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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.116 No.1358 (October) (2008)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Poled glasses and poled fibre devices
( pp.1007 - 1023 )
Simon C. FLEMING1) and Honglin AN1)

Interfaces impact on the transmission of chalcogenides photonic crystal fibres
( pp.1024 - 1027 )
Laurent BRILLAND1), Johan TROLES2), Patrick HOUIZOT2), Frederic DÉSÉVÉDAVY2), Quentin COULOMBIER2), Gills RENVERSEZ3), Thierry CHARTIER4), Thanh Nam NGUYEN4), Jean-Luc ADAM2) and Nicolas TRAYNOR1)

Fabrication and characteristics of bismuth oxide based highly nonlinear fiber
( pp.1028 - 1032 )

Semiconductor doped glasses
( pp.1033 - 1039 )
Adamo F. G. MONTE1)

Tellurite-based fibers and their applications to optical communication networks
( pp.1040 - 1051 )
Atsushi MORI1)

Self-assembled sub-wavelength structures and form birefringence created by femtosecond laser writing in glass: properties and applications
( pp.1052 - 1062 )
Peter G. KAZANSKY1) and Yasuhiko SHIMOTSUMA2)

Silica-based waveguide devices for photonic networks
( pp.1063 - 1070 )
Makoto ABE1)

Near-infrared photoluminescence of PbS QDs precipitated in the glass matrix
( pp.1071 - 1074 )
Chao LIU1), Yong Kon KWON1) and Jong HEO1)

Optical characteristics of spherical glass encapsulated LEDs
( pp.1075 - 1078 )
Nobuhiro NAKAMURA1), Minoru SEKINE1), Shuji MATSUMOTO1), Kazunari WATANABE1) and Naoki SUGIMOTO1)

Controlled crystallization in Ge-(Sb/Ga)-(S/Se)-MX glasses for infrared applications
( pp.1079 - 1082 )
Laurent CALVEZ1), Mathieu ROZÉ1), Yannick LEDEMI1), Hong-Li MA1), Jacques LUCAS1), Mathieu ALLIX2)3), Guy MATZEN2)3) and Xiang-Hua ZHANG1)

Fabrication of BaO-TiO2-GeO2-SiO2 based glass fiber
( pp.1083 - 1086 )
Seiki OHARA1)2), Hirokazu MASAI2), Yoshihiro TAKAHASHI2), Takumi FUJIWARA2), Yuki KONDO1) and Naoki SUGIMOTO1)

Dy3+ doped Ge-Ga-Sb-Se glasses and optical fibers for the mid-IR gain media
( pp.1087 - 1091 )
Bong Je PARK1), Hong Seok SEO1), Joon Tae AHN1), Yong Gyu CHOI2), Jong HEO3) and Woon Jin CHUNG4)

Excitation-emission properties of Er3+ ions doped in nonlinear optical TeO2-Nb2O5-ZnO glass by 800 nm femtosecond laser excitation
( pp.1092 - 1095 )
Tomokatsu HAYAKAWA1), Masahiko HAYAKAWA1) and Masayuki NOGAMI1)

Preparation and optical properties of Eu2+ and Sm3+ co-doped glass ceramic phosphors emitting white color by violet laser excitation
( pp.1096 - 1099 )
Shotaro NISHIURA1) and Setsuhisa TANABE1)

Compositional dependence of photoelasticity of tin phosphate glasses
( pp.1100 - 1103 )
Jaemin CHA1), Mizuyo KAWANO1), Hiromichi TAKEBE2) and Makoto KUWABARA3)

Origin of photoluminescence in suzukiite-type BaTiSi2O7
( pp.1104 - 1107 )
Yoshihiro TAKAHASHI1), Tomoya KONISHI2), Kohei SOGA3) and Takumi FUJIWARA1)

Comprehensive study of crystallization and phase formation in (La,Gd)BGeO5 glass
( pp.1108 - 1114 )
Yoshihiro TAKAHASHI1), Yasuhiko BENINO2), Takumi FUJIWARA1) and Takayuki KOMATSU3)

Crystallization behavior of optical fibers with multi layered structure for nonlinear optical devices
( pp.1115 - 1120 )
Naoki IWAFUCHI1), Hirokazu MASAI1), Yoshihiro TAKAHASHI1), Takumi FUJIWARA1), Seiki OHARA1)2), Yuki KONDO2) and Naoki SUGIMOTO2)

Structural evolution of Er3+ ions in Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 glass-ceramics
( pp.1121 - 1125 )
Shunsuke FUJITA1)2) and Setsuhisa TANABE1)

Improvement of transparency and durability to deep ultraviolet light in fluorine-doped silica glass fiber by optimizing the preform fabrication process
( pp.1126 - 1129 )
Madoka ONO1), Akio KOIKE1), Kaname OKADA1), Tomonori OGAWA1) and Sinya KIKUGAWA1)

Formation of fresnoite-type Ba2TiGe2O8 crystallites in BaO-TiO2-GeO2 glass thin film and its optical nonlinearity
( pp.1130 - 1133 )
Ryoh OGAWA1), Hirokazu MASAI1), Yoshihiro TAKAHASHI1) and Takumi FUJIWARA1)

Fabrication of ultra-compact Er-doped waveguide amplifier based on bismuthate glass
( pp.1134 - 1138 )
Motoshi ONO1), Yuki KONDO1), Junichi KAGEYAMA1) and Naoki SUGIMOTO1)

Raman spectroscopic study of benitoite-type compounds
( pp.1139 - 1142 )
Yoshihiro TAKAHASHI1), Kenichiro IWASAKI1), Hirokazu MASAI1) and Takumi FUJIWARA1)

Blue photoluminescence of germania-stabilized benitoite
( pp.1143 - 1146 )
Yoshihiro TAKAHASHI1), Kenji KITAMURA2), Nobuo IYI2), Satoru INOUE2) and Takumi FUJIWARA1)

Intense visible emissions from d 0 ions-doped silicate glasses
( pp.1147 - 1149 )
Xiangeng MENG1), Shunsuke MURAI1), Koji FUJITA1)2) and Katsuhisa TANAKA1)

Phase evolution and ferroelectric behavior in BaTiO3-BiScO3-PbTiO3 ceramics
( pp.1150 - 1153 )
Zhonghua YAO1), Hanxing LIU1), Yang LIU1), Zhuo LI1), Xiangbang CHENG1), Minghe CAO1) and Hua HAO2)

Carbothermal reduction of Titanium monoxide (TiO)
( pp.1154 - 1158 )
Hanjung KWON1) and Shinhoo KANG1)

Effect of template size on microstructure and strength of porous silicon carbide ceramics
( pp.1159 - 1163 )
Jung-Hye EOM1) and Young-Wook KIM1)

Nanocoating Fe2O3 powders with a homogeneous ultrathin ZrO2 shell
( pp.1164 - 1166 )
Feng ZHAO1), Yanfeng GAO1), Weidong LI1) and Hongjie LUO1)



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