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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.123 No.1443 (November) (2015)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Plasmonically enhanced faraday effect in Fe-oxide-doped silicate glasses irradiated with femtosecond laser
( pp.999 - 1003 )

The effect of different solid phases on the pyroplastic deformation of porcelain
( pp.1004 - 1009 )
Tengfei DENG1), Bin LIU2), Xiaohong XU2), Jianfeng WU1)

Deflocculation and stabilization of Ti3SiC2 ceramic powder in gelcasting process
( pp.1010 - 1017 )
Agnieszka IDZKOWSKA1), Kimitoshi SATO2), Yoshio SAKKA2), Mikolaj SZAFRAN1)

ZnO micro/nanocrystals synthesized via a thermal evaporation of Al–Zn mixtures
( pp.1018 - 1021 )
Min-Sung KIM1)

Windshield-waste-driven synthesis of hydroxy sodalite
( pp.1022 - 1026 )
Jae-Chan KIM1), Mingu CHOI1), Da-Sol KIM1), Hee Jo SONG2), Dong-Wan KIM1)

Effect of Mn2+ substitution on microwave dielectric properties of (Mg1−xMnx)2(Ti0.95Sn0.05)O4 ceramics
( pp.1027 - 1031 )
Bing-Jing LI1), Sih-Yin WANG1), Guo-Jhe HONG1), Shih-Hung LIN2), Yuan-Bin CHEN3)

Study on the effects of milling time and sintering temperature on the sinterability of forsterite (Mg2SiO4)
( pp.1032 - 1037 )
Yoke Meng TAN1), Chou Yong TAN1), Singh RAMESH1), Yee Ching TEH1), Yern Chee CHING1), Nilar LWIN1), Boon Kar YAP2), Dinesh AGRAWAL3)

Preparation and electrical properties of the new lead-free (1 − x)Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3xBa(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O3 piezoelectric ceramics
( pp.1038 - 1042 )
Zhao PAN1), Mingjie AN1), Jun CHEN1) 2), Longlong FAN1), Laijun LIU3), Liang FANG3), Xianran XING1) 2)

The preparation and characterizations of pyrophyllite-diatomite composite support layers
( pp.1043 - 1050 )
Jang-Hoon HA1), Syed Zaighum Abbas BUKHARI1), Jongman LEE1), In-Hyuck SONG1), Sang-Hyup LEE2)

Consolidation of B4C–VB2 eutectic ceramics by spark plasma sintering
( pp.1051 - 1054 )
Dmytro DEMIRSKYI1) 2), Yoshio SAKKA1), Oleg VASYLKIV1) 2)

Improvement of thermal propagation in carbon fiber/thermoplastic composite with hexagonal boron nitride powder
( pp.1055 - 1058 )
Daisuke SHIMAMOTO1), Yuichi TOMINAGA1), Yusuke IMAI1), Yuji HOTTA1)



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