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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.125 No.11 (November) (2017)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Red to near-infrared persistent luminescence in transition metal ion activated phosphors
( pp.793 - 798 )

Atomistic and electronic structures of functional disordered materials revealed by a combination of quantum-beam measurements and computer simulations
( pp.799 - 807 )
Shinji KOHARA1) 2) 3) 4)

Crystal-structure and electron-density analyses of the perovskite-type oxynitrides BaNbO2N and SrNbO2N through synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction
( pp.808 - 810 )
Kotaro FUJII1), Kazuho SHIMADA2), Masatomo YASHIMA1)

Mechanoluminescence enhancement of the layered-structure compound Sr3Sn2O7:Sm3+ by H3BO3 addition
( pp.811 - 813 )
Dong TU1), Chao-Nan XU1) 2), Ryouta HAMABE1) 2), Linsheng LIU1), Jun LI1) 2), Akihito YOSHIDA1)

Non-destructive stress measurement in double ion-exchanged glass using optical guided-waves and scattered light
( pp.814 - 820 )
Seiji INABA1), Satoshi OGAMI2), Shuji ORIHARA3), Yoshio ORIHARA3)

Broadband-sensitized upconversion of ATiO3:Er,Ni (A = Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba)
( pp.821 - 828 )
Hom Nath LUITEL1), Shintaro MIZUNO1), Toshihiko TANI1), Yasuhiko TAKEDA1)

Valency effects of cation dopant on ultraphosphate glass electrolytes for intermediate temperature fuel cells
( pp.829 - 832 )
Hirofumi SUMI1)

Performance of Ni0.8−xCu0.2Mx (M = Fe and Co) alloy-based cermet anodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells fueled with syngas
( pp.833 - 836 )
Michihiro MIYAKE1), Sadaki MATSUMOTO1), Shunsuke NISHIMOTO1), Yoshikazu KAMESHIMA1)

Assessment of the freeze–thaw resistance of concrete incorporating carbonated coarse recycled concrete aggregates
( pp.837 - 845 )
Yang LI1), Ruijun WANG1), Shouyi LI1), Yun ZHAO2)

A novel method for joining aluminum foil and alumina by polysiloxane coating
( pp.846 - 849 )
Ken’ichiro KITA1), Naoki KONDO1)



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