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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  >  Vol.126 No.1 (January) (2018)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Development and evaluation of the properties of functional ceramic microspheres for biomedical applications ( pp.1 - 7 )

Correlation between thermal expansion coefficient and interionic interaction parameter in ZnO–Bi2O3–B2O3 glasses ( pp.8 - 15 )
Takayuki KOMATSU, Taisuke INOUE, Tina TASHEVA, Tsuyoshi HONMA, Vesselin DIMITROV

Microstructure control and toughening of ZrB2–SiC/Zr–Al–C composite ceramics by selecting additional powders mixed with ZrB2 in ball milling for spark plasma sintering ( pp.16 - 20 )
Qilong GUO, Caio JUVENCIO DA SILVA, Briley BOURGEOIS, Sijun LUO, Hanghai MA, Junguo LI, Lianmeng ZHANG

Damage and wear resistance of Al2O3–SiC microcomposites with hard and elastic properties ( pp.21 - 26 )
Hawsawi ELYAS, Tae Woo KIM, Byung-Koog JANG, Kee Sung LEE

Oxidation behavior of monolithic HfSi2 and SiC fiber-reinforced composites fabricated by melt infiltration using Si–8.5 at%Hf alloy at 800–1200°C in dry air ( pp.27 - 33 )
Toru TSUNOURA, Yosuke OKUBO, Katsumi YOSHIDA, Toyohiko YANO, Takuya AOKI, Toshio OGASAWARA

Influence of ZnO morphology on humidity sensing performance based on quartz crystal microbalance ( pp.34 - 38 )
Juan XIE, Hu WANG, Ming DUAN, Junlei TANG

Nonlinear behavior of ferroelectric ceramics during mechanical depolarization at room and high temperatures: experiment and prediction by an experimental formula ( pp.39 - 49 )
Dae Won JI, Sang-Joo KIM

Enhancement of up-conversion luminescence of Y2Ti2O7:Yb3+/Ho3+ nanocrystals by incorporating Li+ ions ( pp.50 - 55 )
Zhongsheng CHEN, Shuangxi XIAO, Haiqing HUANG, Jugong ZHENG, Guolin HUANG, Jianping XU, Zongbo XIE, Zhanggao LE

Effects of annealing on CH3NH3PbI3(Cl) perovskite photovoltaic devices ( pp.56 - 60 )
Takeo OKU, Yuya OHISHI

Photo-induced hydrophilicity of brookite TiO2 prepared by hydrothermal conversion from Mg2TiO4 ( pp.61 - 65 )
Mitsuyoshi MACHIDA, Mariko KOBAYASHI, Yoshikazu SUZUKI

Effect of mineralizers on formation of tantalum(V) nitride (Ta3N5) with heat-treatment of tantalum(V) oxide-aluminum nitride mixtures without flowing ammonia ( pp.66 - 69 )
Masayoshi OHASHI, Keiji KUSUMOTO, Toyohiko SUGIYAMA, Katsuya KATO



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