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Home  >  Journal list  >  MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS  >  Vol.43 No.1 (2002)

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Crystallization of Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30 Bulk Metallic Glass Composites Containing ZrC Particles
( pp.1 - 4 )
Feng Chen1), Makoto Takagi2), Toru Imura2), Yoshihito Kawamura3), Hidemi Kato4) and Akihisa Inoue4)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of MoSi2-X (X=Al, B, Nb) Alloys Fabricated by MA-PDS Process
( pp.5 - 10 )
Aidang Shan1), Wei Fang1), Hitoshi Hashimoto1) and Yong-Ho Park1)

In-Service Degradation of Metallurgical and Mechanical Properties of Aluminized Coatings and Substrates in Gas Turbine Blades
( pp.11 - 18 )
Akihiro Ito1), Kazuhiro Sugiyama1), Nobuo Shinohara1), Yuji Sugita1), Shigeo Sakurai2) and Jun Kameda3)

Microstructures and Fracture Characteristic of Si3N4-O’SiAlON Composites using Waste-Si-Sludge
( pp.19 - 23 )
Byong-Taek Lee1), Ha-Guk Jeong2) and Kenji Hiraga2)

Continuous Semi-Solid Casting Process for Aluminum Alloy Billets
( pp.24 - 29 )
Hakaru Nakato1), Michio Oka2), Seiji Itoyama3), Masao Urata1), Tatsuo Kawasaki1), Ko-ichi Hashiguchi1) and Shinobu Okano4)

Synthesis and Thermoelectric Performance of (Bi0.25Sb0.75)2Te3 Polycrystals Dispersed with Ag and BN
( pp.30 - 35 )
Liu Xue-Dong1) and Yong-Ho Park1)

Microstructure and Mechanical and Tribological Properties of High Carbon Fe3Al and FeAl Intermetallic Alloys
( pp.36 - 41 )
Su-Ming Zhu1), Xing-Sheng Guan1), Koji Shibata1) and Kunihiko Iwasaki1)

Effect of Morphology and Si Content on SiO2 Particle Erosion of Full Pearlitic Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
( pp.42 - 48 )
Fei-Yi Hung1), Li-Hui Chen1) and Truan-Sheng Lui1)

Structural and Electrochemical Properties of Al-Added Molybdate Conversion Coatings on Zinc
( pp.49 - 54 )
Dong-Jun Lee1), Tak Kang1), Hun-Joon Sohn1) and Hyung-Joon Kim2)

Recovery of Rare Earths from Magnet Sludge by FeCl2
( pp.55 - 62 )
Tetsuya Uda1)

Lithium Storage Properties of Ball Milled Ni-57 mass%Sn Alloy
( pp.63 - 66 )
Jung-Ho Ahn1), Yong-Jin Kim2), Guoxio Wang3), Mathew Lindsay3), Hua Kun Liu3) and Shixue Dou3)

Excess Entropy, Diffusion Coefficient, Viscosity Coefficient and Surface Tension of Liquid Simple Metals from Diffraction Data
( pp.67 - 72 )
Isao Yokoyama1) and Shusaku Tsuchiya1)

Extremely Large Magnetic Entropy Change of MnAs1-xSbx near Room Temperature
( pp.73 - 77 )
Hirofumi Wada1), Kentaro Taniguchi1) and Yuji Tanabe1)

High-Strain-Rate Superplasticity in an AZ91 Magnesium Alloy Processed by Ingot Metallurgy Route
( pp.78 - 80 )
Hiroyuki Watanabe1), Toshiji Mukai1), Koichi Ishikawa1) and Kenji Higashi2)

Formation, Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Ca-Based Bulk Glassy Alloys
( pp.81 - 84 )
Kenji Amiya1) and Akihisa Inoue2)

Assessment of Investment Process for Producing Copper Hollow Spheres
( pp.85 - 87 )
Seung-Boo Jung1), Shae K. Kim1) and Young-Jig Kim1)



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