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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, Supplement 112-1, PacRim5 Special Issue  >  Vol.112 23. Advances in Carbon-based Materials

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, Supplement 112-1, PacRim5 Special Issue
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Coating of C-C Composites with Al4SiC4 and Its Oxidation Resistance
( pp.S1506 - S1508 )
Osamu YAMAMOTO1), Tadashi SASAMOTO2) and Zenbe-e NAKAGAWA1)

Carbon Coating of Ceramic Tiles by Using Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate)
( pp.S1509 - S1512 )
Michio INAGAKI1), Ryuta NAGASAKA1), Tomoki TSUMURA2) and Shigeki TAKEUCHI3)

Pore Structure of Exfoliated Graphite Prepared from Residue Compounds with Sulfuric Acid
( pp.S1513 - S1516 )
Michio INAGAKI3), Ryuichi TASHIRO1), Masahiro TOYODA2), Yong Ping ZHENG3) and Fei Yu KANG3)

Preparation of Compositionally Graded Intermediate Layer between Diamond-Like Carbon Films and Substrate by Ionization Deposition
( pp.S1517 - S1520 )
Tsuyoshi MANO1), Osamu SUGIYAMA1), Yoshio SHIBUYA1), Hiroshi NAKAYAMA1) and Osamu TAKAI2)

Atomic Scale Friction of Amorphous Hydrogenated Carbon Thin Film in MEMS
( pp.S1521 - S1524 )
Bum-Rae CHO1) and Jung-Yeul KIM2)

Carbon-Metal Complex Alloys for Environmental Protection
( pp.S1525 - S1530 )
S. MANOCHA1), Mitesh PATEL1), Raviraj SHAH1) and L. M. MANOCHA1)

Oxidation Behavior of Free Carbon and Silicon Oxycarbide in Si-Ta-C-O Ceramic
( pp.S1531 - S1534 )
Manabu FUKUSHIMA1), Eiichi YASUDA1), Yoshiyuki NAKAMURA1), Yoshikazu TERANISHI1), Kazumasa NAKAMURA1) and Yasuhiro TANABE1)

Appearance of Surface Wrinkles with Heat Treatment of Ion Implanted Polyimide Films
( pp.S1535 - S1538 )
Yoshikazu TERANISHI1), Eiichi YASUDA1), Tomohiro KOBAYASHI2), Masato KAKIHANA1), Masahiro YOSHIMURA1), Manabu FUKUSHIMA1), Kazumasa NAKAMURA1) and Yasuhiro TANABE1)

Activated Carbon Fibers For The Removal of Chemical Warfare Simulants
( pp.S1539 - S1542 )
Seung Kon RYU1) and Seong Ryeol CHOI1)

Chemical Modification of Diamond Powder Using Photolysis of Perfluoroazooctane
( pp.S1543 - S1545 )
Takako NAKAMURA1), Masatou ISHIHARA1), Tsuguyori OHANA1) and Yoshinori KOGA1)

Formation of Carbon Nanofibers and Nanotubes from Volatiles During Pyrolysis of Polymers
( pp.S1546 - S1551 )
L. M. MANOCHA1), Jignesh VALAND1) and Ashish WARRIER1)



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