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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.117 No.1365 (May) (2009)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Biocompatible ceramic nanocarrier for drug delivery with high efficiency
( pp.543 - 549 )
Soo-Jin CHOI1)2), Jae-Min OH1)3) and Jin-Ho CHOY1)

Design of thermal barrier coatings using gadolinium zirconate ceramics: A study on gadolinium zirconate/YSZ bilayers
( pp.550 - 554 )
Daehyung LEE1), Tae Woo KIM1) and Kee Sung LEE1)

Electrical properties of Al2O3/La2O3/Al2O3 films using various tunnel oxide thicknesses for non-volatile memory device applications
( pp.555 - 557 )
Hyo June KIM1), Seung Yong CHA1) and Doo Jin CHOI1)

Characterization of SiC:H films deposited using HMDS precursor with C2H2 dilution gas by remote PECVD system
( pp.558 - 560 )
Sung Hyuk CHO1) and Doo Jin CHOI1)

Influence of the anodization process conditions and the microstructure on the photothermal effect of porous silicon used as a therapeutic agent in cancer thermotherapy
( pp.561 - 565 )
Yongjoon CHO1), Chanseok HONG1), Hohyeong KIM1) and Chongmu LEE1)

Influence of the aluminum and indium concentrations on the electrical resistivity and transmittance properties of InAlZnO thin films
( pp.566 - 569 )
Chanseok HONG1), Hohyeong KIM1), Hyoun Woo KIM1), Namhee CHO1), Ilhang LEE2), Ikmo LEE3) and Chongmu LEE1)

Photocatalytic behavior of the coupling of TiO2-phosphorescent materials using CVD
( pp.570 - 573 )
Jung-Sik KIM1) and Chang-Woo HAM1)

A study on the thermoelectric properties of chemical vapor deposited SiC films with temperature and diluent gases variation
( pp.574 - 577 )
Jun Gyu KIM1), Yoo Youl CHOI1), Doo Jin CHOI1), Jung Il KIM2), Bae Seok KIM2) and Soon Mok CHOI3)

Chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) SiC whisker on carbon woven fabric for filter applications
( pp.578 - 581 )
Ik Whan KIM1), Sung Hyuk CHO1), Jun Gyu KIM1) and Doo-Jin CHOI1)

Mechanical behavior of SiCf reinforced SiC composites with fiber coating - Stress alleviation in SiC fiber by soft coating layer
( pp.582 - 587 )
Kyung Soon JANG1), Eugene LEE1), Tae Woo KIM1), In Sub HAN2), Sang Kuk WOO2) and Kee Sung LEE1)

Simulation for thickness change of PRAM recording layer
( pp.588 - 591 )
Jun-Hyun BAE1), Byung-Geun KIM1), Dae-Seop BYEON1) and Hong-Lim LEE1)

Piezoelectric properties of Li2O excess (Na0.4875K0.4625Li0.05)(Nb0.95Ta0.5)O3 ceramics by conventional sintering method
( pp.592 - 595 )
Min Soo KIM1), Soon Jong JEONG1), In Sung KIM1) and Jae Sung SONG1)

Surface passivation of highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays and application to dye-sensitized solar cells using the concept of isoelectric point
( pp.596 - 599 )
Hun PARK1), Dae-Jin YANG1), Jin-Seong YOO1), Kyu-Shik MUN2), Woong-Rae KIM2), Ho-Gi KIM1) and Won-Youl CHOI2)

Process optimization for production of ultrafine titanium carbonitride by magnesium reduction
( pp.600 - 603 )
Dong-Won LEE1), Jung-Yeul YUN1), Farkhod R. TURAEV1), Jin-Chun KIM2) and Sung-Jin KIM3)

Ferroelectric properties of direct-patternable La substituted Bi4Ti3O12 thin films formed by photochemical metal-organic deposition
( pp.604 - 607 )
Hyeong-Ho PARK1), Hong-Sub LEE1), Hyung-Ho PARK1), Ross H. HILL2) and Yun Taek HWANG3)

Study of the electrical enhancement of direct-patternable Ag-nanostructures embedded SnO2 thin films prepared by photochemical metal-organic deposition
( pp.608 - 611 )
Hyeong-Ho PARK1), Xin ZHANG2), Hyuncheol KIM1), Jongchul PARK1), Hyung-Ho PARK1), Ho Jung CHANG3), Hyeongtag JEON4) and Ross H. HILL2)

Study on structural, magnetic and transport properties of La0.7Ca0.3Mn1-xCoxO3 (x = 0.01-0.05) thin films
( pp.612 - 615 )
Young Joo KIM1), Shalendra KUMAR1), Chan Gyu LEE1) and Bon Heun KOO1)

Ferromagnetism in Fe doped ZnO synthesized by co-precipitation method
( pp.616 - 618 )
Shalendra KUMAR1), Sanjeev GAUTAM2), Young Joo KIM1), Bon Heun KOO1), Keun Hwa CHAE2) and Chan Gyu LEE1)

Formation of linde F zeolite by KOH treatment of coal fly ash
( pp.619 - 622 )
Fumiaki MIYAJI1), Takashi MURAKAMI1) and Yoko SUYAMA1)

Toughening mechanism and frontal process zone size of ceramics
( pp.623 - 629 )
Hideo AWAJI1), Yoshitaka NISHIMURA2), Seong-Min CHOI2), Yoshikazu TAKAHASHI2), Tomoaki GOTO2) and Shinobu HASHIMOTO3)

Synthesis of hydrogen-carbon monoxide fuel from methane-carbon dioxide mixed gases
( pp.630 - 634 )
Soichiro SAMESHIMA1), Yoshihiro HIRATA1), Kosuke HAMASAKI2), Hironori OHSHIGE1) and Naoki MATSUNAGA2)

Synthesis and electrical conductivity of La0.6Sr0.4Ru0.9Mg0.1O3-δ perovskite solid solution
( pp.635 - 638 )
Daisuke MORIYAMA1), Yoshihiro HIRATA1), Soichiro SAMESHIMA1), Naoki MATSUNAGA2), Toshiya DOI3), Naoji KASHIMA4) and Shigeo NAGAYA4)

Electric field-induced resistance changes at low temperature on a Cr2O3/ultra-thin (La,Sr)MnO3 magnetic hetero structure
( pp.639 - 642 )
Takeshi YOKOTA1), Shotaro MURATA1), Shinya KITO1) and Manabu GOMI1)

Thermoelectric properties of highly oriented Ca2.7Bi0.3Co4O9 fabricated by rolling process
( pp.643 - 646 )
Jong Won PARK1), Dong Ha KWAK2), Sun Ho YOON2) and Seung Chul CHOI2)

Luminescence properties of MAl12O19:Mn4+ (M = Ca, Sr, Ba) for UV LEDs
( pp.647 - 649 )
Hyun Goo KANG1), Joung Kyu PARK2), Chang Hae KIM2) and Seung Chul CHOI1)

Adhesion of nanodiamond seeded CVD diamond on ceramic substrate
( pp.650 - 653 )
Min-Goon JUNG1), Jong-Hoon KIM1), Seung-Koo LEE1), Yoon-Suk OH2) and Dae-Soon LIM1)

Effect of Mo in Co-Mo/MgO catalysts on the synthesis yield and structure of carbon nanotubes
( pp.654 - 658 )
Masataka BABA1), Hideaki SANO2), Guo-Bin ZHENG2) and Yasuo UCHIYAMA2)

Ceramic catalyst combustors of Pt-loaded-alumina on microdevices
( pp.659 - 665 )
Woosuck SHIN1), Maiko NISHIBORI1), Masayoshi OHASHI1), Noriya IZU1), Toshio ITOH1) and Ichiro MATSUBARA1)

Oxygen diffusion in zinc-oxide thin films prepared by pulsed-laser deposition
( pp.666 - 670 )
Kenji MATSUMOTO1)2), Yutaka ADACHI2), Takeshi OHGAKI2), Isao SAKAGUCHI2), Naoki OHASHI1)2) and Hajime HANEDA1)2)

Correlation between the temperature of molten state and the SH intensity of 30BaO·15TiO2·55GeO2 crystallized glass
( pp.671 - 674 )
Hirokazu MASAI1), Yoshiyuki SUZUKI1), Yoshihiro TAKAHASHI1), Hiroshi MORI1), Takumi FUJIWARA1) and Takayuki KOMATSU2)

Effect of glass powders with spherical shape and fine size on the sintering behavior and dielectric properties of BaTiO3 ceramics
( pp.675 - 679 )
Dae Soo JUNG1), You Na KO1), Jang Heui YI1), Seung Kwon HONG1) and Yun Chan KANG1)

Physical and electric properties of lead-free (Na0.5K0.5)NbO3-Ba(Zr0.04Ti0.96)O3 ceramics
( pp.680 - 684 )
Chun-Huy WANG1)

Engineering structural and magnetic properties of Mg0.95Mn0.05Fe2O4 thin films using 200 MeV Au ions
( pp.685 - 688 )
Shalendra KUMAR1), S. K. SHARMA2), R. J. CHOUDHARY4), Chan Gyu LEE1), B. H. KOO1), ALIMUDDIN3) and Ravi KUMAR5)

Structural and electrical properties of Mg2TiO4
( pp.689 - 692 )
Shalendra KUMAR1), Ravi KUMAR2), B. H. KOO1), H. CHOI1), Dong Uk KIM1) and Chan Gyu LEE1)

Effect of Bi2O3 addition and sintering time on the physical and electrical properties of lead-free (Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-Ba(Zr0.04Ti0.96)O3 ceramics
( pp.693 - 697 )
Chun-Huy WANG1)

Combinatorial preparation process of Pb(Zr1-xTix)O3 thin films by chemical solution deposition method
( pp.698 - 702 )
Gang HE1), Takashi IIJIMA2) and Hiroshi FUNAKUBO3)

Preparation and properties for aluminum-doped zinc oxide powders with the coprecipitation method
( pp.703 - 705 )
Anze SHUI1), Shumei WANG2), Hui WANG1) and Xiaosu CHENG1)

Spectrum controlled supercontinuum generation in microstructure tellurite fibers
( pp.706 - 708 )
Guanshi QIN1), Meisong LIAO1), Chitrarekha CHAUDHARI1), Yusuke ARAI1), Takenobu SUZUKI1) and Yasutake OHISHI1)

Properties of lithium cobaltate powders prepared by FEAG and ultrasonic spray pyrolysis process
( pp.709 - 712 )
Hee Chan JANG1), Seo Hee JU1) and Yun Chan KANG1)

Fabrication of porous alumina ceramics by simultaneous thermal gas generating and thermal slurry solidification
( pp.713 - 716 )
Takumi BANNO1), Yasuo YAMADA1) and Hajime NAGAE1)

Properties of Li2O-ZnO-Al2O3-SiO2 glass-ceramic system prepared by spray pyrolysis
( p.717 )
Jin Man HAN1), Dae Soo JUNG1), Jang Heui YI1) and Yun Chan KANG1)



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