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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.124 No.3 (March) (2016)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Characterization of sol–gel coatings deposited on a mechanically treated stainless steel by using a simple non-destructive electrical method
( pp.185 - 191 )

The catalytic role of additive components for the nitridation of silicon/additive mixture
( pp.192 - 196 )
Ha-Neul KIM1), Young-Jo PARK1), Jin-Myung KIM1), Jae-Wook LEE1), Jae-Woong KO1), Hai-Doo KIM1), Seung-Jun LEE2), Seung-Su BAEK2), Il-Sung SEO2)

Texture-controlled hybrid materials fabricated using nanosecond technology
( pp.197 - 202 )
Hong-Baek CHO1) 2), Tadachika NAKAYAMA1), Minh Triet Tan HUYNH1), Son Thanh NGUYEN1), Weihua JIANG1), Tsuneo SUZUKI1), Hisayuki SUEMATSU1), Koichi NIIHARA1), Jung Ho SHIN3), Yong-Ho CHOA2)

Systematic study on group 14 elements and their oxides for high-capacity anode active materials of lithium-ion secondary battery
( pp.203 - 207 )
Masaki MURAYAMA1), Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO1), Motoyoshi FUJIWARA1)

Low loss dielectric material system of (1 − x)(Mg0.95Co0.05)2(Ti0.95Sn0.05)O4x(Ca0.8Sm0.4/3)TiO3 at microwave frequency with a near-zero temperature coefficient of the resonant frequency
( pp.208 - 212 )
Bing-Jing LI1), Sih-Yin WANG1), Yi-hong LIAO1), Shih-Hung LIN2), Yuan-Bin CHEN3)

High steam utilization operation with high current density in solid oxide electrolysis cells
( pp.213 - 217 )
Hiroyuki SHIMADA1), Toshiaki YAMAGUCHI1), Toshio SUZUKI1), Hirofumi SUMI1), Koichi HAMAMOTO1), Yoshinobu FUJISHIRO1)

Influence of tellurite glass on reaction between Si3N4 anti-reflection coating film and Ag paste for electrodes in Si solar cells
( pp.218 - 222 )
Shizuharu WATANABE1), Takayuki KODERA2), Takashi OGIHARA2)

Preparation of calcium-phosphate cements with high compressive strength using meglumine as a water reducer
( pp.223 - 228 )
Takenori SAWAMURA1) 2), Masahiko OKUYAMA1), Hirotaka MAEDA2), Akiko OBATA2), Toshihiro KASUGA2)

Effects of microstructure on the sky-green color in imitating ancient Jun glazes
( pp.229 - 233 )
Jianfeng ZHU1), Pei SHI1), Fen WANG1), Longlong DONG1), Ting ZHAO1)

Effects of chlorine addition to perovskite-type CH3NH3PbI3 photovoltaic devices
( pp.234 - 238 )
Takeo OKU1), Kohei SUZUKI1), Atsushi SUZUKI1)

ZnO crystals supported by hollow SiO2 nanoparticles with fluorescent property
( pp.239 - 241 )

Improved electrochemical performance of amorphous TiS3 electrodes compared to its crystal for all-solid-state rechargeable lithium batteries
( pp.242 - 246 )
Takuya MATSUYAMA1), Akitoshi HAYASHI1), Tomoatsu OZAKI2), Shigeo MORI2), Masahiro TATSUMISAGO1)

Crystallization mechanism and properties of high basicity steel slag-derived glass-ceramics
( pp.247 - 250 )
Guizhou ZHAO1) 2), Yu LI1) 2), Wenbin DAI1) 2), Daqiang CANG1) 2)

Green synthesis of MgO nanowires employing solar thermal energy
( pp.251 - 253 )
Geun-Hyoung LEE1)

Preparation and up-conversion luminescence properties of Er3+–Yb3+ co-doped CaO–WO3–SiO2–B2O3–NaF glass ceramics
( pp.254 - 258 )
Qinlei WEI1), Hongbo ZHANG1), Chen CHEN1), Yingya TIAN1), Yanling WEI1), Qiong SONG1), Xiangyu ZOU1), Chunhui SU1) 2), Jing SHAO1)



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