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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan  >  Vol.62 No.8 (2013)

Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
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Application Research of High Performance Mortar Having the Effects on Reduction of Surface Temperature
( pp.473 - 478 )
Atsushi TAKAHASHI1), Chikanori HASHIMOTO2), Takeshi WATANABE2), Keisuke ISHIMARU2)

Influence of Mineral Admixture on the Hardening Process of Mortar with a Focus on Strength and Permeability
( pp.479 - 485 )
Michio SATOU1), Hiroshi MINAGAWA2), Makoto HISADA2)

Pore Structure Analysis of Mortar under Freeze-Thaw Cycles Using Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter
( pp.486 - 491 )
Katsufumi HASHIMOTO1), Hiroshi YOKOTA1)

Pore Structure Analysis of Mortar under Freeze-Thaw Cycles Using X-Ray Computed Tomography
( pp.492 - 497 )
Katsufumi HASHIMOTO1), Hiroshi YOKOTA1), Takafumi SUGIYAMA1), Takasumi KIKKAWA2)

An Assessment on Mitigating Effect of ASR in Fly Ash-Bearing Mortars with Andesite Stones by ASTM C 1260
( pp.498 - 503 )
Shinichi HIRONO1), Kazuyuki TORII2)

The Effects of Physical Properties of Sewage Sludge Melt-Solidified Slag on Properties of Concrete for Use in PCa Concrete
( pp.504 - 509 )
Hiroaki TSURUTA1), Makoto MURAKAMI2)

Evaluation of Corrosion around Defect on Paint-Coated Steel
( pp.510 - 517 )
Takahiro NISHIDA1), Nobuaki OTSUKI1), Toshiki ANNAKA1), Kenji WADA1)

Basic Study on Underground Corrosion Properties of Steel
( pp.518 - 523 )
Kenichiro IMAFUKU1), Kazumi MATSUOKA1), Nobuaki OTSUKI2)

Study on Applicability of Accelerated Deterioration Test for Evaluation of Bond Property in Concrete Surface Coating System
( pp.524 - 530 )
Takuji YAMADA1), Yoichi TSUKUDA1), Takashi YAMAMOTO2), Minoru KUNIEDA3), Toyoaki MIYAGAWA2)



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