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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan  >  Vol.60 No.4 (2011)

Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
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Secular Changes of the Bending Strength of Members in Wooden Dam for Soil Conservation
( pp.277 - 281 )
Atsushi TABUCHI1), Yoshihiro MURATA2), Shinya TAKAOKU3) and Hirokazu AKASHI4)

Gloss Property of Radial Surface of Japanese Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) : Relationship between Goniometrical Gloss Measurement and Image Analyses
( pp.282 - 287 )
Maiha SATO1) and Masashi NAKAMURA2)

Visual Characteristics of Japanese Oak (Quercus Crispula) Surface Figured with Tiger Stripes
( pp.288 - 292 )
Tomoyasu TONOIKE1), Makoto OHKOSHI1), Yuzo FURUTA1) and Yuko FUJIWARA2)

The Difference of Tactile Sensations of Coated Oak Wood between Elderly Person and Young Person
( pp.293 - 299 )
Makoto OHKOSHI1), Shingo YAMAZAKI2), Kie NOGUCHI2), Yuzo FURUTA1) and Yuko FUJIWARA3)

Effects of Drying Time on Thermal and Dynamic Viscoelastic Behaviors of Wood at 105∼180°C
( pp.300 - 305 )
Tsunehisa MIKI1), Hiroyuki SUGIMOTO1), Kozo KANAYAMA1), Keisuke KOJIRO2), Yuzo FURUTA3) and Makoto OHKOSHI3)

Effects of Hydrophobic Wood Flour on Mixing Properties of Compound-Type Wood Plastic Composites
( pp.306 - 311 )
Masako SEKI1), Hiroyuki SUGIMOTO1), Tsunehisa MIKI1), Kozo KANAYAMA1) and Yuzo FURUTA2)

Effects of Environmental Temperature and Recycling on Tensile Strength and Fracture Behavior for Notched GF/PP Plate
( pp.313 - 317 )
Toshihiro YAMAMOTO1) and Hidetoshi TAKEDA2)

Evaluation of Young's Modulus of Low-Density Porous Materials by Compression Testing with Adhered Contact Condition
( pp.318 - 324 )
Shuhei TANAMACHI1), Atsushi SAKUMA2), Mitsuo KAWASHIMA1), Masato WATANABE1) and Shigeru NAGAKI2)

Fracture of Polyethylene Fiber Reinforced Mortar under High-Velocity Projectile Impact
( pp.325 - 331 )
Masayoshi YAMADA1), Yasuhiro TANABE1) and Minoru KUNIEDA1)

Permeability of Sulfate Ions in Cementitous Materials with Autoclave Curing and Accelerated Carbonation Curing Using γ-2CaO·SiO2
( pp.332 - 338 )
Tsuyoshi SAITO1), Nobuaki OTSUKI1), Tatsuya YUMOTO1) and Saphouvong KHAMHOU1)

Effect of Humidity on Fatigue Strength of Extruded and Age-Hardened Al Alloy under Rotating Bending
( pp.339 - 344 )
Kohji KARIYA1), Norio KAWAGOISHI2), Takuro FUKUDOME2), Yuzo NAKAMURA2) and Eiji KONDO2)

Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior and Its Controlling Factor for Diffusion Bonding Interface (Noting Crack Tip Opening Displacement Relating to Interface Strength between Same Metals)
( pp.345 - 351 )
Koki ISHIDA1), Tashiyuki TORII2) and Kenichi SHIMIZU2)



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