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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.121 No.1418 (October) (2013)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Damage and wear resistance of Al2O3–CNT nanocomposites fabricated by spark plasma sintering
( pp.867 - 872 )
Kee-Sung LEE1), Byung-Koog JANG2), Yoshio SAKKA3)

Pore evolution and its effect on slag resistance of Al2O3–SiC–C castables
( pp.873 - 879 )
Yucheng YIN1), Yonghe LIANG1), Shan GE1), Zhiqiang LIU1), Jianhua NIE1), JiuChang LU1)

Microwave dielectric properties of BaTi4O9–BaSm2Ti4O12 composite ceramics
( pp.880 - 883 )
Xianli HUANG1), Ying SONG2), Fuping WANG1) 2)

Synthesis of alkali metal platinates and their dissolution behavior in hydrochloric acid
( pp.884 - 890 )
Ryo KASUYA1), Takeshi MIKI1), Hisashi MORIKAWA1), Yutaka TAI1)

Precipitation of Ni and NiO nanoparticle catalysts on zeolite and mesoporous silica by rotary chemical vapor deposition
( pp.891 - 894 )
Jianfeng ZHANG1) 2), Rong TU2), Takashi GOTO2)

Electric poling of cement composites of hydroxyapatite whiskers with chitosan and their chemical properties in simulated body fluid
( pp.895 - 900 )
Miho NAKAMURA1), Takeshi TOYAMA2), Ayumi MORITA2), Naohiro HORIUCHI1), Kosuke NOZAKI1), Akiko NAGAI1), Kimihiro YAMASHITA1) 3)

Formation of hydroxyapatite layer on graphite sheet immersed in calcium phosphate solution by microwave heating
( pp.901 - 906 )
Yuichiro BANBA1), Tomohiro UMEDA1), Haruhiko KUROE2), Takeshi TOYAMA3), Yoshiro MUSHA4), Kiyoshi ITATANI1)

Facile synthesis of WO3·H2O square nanoplates via a mild aging of ion-exchanged precursor
( pp.907 - 911 )
Mohamed ELNOUBY1), Kazuo KURUMA1), Eri NAKAMURA1), Hiroya ABE1), Yoshikazu SUZUKI2), Makio NAITO1)

Direct observation of negative thermal expansion in SrCu3Fe4O12
( pp.912 - 914 )
Ikuya YAMADA1) 2), Kentaro SHIRO3), Kengo OKA4), Masaki AZUMA4), Tetsuo IRIFUNE5)

AAO-template assisted synthesis and size control of one-dimensional TiO2 nanomaterials
( pp.915 - 918 )
Kazufumi AISU1), Tohru S. SUZUKI2), Eri NAKAMURA3), Hiroya ABE3), Yoshikazu SUZUKI1)



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