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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.118 No.1376 (April) (2010)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Electrochemical preparation of hybrid film using inorganic nanosheets and the related electrochemical properties
( pp.257 - 262 )
Takahiro TAKEI1)

Application of ion conductors for microfabrication of solid surface
( pp.263 - 268 )

Comb-shaped ZnO powder synthesized through the melt oxidation of Al–Zn–C mixture in air
( pp.269 - 271 )
Geun-Hyoung LEE1) and Min-Sung KIM2)

Preparation and characterization of hollow magnetite spheres via a template-free route
( pp.272 - 277 )
Qiang DONG1), Nobuhiro KUMADA1), Yoshinori YONESAKI1), Takahiro TAKEI1) and Nobukazu KINOMURA1)

Properties and structures of TiO2–ZnO–P2O5 glasses
( pp.278 - 282 )
Hiroyo SEGAWA1), Naoto AKAGI1), Tetsuji YANO1) and Shuichi SHIBATA1)

Electric properties of 0.2Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–0.8Pb(Zr0.475Ti0.525)O3 thick film fabricated by electrophoresis deposition
( pp.283 - 290 )
Soon-Jong JEONG1), Min-Soo KIM1), In-Sung KIM1) and Kyung-Ho CHO2)

One-step realization of open-ended TiO2 nanotube arrays by transition of the anodizing voltage
( pp.291 - 294 )
Shiqi LI1) and Gengmin ZHANG1)

Phase separation in the system with sodium silicate and sodium dodecyl sulfate under acidic conditions
( pp.295 - 299 )
Ryoji TAKAHASHI1), Satoshi SATO2), Yasuhide KOJIMA2), Toshiaki SODESAWA2), Ikuya YAMADA1), Daisuke NISHI1), Katsuhiro MURAMATSU1), Hidenori YAHIRO1), Hiroyuki YAMAURA1) and Naoki MIKAMI3)

SrTiO3-based sensors for in situ monitoring of trace levels of oxygen
( pp.300 - 304 )
Toru HARA1) and Takashi ISHIGURO1)

Preparation and characterization of superionic conducting Li7P3S11 crystal from glassy liquids
( pp.305 - 308 )
Keiichi MINAMI1), Akitoshi HAYASHI1) and Masahiro TATSUMISAGO1)

Electrophoretic movement of hollow silica particles under DC electric fields
( pp.309 - 313 )
Wenjea J. TSENG1), Peichen TSAI1) and Ting-En LIN1)

Methyl cellulose bridging between alumina surfaces
( pp.314 - 317 )
Huseyin YILMAZ1)2), Kimiyasu SATO1), Katsuya SATO1), Yuji HOTTA1) and Koji WATARI1)

Crystallization of silica glass upon heating by contact with a NaCl crystal grain
( pp.318 - 320 )
Naohiro HORII1), Mitsuru KAMIDE1), Akihiro INOUYE1) and Nobu KUZUU2)

Effect of drying conditions on patterned ceramic films processed by soft micromolding
( pp.321 - 325 )
Olivier GUILLON1), Christine JAMIN1) and Rajendra K. BORDIA2)

Preparation of needle-like α-Fe2O3 particles and influences of their morphology on the electrochemical behavior in all-solid-state lithium batteries
( pp.326 - 328 )
Hirokazu KITAURA1), Kenji TAKAHASHI1), Akitoshi HAYASHI1), Kiyoharu TADANAGA1) and Masahiro TATSUMISAGO1)



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