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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.121 No.1415 (July) (2013)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Superplastically foaming method for inclusion of closed pores in fully densified ceramics
( pp.527 - 533 )

Evaluation and control of the interaction between inorganic particle surfaces: application to environmental functional materials
( pp.534 - 538 )
Toshihiro ISOBE1)

Proton conduction in glasses prepared via sol–gel and melting techniques
( pp.539 - 543 )
Yusuke DAIKO1)

Preparation and dielectric property of (Li0.12Na0.88)NbO3-based solid solutions
( pp.544 - 549 )
Nobuhiro KUMADA1), Naoko ITO1), Akira MIURA1), Takahiro TAKEI1), Satoshi WADA2), Takayuki WATANABE3)

Hydrothermal transformation of magnetically orientation-controlled seed layer into orientation-retained dense, continuous film in clear reaction solution
( pp.550 - 554 )
Chika MATSUNAGA1) 2), Tetsuo UCHIKOSHI2), Tohru S. SUZUKI2), Yoshio SAKKA2), Motohide MATSUDA1)

Formation of trigonal microarrays with cubic Ba(NO3)2 in a polymer matrix
( pp.555 - 558 )
Ryuta ISE1), Yuya OAKI1), Hiroaki IMAI1)

Influence of Fe addition to hydroxyapatite by hydrothermal process
( pp.559 - 562 )
Mitsutaka SATO1), Atsushi NAKAHIRA1) 2)

Hydrothermal synthesis of visible light-sensitive conduction band-controlled tungsten-doped titanium dioxide photocatalysts with copper ion-grafts
( pp.563 - 567 )
Lei NI1), Taiki KITTA2), Naoya KUMAGAI2), Bunsho OHTANI3), Kazuhito HASHIMOTO4), Hiroshi IRIE1)

Microstructure and mechanical properties of MgO-doped Al2TiO5 prepared by reactive sintering
( pp.568 - 571 )
Ryosuke MAKI1), Yoshikazu SUZUKI1) 2)

Synthesis and classification of WC and W metals via organic–inorganic complex precursors
( pp.572 - 574 )
Takamasa ONOKI1), Yuki UEOKA2), Baihui XU2), Naoto SHIOTA2), Yuri NAGANUMA2), Atsushi MATSUOKA2), Yuri MINAMIBORI2), Toru TAGAMI1)

Synthesis of pure-silica ZSM-48 zeolite under mild hydrothermal condition with conventional amphiphilic cation by tuning the reactant gel composition
( pp.575 - 577 )
Takahiko MOTEKI1), Sye Hoe KEOH1), Takafumi OHMURA1), Kenta IYOKI1), Toru WAKIHARA1), Tatsuya OKUBO1)



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