanoporous Silica Spherical Particles by the Stöber Method
( pp.315 - 318 )
Kumiko KAMBARA1), Naoki SHIMURA1) and Makoto OGAWA2)

Charging/Discharging Behavior of Manganese Oxide Electrodes in Aqueous Electrolyte Prepared by Galvanostatic Electrodeposition
( pp.319 - 323 )
Chih-Hsiang LIANG1), Chiao-Lin NIEN1), Hsien-Chun HU1) and Chii-Shyang HWANG1)

Synthesis and CO2 Absorption Property of Li4TiO4 as a Novel CO2 Absorbent
( pp.324 - 328 )
Nobuaki TOGASHI1), Takeshi OKUMURA1) and Katsuyoshi OH-ISHI1)

Quantitative XRD Analysis of Hydrothermally-derived Leucite Content in Dental Porcelain Ceramics
( pp.329 - 332 )
Yi ZHANG1)2)3), Ming LV1)2), Pinggen RAO1)2), Anze SHUI1)2) and Jianqing WU1)2)

Formation of a Porous Silicon Layer by Electrochemical Etching and Application to the Silicon Solar Cell
( pp.333 - 337 )
Jeong KIM1), In Sik MOON2), Moon Jae LEE2) and Dae Won KIM2)

Synthesis and Characterization of In2O3 Coatings Derived via In(OH)3 Deposition Layers
( pp.338 - 340 )
Yoichi SAITO1), Mitsuhiro NAKAMURA2) and Hidero UNUMA2)

Near-Infrared Light Emissions from Er-doped ZnO Thin Films Induced by an Electrical Field
( pp.341 - 343 )
Shigeru TANAKA1), Yukari ISHIKAWA1) and Noriyoshi SHIBATA1)

Combustion Pressure Sensors using C-axis-oriented Aluminum Nitride Thin Films Prepared on Inconel Substrates
( pp.344 - 347 )
Yasunobu OOISHI1), Kazushi KISHI1), Morito AKIYAMA1), Hiroaki NOMA1), Yukari MOROFUJI1) and Shinji KAWAI1)



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