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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.118 No.1382 (October) (2010)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Resonance characteristics derived by structural design of thermally stable piezoelectric ceramics
( pp.855 - 861 )
Akira ANDO1)

Improving the optical properties of vinyl-functionalized silica colloidal crystals by thermal annealing
( pp.862 - 866 )
Tian-Song DENG1), Jun-Yan ZHANG1), Kong-Tao ZHU1), Qi-Feng ZHANG1) and Jin-Lei WU1)

Synthesis and phase transition behavior of w-doped VO2(A) nanorods
( pp.867 - 871 )
Shidong JI1), Yangang ZHAO1), Feng ZHANG1) and Ping JIN2)3)

In situ fabrication of TiC/Ti3Al/Ti2AlC composite by spark plasma sintering technology
( pp.872 - 875 )
Wan JIANG1)2)3), Lu SHI3), Lianjun WANG1)2) and Jianfeng ZHANG4)

Synthesis and photoactivity of hetero-nanostructured SrTiO3
( pp.876 - 880 )
Duk Kyu LEE1)2), In-Sun CHO1), Dong Kyun YIM1), Jun-Hong NOH1), Kug Sun HONG1) and Dong-Wan KIM3)

Effects of Ca and Zr additions and stoichiometry on the electrical properties of barium titanate-based ceramics
( pp.881 - 886 )
Youn Kyu CHOI1), Takuya HOSHINA1), Hiroaki TAKEDA1) and Takaaki TSURUMI1)

Assessing the environmental impact of ceramic tile production in Thailand
( pp.887 - 894 )
Nachawit TIKUL1) and Panya SRICHANDR1)

Defects and oxide ion transport properties in the substituted Zn2TiO4
( pp.895 - 898 )
Shigeomi TAKAI1), Ken-ichi TABUCHI1), Hirotaka OKADA1) and Takao ESAKA1)

Polarization and leakage current properties of bismuth sodium titanate ceramic films deposited by aerosol deposition method
( pp.899 - 902 )
Muneyasu SUZUKI1), Yuji NOGUCHI2), Masaru MIYAYAMA2) and Jun AKEDO1)

Relationship between the cone crack and fracture mode in ceramics under high-velocity-projectile impact
( pp.903 - 908 )
Masayoshi YAMADA1), Kiyoto SEKINE2), Takeshi KUMAZAWA2) and Yasuhiro TANABE1)

Finite element analysis of Cymbal piezoelectric transducers for harvesting energy from asphalt pavement
( pp.909 - 915 )
Hongduo ZHAO1), Jian YU2) and Jianming LING1)

Influence of the annealing atmosphere on the photoluminescence of ZnSe-core/In2O3-shell nanowires
( pp.916 - 920 )
Chongmu LEE1), Hyunsu KIM1), Sunghoon PARK1), Hyoun Woo KIM1) and Changhyun JIN1)

Orientation distribution–Lotgering factor relationship in a polycrystalline material—as an example of bismuth titanate prepared by a magnetic field
( pp.921 - 926 )
Ryoichi FURUSHIMA1), Satoshi TANAKA1), Zenji KATO1) and Keizo UEMATSU1)

Fabrication of grain-oriented MgO ceramics by the rolling-extended method
( pp.927 - 931 )
Shinjiro TASHIRO1) and Keisuke ISHII1)

Controlled organic/inorganic interface leading to the size-tunable luminescence from Si nanoparticles
( pp.932 - 939 )
Naoto SHIRAHATA1)2) and Yoshio SAKKA1)3)

Enhancement of piezoelectric constant d33 in BaTiO3 ceramics due to nano-domain structure
( pp.940 - 943 )
Zong-Yang SHEN1) and Jing-Feng LI1)

Effect of pre-sintering of raw material powder on properties of solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte prepared by dip-coating method
( pp.944 - 947 )
Masaaki IZUMI1) and Noboru SASAHARA2)

Formation of zirconia films by aerosol gas deposition method using zirconia powder produced by break-down method
( pp.948 - 951 )
Eiji FUCHITA1)2), Eiji TOKIZAKI1)2), Eiichi OZAWA1)2) and Yoshio SAKKA2)

Reversible change in crystal structure of Ba(or Sr)FeO3−δ associated with oxygen sorption/desorption by pressure variation
( pp.952 - 954 )
Takamitsu MASUNAGA1), Jun IZUMI2) and Norio MIURA3)

Formation of spherulite and metastable phase in stoichiometric Ba2Si3O8 glass
( pp.955 - 958 )
Yoshihiro TAKAHASHI1), Hirokazu MASAI2), Minoru OSADA3), Rie IHARA1) and Takumi FUJIWARA1)

Joining of silicon nitride by microwave local heating
( pp.959 - 962 )
Naoki KONDO1), Hideki HYUGA1), Hideki KITA1) and Kiyoshi HIRAO1)

Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes synthesized from waste cooking palm oil
( pp.963 - 968 )
A. B. SURIANI1)2)4), Roslan MD NOR5) and M. RUSOP1)3)



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