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Home  >  Journal list  >  Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan  >  Vol.65 No.2 (2016)

Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
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First-Principles Local Stress Analyses on Semiconductor Hetero-Interfaces of GaAs/XAs (X=Al, In)
( pp.113 - 118 )
Yoshinori SHIIHARA1), Masanori KOHYAMA2)

Effect of Loading Condition on Statistics of Intermittent Plasticity in Metallic Crystals
( pp.119 - 126 )
Tomoaki NIIYAMA1), Tomotsugu SHIMOKAWA1)

Analysis of Oxidized Film Formation and Evaluation of Intrinsic Stress in the a-Si Layer of Semiconductor Microscopic Patterned Structures Using Molecular Dynamics Method
( pp.127 - 134 )
Hiro TANAKA1), Masaru INOUE2), So TAKAMOTO2), Asuka HATANO2), Satoshi IZUMI2)

Basal Dislocation Nucleated from a Free Surface of an Elliptic Cylindrical Mg Single Crystal
( pp.135 - 140 )
Masayuki URANAGASE1), Ryosuke MATSUMOTO1)

Molecular Dynamics Analyses of Fracture Toughness of Magnesium
( pp.141 - 147 )
Daisuke MATSUNAKA1), Yoji SHIBUTANI2), Yasuaki OHNISHI3)

The Influence of Dislocations on Hydrogen Diffusion in Palladium
( pp.148 - 153 )

Study on Pore Structure and Air Permeability Variations by Carbonation of Cementitious Materials Exposed to Supercritical CO2
( pp.155 - 161 )
Shingo ASAMOTO1), Ryosuke HIRAI2)

Study on Paint Degradation and Corrosion of Paint-Coated Steel with Defects under Cathodic Protection in Tidal Zone
( pp.162 - 169 )
Kyohei SHIMURA1), Takahiro NISHIDA1), Kenichiro IMAFUKU1), Nobuaki OTSUKI1)

Effect of Thermal History on Deformation Behavior of Sputtered Aluminum Thin Films
( pp.170 - 175 )
Daiki SUGAHARA1), Yoshiaki AKINIWA2), Hiroshi GOTO3)

Delamination Behavior Along Interface between Submicron Thick Polymer Film and Substrate under Creep
( pp.176 - 181 )
Emi KAWAI1), Takashi SUMIGAWA1), Takayuki KITAMURA1)

Technology for Designing Metal Film with Strong Adhesion to Hydrocarbon-Chain-Based Soft Resin by Use of Orthogonal Array and Molecular Simulation
( pp.182 - 189 )



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