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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, Supplement 112-1, PacRim5 Special Issue  >  Vol.112 14. Synergy Ceramics

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, Supplement 112-1, PacRim5 Special Issue
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Microstructure Change in Silicon Nitride Nanoceramics with the Different Second Phases
( pp.S1003 - S1008 )
Junichi HOJO1)

Tribological Properties of Si3N4/Si3N4-BN Alternate Layered Composites
( pp.S1009 - S1011 )
Takashi HIRAO1), Kiyoshi HIRAO2) and Yukihiko YAMAUCHI2)

Microstructure and High Temperature Strength of Si3N4/SiC Composites
( pp.S1012 - S1015 )
Chang-Joo LEE1), Shin-Hyuk KANG1) and Deug-Joong KIM1)

Formation and Characteristics of MoSi2/SiC Composites Derived from Polymer
( pp.S1016 - S1019 )
Beom-Seob KIM1) and Deug J. KIM1)

A Study on Surface Fracture of Alumina Ceramics
( pp.S1020 - S1023 )
D. Amutha RANI1), Shuji SAKAGUCHI1), Kiyoshi HIRAO1), Yukihiko YAMAUCHI1) and Shuzo KANZAKI1)

Wear Properties of Sialon Ceramics Under Dry Sliding
( pp.S1024 - S1028 )
Mark I JONES1), Hideki HYUGA2), Kiyoshi HIRAO1) and Yukihiko YAMAUCHI1)

DeNOx Performance of Honeycombs Wash-Coated with Zn-Ga-Al-O Spinel Catalyst
( pp.S1029 - S1032 )
Shingo KATAYAMA1) and Masanobu AWANO2)

Fabrication and Tribological Properties of Silicon Nitride/Tungsten Composite
( pp.S1033 - S1037 )
Hideki HYUGA1), Mark I. JONES2), Kiyoshi HIRAO2) and Yukihiko YAMAUCHI2)

Fabrication of Alumina/Nickel Nanocomposite Films by Aqueous Monomer Suspension Coating Method
( pp.S1038 - S1041 )
Bum-Sung KIM1), Tohru SEKINO1), Tadachika NAKAYAMA1), Takafumi KUSUNOSE1), Ramanseshan RAJAGOPALAN1) and Koichi NIIHARA1)

Development of a Composite Honeycomb Structure for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
( pp.S1042 - S1045 )
Kiyoshi OKUMURA1), Shigenori ITO1) and Shinji KAWASAKI1)

Fabrication of Multi-Layered Electrochemical Cells with Sc2O3-Stabilized ZrO2 Electrolyte, CeO2 Thin Film and LSCF Catalytic Electrodes for NO Removal
( pp.S1046 - S1051 )
Hae Jin HWANG1), Chin Myung WHANG1), Ji-woong MOON2) and Masanobu AWANO3)

Image-based Modeling and Stress Analysis by Homogenization Method for Porous Alumina Ceramics
( pp.S1052 - S1058 )
Yasushi IKEDA1), Yasuo NAGANO1), Hiroshi KAWAMOTO1) and Naoki TAKANO2)

Application of Electrochemical Cell to Practical deNOx Reactor
( pp.S1059 - S1062 )
Shingo KATAYAMA1), Takuya HIRAMATSU1), Osamu SHIONO1), Koichi HAMAMOTO2), Yoshinobu FUJISHIRO2) and Masanobu AWANO2)

Stress Analysis of Ceramic Component Having Complicated Microstructure Using Finite Element Method
( pp.S1063 - S1070 )
Yoshihisa SAKAIDA1), Yozo SAWAKI1) and Yasushi IKEDA2)

Microstructure-Controlled High Selective DeNOx Electrochemical Reactor
( pp.S1071 - S1074 )
Koichi HAMAMOTO1), Takuya HIRAMATSU2), Osamu SHIONO2), Shingo KATAYAMA2), Yoshinobu FUJISHIRO1), Sergei BREDIKHIN3) and Masanobu AWANO1)

Development of Oxide Based Thermoelectric Ceramics Generator for Power Supplying to Electrochemical De-NOx Cell System
( pp.S1075 - S1078 )
Yoshinobu FUJISHIRO1), Osamu SHIONO1), Koichi HAMAMOTO1), Sergei BREDIKHIN1), Takuya HIRAMATSU1), Shingo KATAYAMA1) and Masanobu AWANO1)

Relationship between Microstructure and Tribological Properties for Al2O3/SiC Nanocomposites
( pp.S1079 - S1083 )
Seung-Ho KIM1), Soo Wohn LEE2), Tohru SEKINO1), Takafumi KUSUNOSE1), Tadachika NAKAYAMA1) and Koichi NIIHARA1)

Elasticity and Thermal Conductivity of Porous Ceramics with Controlled Pore Structure
( pp.S1084 - S1088 )
Jang-Hoon HA1), Jong Ho KIM1) and Do Kyung KIM1)



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