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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan  >  Vol.57 No.3 (2008)

Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
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Constitutive Modeling of Single Crystal TRIP Steel Based on Transformation – Crystal Plasticity Theory and Computational Simulation of Its Transformation and Deformation Behavior by Cellular Automata Approach
( pp.219 - 224 )
Takeshi IWAMOTO1), Toshiyuki SAWA1) and Shinji KUBO2)

On Phenomenological Mechanism of Transformation Plasticity and Inelastic Behavior of a Steel Subjected to Varying Temperature and Stress –Application of Unified Transformation-Thermoplasticity Theory
( pp.225 - 230 )
Tatsuo INOUE1)

Numerical Analysis on Microstructure Formation and Stress Distribution by Using the Phase Field Model
( pp.231 - 236 )
Takuya UEHARA1), Motoshi FUKUI2) and Nobutada OHNO2)

An Elasto-Viscoplastic Constitutive Model and Its Application to the Sample Obtained from the Seabed Ground at Nankai Trough
( pp.237 - 242 )
Fusao OKA1) and Sayuri KIMOTO1)

Effect of Tensile Direction, Strain Rate and Mesostructure on Deformation Behavior of Rubber Blended Semi-Crystalline Polymers
( pp.243 - 248 )
Makoto UCHIDA1), Yoshiharu KITANORI2) and Naoya TADA1)

Influence of Crystallographic Orientation upon Microscopic Indentation Shape on Pure Titanium
( pp.249 - 254 )
Ichiro SHIMIZU1) and Naoya TADA1)

The Influences of Hydrogen on Microscopic Plastic Deformation Behavior of SUS304 and SUS316L Stainless Steels
( pp.255 - 261 )
Yoji MINE1), Kaori DOI2), Saburo MATSUOKA1) and Yukitaka MURAKAMI1)

Corrosion Wear Behavior of Aluminum Alloys in Contact with Rubber
( pp.262 - 268 )
Junnosuke MIZUTANI1), Yoshiharu MUTOH2), Satoru MIYASHITA3) and Sin CHOU3)

Size Effect on Bond Properties of Interface between FRP Sheets and Concrete
( pp.269 - 276 )
Zhishen WU1) and Kentaro IWASHITA1)

Study on Reliability Evaluation Method of Structures Using Multi State System
( pp.277 - 284 )
Hiroshi MORISAKI1), Daisuke KUBOTA2), Wataru SHIRAKI3) and Hitoshi INOMO3)

Damage Assessment of TBC Sprayed Combustor of Land-Based Gas Turbine
( pp.285 - 291 )
Masayuki ARAI1)

Study for Loading Rate Dependence on Strength Properties of Advanced Pore-Free SiC with Damage Tolerance
( pp.292 - 296 )
Shinya MATSUDA1), Manabu TAKAHASHI2) and Nagatoshi OKABE3)

Numerical Investigation on Identification of Piezoelectric Strain Constants on Basis of Displacement Response in Piezoelectric Thin Films
( pp.297 - 303 )
Yasutomo UETSUJI1), Ryota OGAWA2), Yusuke TODA2) and Kazuyoshi TSUCHIYA3)

Evaluation of Microstructure for High-Strength Reaction-Sintered Silicon Carbide
( pp.304 - 309 )
Yoshiyasu ITOH1) and Shoko SUYAMA1)



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