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High Purity Metals as Primary Calibration Materials for Elemental Analysis-Their Importance and Their Certification
( pp.90 - 97 )
Ralf Matschat1), Michael Czerwensky1), Sandra Pattberg1), Hans-Joachim Heinrich1) and Silke Tutschku1)

Measurement of Oxygen and Nitrogen in High Purity Metals Used as National Standards for Elemental Analysis in Germany by Classical Carrier Gas Hot Extraction (HE) and HE after Activation with Photons
( pp.98 - 100 )
Heinrich Kipphardt1), Thomas Dudzus1), Klaus A. Meier1), Sebastian Recknagel1), Martina Hedrich1) and Ralf Matschat1)

Determination of Trace Amounts of Antimony and Boron in High-Purity Iron and Steel by Isotope Dilution/Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
( pp.101 - 104 )
Kyoko Fujimoto1), Makoto Shimura1) and Susumu Satoh1)

Determination of Trace Element Quantities in Ultra High-Purity Iron by Spectrochemical Analysis after Chemical Separation
( pp.105 - 110 )
Kunio Takada1), Tetsuya Ashino1), Toshiko Itagaki1), Yukitoshi Morimoto2), Kazuaki Wagatsuma1) and Kenji Abiko1)

Chemical Form of Precipitate by Coprecipitation with Palladium for Separation of Trace Elements in High-Purity Metals
( pp.111 - 115 )
Tetsuya Ashino1), Kunio Takada1), Toshiko Itagaki1), Shun Ito1), Kazuaki Wagatsuma1) and Kenji Abiko1)

Neutron Activation Analysis of Ultrahigh-Purity Ti-Al Alloys in Comparison with Glow-Discharge Mass Spectrometry
( pp.116 - 120 )
Atsushi Kinomura1), Seiichi Takaki2), Yukihiro Nakano3), Yoshihiko Hayashi3), Yuji Horino1) and Kenji Abiko2)

Preparation of Highly Perfect Aluminum Crystal by Cold-Crucible Induction Melting in Ultra-high Vacuum
( pp.121 - 124 )
Hiroto Osono1), Hiroshi Maeta1), Kikuo Matsusaka1) and Takao Kino1)

Formation of Mono-Layer Honeycomb Structure in High-Purity Iron by Single Pass Hot-rolling
( pp.125 - 128 )
Takeshi Yokota1), Susumu Satoh1), Kenji Abiko2) and Seiichi Takaki2)

Influence of Purity and Cooling-Rate on the Microstructure of Hot-Forged Pure Irons
( pp.129 - 134 )
Toshifumi Ogawa1), Nobuyuki Harima2), Seiichi Takaki2) and Kenji Abiko2)

Influence of Carbon Additions on the Dynamic Recrystallization of High Purity α-Iron
( pp.135 - 140 )
Christophe Desrayaud1), Séverine Girard1), Jean Le Coze1) and Frank Montheillet1)

Effect of Tungsten on Mechanical Properties of High-Purity 60 mass%Cr-Fe Alloys
( pp.141 - 146 )
Masayuki Totouge1), Nobuyuki Harima1), Seiichi Takaki1) and Kenji Abiko1)

Effect of Aging on the Tensile Properties of High-Purity Fe-50Cr Alloys
( pp.147 - 154 )
Kenji Kako1), Seiichi Takaki2) and Kenji Abiko2)

Effects of Various Alloying Elements on Tensile Properties of High-Purity Fe-18Cr-(14-16)Ni Alloys at Room Temperature
( pp.155 - 162 )
Kenji Kako1), Eishi Kawakami1), Joji Ohta1) and Masami Mayuzumi1)

Mechanical Properties of Ultrahigh-Purity Ti-45 mol%Al Alloy
( pp.163 - 167 )
Chikara Kawarada1), Nobuyuki Harima1), Seiichi Takaki1) and Kenji Abiko1)

Effect of Trace Amounts of Carbon and Nitrogen on the High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of High Purity FeCrAl Alloys
( pp.168 - 172 )
Dmytro Naumenko1), Jean Le-Coze2), Egbert Wessel1), Werner Fischer1) and Willem Joseph Quadakkers1)

Self-Diffusion along Dislocations in Ultra High Purity Iron
( pp.173 - 177 )
Yumiko Shima1), Yukio Ishikawa2), Hiroyuki Nitta1), Yoshihiro Yamazaki1), Kouji Mimura2), Minoru Isshiki2) and Yoshiaki Iijima1)

Diffusion of Cr and Fe in a High-Purity Fe-50 mass%Cr-8 mass%W Alloy
( pp.178 - 181 )
Koichi Takasawa1), Yoshihiro Yamazaki1), Seiichi Takaki2), Kenji Abiko2) and Yoshiaki Iijima1)

Composition Dependence of the Zener Relaxation in High-Purity FeCr Single Crystals
( pp.182 - 185 )
Michael Hirscher1) and Michael Ege1)

Quenching Studies of Lattice Vacancies in High-Purity Aluminium
( pp.186 - 198 )
Abdallah Khellaf1), Alfred Seeger1) and Roy M. Emrick1)

Effect of Silicon Particles on the EDM Characteristics of Al-Si Alloys
( pp.199 - 205 )
De-Chang Tsai1), Truan-Sheng Lui1) and Li-Hui Chen1)

Modeling of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Twin-Roll Casting of Aluminum Alloys
( pp.206 - 213 )
Amit Saxena1) and Yogeshwar Sahai1)

Modeling of Thermo-Mechanical Stresses in Twin-Roll Casting of Aluminum Alloys
( pp.214 - 221 )
Amit Saxena1) and Yogeshwar Sahai1)

Phonon Band Structures and Resonant Scattering in Na8Si46 and Cs8Sn46 Clathrates
( pp.222 - 226 )
Zhiqiang Li1), John S. Tse1) and Kentaro Uehara1)

The Influence of Phosphorus Concentration of Electroless Plated Ni-P Film on Interfacial Structures in the Joints between Sn-Ag Solder and Ni-P Alloy Film
( pp.227 - 231 )
Takao Komiyama1), Yasunori Chonan1)2), Jin Onuki1) and Toshihiko Ohta3)

Quaternary Diffusion in 7000 Aluminum Alloys
( pp.232 - 238 )
Tomoshi Takahashi1), Yoritoshi Minamino2) and Toshimi Yamane3)

Effect of Au addition on Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Sn-Cu Eutectic Solder
( pp.239 - 245 )
Seok-Hwan Huh1), Keun-Soo Kim1) and Katsuaki Suganuma1)

Ageing Processes in Al-Mg-Si Alloys during Continuous Heating
( pp.246 - 255 )
Yasuya Ohmori1), Long Chau Doan1) and Kiyomichi Nakai1)

Recycling of Rare Earth Magnet Scraps Part III Carbon Removal from Nd Magnet Grinding Sludge under Vacuum Heating
( pp.256 - 260 )
Akihiko Saguchi1), Kazutaka Asabe1), Wataru Takahashi1), Ryosuke O. Suzuki2) and Katsutoshi Ono2)

Surface Characterization of Amorphous Zr-Al-(Ni, Cu) Alloys Immersed in Cell-Culture Medium
( pp.261 - 266 )
Sachiko Hiromoto1), Katsuhiko Asami2), An Pang Tsai1) and Takao Hanawa1)

New Glassy Zr-Al-Fe and Zr-Al-Co Alloys with a Large Supercooled Liquid Region
( pp.267 - 270 )
Tao Zhang1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Kinetics of Phase Separation in Fe-Cr-Mo Ternary Alloys
( pp.271 - 276 )
Yoshihiro Suwa1), Yoshiyuki Saito1), Kazumi Ochi1), Takahiro Aoki1), Kanako Goto1) and Kotaro Abe1)

Bulk Glass Formation of Ti-Zr-Hf-Cu-M (M=Fe, Co, Ni) Alloys
( pp.277 - 280 )
Liqun Ma1), Limin Wang2), Tao Zhang1) and Akihisa Inoue1)



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