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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.116 No.1356 (August) (2008)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Fractography and tensile strength of glass wool fibres
( pp.841 - 845 )
Majbritt D. LUND1) and Yuanzheng YUE1)

Nano-indentation and surface hydration of silicate glasses
( pp.846 - 850 )
Russell J. HAND1), Damir R. TADJIEV1) and Simon A. HAYES1)

Elastic moduli of a ZrCuAlNi bulk metallic glass from room temperature to complete crystallisation by in situ pulse-echo ultrasonic echography
( pp.851 - 854 )
Vincent KERYVIN1), Tanguy ROUXEL1), Marc HUGER2) and Ludovic CHARLEUX1)

Viscosity-temperature relationship of glasses with low melting points obtained by wide-range measurement
( pp.855 - 858 )
Hiroshi KOBAYASHI1) and Haruyuki TAKAHASHI2)

Deformation during Vickers nanoindentation in highly oriented nonlinear optical Ba2TiGe2O8 crystalline layers at glass surface
( pp.859 - 863 )
Takayuki KOMATSU1) and Freddy TORRES1)

Relaxation behaviors of Vickers indentations in soda-lime glass
( pp.864 - 868 )
Hiroshi SAWASATO1), Satoshi YOSHIDA1), Toru SUGAWARA1), Yoshinari MIURA1) and Jun MATSUOKA1)

Visualization of microscopic stress fields in silica glass in the scanning electron microscope
( pp.869 - 874 )
Giuseppe PEZZOTTI1), Andrea LETO1) and Alessandro Alan PORPORATI1)

Fabrication of glasses with low softening temperatures for mold-processing by ion-exchange
( pp.875 - 879 )
Naoto KOBAYASHI1), Toshiharu MORI2), Tatsuya SUETSUGU3), Noriyuki WADA4), Junji NISHII5), Takashi WAKASUGI1) and Kohei KADONO1)

Molecular dynamics simulation of deformation in SiO2 and Na2O-SiO2 glasses
( pp.880 - 884 )
Akira TAKADA1)

Deformation and fracture of soda-lime-silica glass under tension by molecular dynamics simulation
( pp.885 - 889 )
Taketoshi TANIGUCHI1) and Setsuro ITO1)

Sub-Tg viscoelastic behaviour of chalcogenide glasses, anomalous viscous flow and stress relaxation
( pp.890 - 895 )
Yann GUEGUEN1), Jean-Christophe SANGLEBOEUF1), Vincent KERYVIN1), Tanguy ROUXEL1), Ellyn A. KING2), Eric ROBIN1), Gaelle DELAIZIR2)3), Bruno BUREAU3), Xiang-Hua ZHANG3) and Pierre LUCAS2)

UV-curing of titanium dioxide pigmented epoxy acrylate coating on ceramic tiles
( pp.896 - 903 )
Sugiarto DANU1), DARSONO1) and MARSONGKO1)

Crystal structure and spectroscopic studies of Na2Pb8(PO4)6
( pp.904 - 908 )
Mohamed TOUMI1) and Tahar MHIRI1)

Mechanism for generation of voids bounded on Cu conductors in Cu/glass ceramic co-fired multilayer wiring substrates
( pp.909 - 914 )
Masahide OKAMOTO1), Madoka MINAGAWA1), Shosaku ISHIHARA1), Norihiro AMI1) and Kazuo SHINOZAKI2)

Compositional dependence of properties of SnO-P2O5 glasses
( pp.915 - 919 )
Jaemin CHA1), Tetsuro KUBO1), Hiromichi TAKEBE2) and Makoto KUWABARA3)



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