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Home  >  Journal list  >  MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS  >  Vol.46 No.4 (2005)

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Recent Advances in Domain Analysis
( pp.743 - 755 )
Yasukazu Murakami1) and Daisuke Shindo1)

Hydrogen-Promoted Grain Boundary Embrittlement and Vacancy Activity in Metals: Insights from Ab Initio Total Energy Calculatons
( pp.756 - 760 )
Wen-Tong Geng1)3), Arthur J. Freeman1), Gregory B. Olson2), Yoshitaka Tateyama3) and Takahisa Ohno3)

Composition-Dependent Thermoelectric Properties of (PbTe)100−x(Bi2Te3-Sb2Te3)x (0.1≤x≤5)
( pp.761 - 764 )
Pinwen Zhu1)2), Yoshio Imai1), Yukihiro Isoda1), Yoshikazi Shinohara3), Xiaopeng Jia2) and Guangtian Zou2)

Polymeric Co-C60 Compound Phase Evolved in Atomistically Mixed Thin Films
( pp.765 - 768 )
Seiji Sakai1), Hiroshi Naramoto1), Vasily Lavrentiev1), Kazumasa Narumi1), Masaki Maekawa1), Atsuo Kawasuso1), Tsuyoshi Yaita2) and Yuji Baba3)

Precipitation of Copper Sulfide in Ultra Low Carbon Steel Containing Residual Level of Copper
( pp.769 - 778 )
Yasuhide Ishiguro1), Kaoru Sato2) and Takashi Murayama2)3)

Microstructural Changes at the Initial Stage of Precipitation in an Aluminum–Silicon Alloy
( pp.779 - 783 )
Keiyu Nakagawa1), Teruto Kanadani1), Laurence Anthony2) and Hatsujiro Hashimoto1)

Precipitation of Carbonitrides and Their Strengthening upon Non-quench Aging for Micro-alloyed Acicular Ferrite Pipeline Steels
( pp.784 - 789 )
Ming-Chun Zhao1), Toshihiro Hanamura1), Hai Qiu1) and Ke Yang2)

Stress-induced Martensitic Transformation and Superelasticity of Alloys: Experiment and Theory
( pp.790 - 797 )
Victor A. L’vov1), Alexei A. Rudenko1), Volodymyr A. Chernenko2), Eduard Cesari3), Jaume Pons3) and Takeshi Kanomata4)

Nanoindentation Characteristics of In-Situ Formed Cu–Hf–Ti–Ag–Ta Bulk Metallic Glass Composites
( pp.798 - 804 )
Zan Bian1), Hidemi Kato1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

The Effect of Strain Rate on the Impact Behaviour of Fe–2 mass% Ni Sintered Alloy
( pp.805 - 811 )
Woei-Shyan Lee1) and Jan-Kung Chou1)

High Temperature Phase Relations in FeOX(X=1 and 1.33)–CaO–SiO2 Systems under Various Oxygen Partial Pressure
( pp.812 - 819 )
Hector M. Henao1), Florian Kongoli2) and Kimio Itagaki1)

Surface Modification of Gamma-Titanium Aluminides with L12-Type Tri-Aluminides by Pack Cementation
( pp.820 - 826 )
Takashi Kimura1), Tohru Awane1), Ke Wai Gao2), Lijie Qiao2) and Kenki Hashimoto3)

Formation of SiO and Related Si-Based Materials Through Carbothermic Reduction of Silica-Containing Slag
( pp.827 - 834 )
S. V. Komarov1), D. V. Kuznetsov2), V. V. Levina2) and M. Hirasawa1)

Lap Joint of A5083 Aluminum Alloy and SS400 Steel by Friction Stir Welding
( pp.835 - 841 )
Kittipong Kimapong1) and Takehiko Watanabe1)

Growth Rate of Reaction Layer between SiO2 and Molten Al above 1473 K
( pp.842 - 845 )
Noboru Yoshikawa1), Akira Hattori1) and Shoji Taniguchi1)

The Effect of Long-Term Isothermal Aging on Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Type 17-4 PH SS at 350°C
( pp.846 - 851 )
Wang Jun1), Zou Hong2), Wu Xiao-yong2), Li Cong2), Qiu Shao-yu2) and Shen Bao-luo1)

Shape Memory Behavior of Ti–22Nb–(0.5–2.0)O(at%) Biomedical Alloys
( pp.852 - 857 )
Jae Il Kim1), Hee Young Kim1), Hideki Hosoda2) and Shuichi Miyazaki1)

Effect of Tantalum on Corrosion Resistance of Ni–Nb(–Ta)–Ti–Zr Glassy Alloys at High Temperature
( pp.858 - 862 )
Chunling Qin2), Wei Zhang1), Hiromichi Nakata3), Hisamichi Kimura1), Katsuhiko Asami1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Surface Modification of SUS304 Stainless Steel Using Carbon Push-Ahead Effect by Low Temperature Plasma Nitriding
( pp.863 - 868 )
Masato Tsujikawa1), Daisuke Yoshida1), Naohiko Yamauchi2), Nobuhiro Ueda2) and Takumi Sone2)

Fatigue Strength of Alloy 718 at High-Temperatures
( pp.869 - 871 )
Kazuo Kobayashi1) and Koji Yamaguchi1)

Effect of Film Thickness on Structural and Electrical Properties of Sputter-Deposited Nickel Oxide Films
( pp.872 - 879 )
Hao-Long Chen1), Yang-Ming Lu2) and Weng-Sing Hwang1)

Influence of Excess Si on the Morphology and Thermal Stability of Metastable Precipitates Formed in an Al–Mg–Si Alloy
( pp.880 - 884 )
Koichiro Fukui1), Mahoto Takeda1) and Takao Endo1)

Transmission Electron Microscopic Study of Tetracalcium Phosphate Surface-Treated in Diammonium Hydrogen Phosphate Solution
( pp.885 - 890 )
I-Chang Wang1), Jiin-Huey Chern Lin1) and Chien-Ping Ju1)

Formation, Crystallized Structure and Magnetic Properties of Fe–Pt–B Amorphous Alloys
( pp.891 - 894 )
Akihisa Inoue1), Wei Zhang1)2), Takako Tsurui1) and Dmitri V. Louzguine1)



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