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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan  >  Vol.60 No.6 (2011)

Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
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Preparation and Properties of Glasses Based on GeS2-Sb2S3-CsX (X = Cl, Br, I) Systems
( pp.495 - 499 )
Kohei KADONO1), Rikiya FUJIWARA1), Manabu ICHIKAWA1) and Takashi WAKASUGI1)

Effects of the Amount of Dispersant and Binder on Slurry and Sheet Properties in Aqueous Tape Casting of Barium Titanate
( pp.500 - 503 )
Yuuta ISAKA1), Haruhisa SHIOMI1) and Koji INAOKA1)

Synthesis and Sintering of Titania-Containing Tetragonal Zirconia Powders
( pp.504 - 509 )
Hironobu KUSANAGI1), Takeshi SHIONO1) and Yasunori OKAMOTO1)

PTCR Properties of BaTiO3 Ceramics Fabricated by Combination of Sintering in Reducing Atmosphere and Post Oxidation Treatment
( pp.510 - 514 )
Nobuyuki TAKEUCHI1), Shinya HAYASHI1) and Hisayoshi KOBAYASHI1)

Effects of Pulverization and Heat Treatment for Phosphorous Removing Ability of Hydrotalcites
( pp.515 - 520 )
Hitomi OCHIAI1), Haruhisa SHIOMI1), Ryota FUKUI1) and Risako YAMAMOTO1)

Mechanical Behaviors of Pipe Flange Connection with Filled PTFE Gasket
( pp.521 - 526 )
Takuya OZAKI1), Tomohiro TAKAKI1) and Kouji SATOU2)

Dynamic Collapse of Thin-Walled Composite Members -Characteristic Evaluation by Axial Compression and Bending Tests-
( pp.527 - 532 )
Katsuhiko MURASE1), Naoya NISHIMURA1) and Takakazu ONDA2)

Development of Tensile Ductility of Zirconium-Based Bulk Metallic Glass at Room Temperature by Thermoplastic Deformation
( pp.533 - 539 )
Takamasa YOSHIKAWA1), Yuki YAMASHITA2), Tadashi INABA1) and Masataka TOKUDA3)

Property of Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation Behavior of a Coarse-Grain Ni Alloy
( pp.540 - 546 )
Shinya MIYAZAKI1) and Hidenari BABA1)

Effect of Specimen Hardness and Shot Particle Hardness on Residual Stress and Fatigue Properties of SCM435H Steel Performed by Fine Particle Peening
( pp.547 - 553 )
Shoichi KIKUCHI1), Yo HIROTA2) and Jun KOMOTORI3)

Experimental Study on the Evaluation and Control of the Ultraviolet Resistance of Sand Stabilized with an Organic Slurry Containing Hydrophilic Polyurethane
English version of the paper published in “Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan, 57 (11) : 1167-1172 (2008)”
( pp.554 - 559 )
Zhiren WU1), Kentaro IWASHITA2), Zhishen WU3) and Hirondo INAGAKI4)



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