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An Analysis of Flow Mechanisms in High Temperature Creep and Superplasticity
( pp.1951 - 1956 )
Terence G. Langdon1)

Stress Relaxation of Poly-Si Film Formed by Excimer Laser Annealing
( pp.1958 - 1964 )
Naoto Matsuo1)

Development of Thermally Stable, Solar-Blind Deep-Ultraviolet Diamond Photosensor
( pp.1965 - 1968 )
Yasuo Koide1), Meiyong Liao1) and Jose Alvarez2)

Room-Temperature Operation of Injection-Type 1.5 μm Light-Emitting Diodes with Er,O-Codoped GaAs
( pp.1969 - 1974 )
Yasufumi Fujiwara1)

Growth of GaN on Nitriding TiN Buffer Layers
( pp.1975 - 1978 )
Teppei Watanabe1), Kazuhiro Ito1), Susumu Tsukimoto1), Yasuhisa Ushida2), Miki Moriyama2), Naoki Shibata2) and Masanori Murakami1)

Hardness, Yield Strength, and Dislocation Velocity in Elemental and Compound Semiconductors
( pp.1979 - 1985 )
Ichiro Yonenaga1)

Compositional Plane of a New Wide-Gap Solid Solution Semiconductor CaPbSeS and Epitaxial Thin Film Growth of CaSe
( pp.1986 - 1990 )
Seishi Abe1) and Katashi Masumoto1)

Microstructural Analysis of CdTe Radiation Detectors with Indium Electrodes
( pp.1991 - 1995 )
Miki Moriyama1), Masahiro Kunisu2), Atsushi Kiyamu3), Ryoich Ohno3) and Masanori Murakami2)

Nanoscale Mechanical Properties of Ultrahigh-Purity Aluminum
( pp.1996 - 2002 )
Tsunetaka Sumomogi1), Masashi Yoshida2), Masayoshi Nakamura1), Hiroto Osono1) and Takao Kino1)

Phase Field Simulation on Directional Solidification of Succinonitrile (SCN)–Acetone Organic Model Alloy
( pp.2003 - 2010 )
Junpei Kageyama1), Yasushi Sasajima2) and Minoru Ichimura2)

High-Magnetic Field X-ray Diffraction Studies on Gd5(Ge2−xFex)Si2 (x=0.05 and 0.2)
( pp.2011 - 2014 )
Jim Long Her1)2), Keiichi Koyama1), Kazuo Watanabe1), Virgil Provenzano3), Anqi Fu3), Alexander J. Shapiro3) and Robert D. Shull3)

Effect of Fabrication Method on Microstructure and Properties of Al2O3–TiC Composites
( pp.2015 - 2019 )
Yanfeng Zhang1), Lianjun Wang1), Wan Jiang1), Guangzhao Bai1) and Lidong Chen1)

Mechanical Properties of Ti–6Al–4V Titanium Alloy with Submicrocrystalline Structure Produced by Severe Plastic Deformation
( pp.2020 - 2025 )
Sergey Zherebtsov1)2), Gennady Salishchev1), Rafail Galeyev1) and Katsuhiro Maekawa3)

Nanoindentation-Induced Deformation Behavior in the Vicinity of Single Grain Boundary of Interstitial-Free Steel
( pp.2026 - 2029 )
Takahito Ohmura1), Kaneaki Tsuzaki1) and Fuxing Yin1)

Influence of Sulfate Ions on the Atomic-Scale Structure of β-FeOOH
( pp.2030 - 2035 )
Sang-Koo Kwon1), Shigeru Suzuki1), Masatoshi Saito2), Takayuki Kamimura3), Hideaki Miyuki3) and Yoshio Waseda1)

Prediction and Experimental Testing of Spherical Milling Media Wear Rate
( pp.2036 - 2040 )
Zhong Lianyun1)2)3), Wu Bolin1)3), Zhang Lianmeng, Fang Fang1)3) and He Xiaoyi3)

Influence of Additives and Hot-Press Sintering on Mechanical and Lipophilic Properties of Silicon Nitride Ceramics
( pp.2041 - 2046 )
Mitsuo Kido1), Tarou Tokuda1), Rongguang Wang1) and Fumihiro Suzumura1)

Fabrication of High Strength Bonded Abrasive Wheel with Ultrasonic Composite Plating
( pp.2047 - 2051 )
Masahiro Okumiya1), Yoshiki Tsunekawa1), Akira Ueno1), Yasuo Imada1), Ryouichi Ichino2), Satoshi Tamura1) and Takuma Saida1)

Magnetic Fe–Co and Its Oxide Nanopowders Produced by Chemical Vapor Condensation
( pp.2052 - 2056 )
Jin-Chun Kim1), Chul-Jin Choi1), Jae-Wook Lee, Z. H. Wang2) and Z. D. Zhang2)

Infrared Brazing Ti50Ni50 and Ti–6Al–4V Using the BAg-8 Braze Alloy
( pp.2057 - 2066 )
Ren-Haur Shiue1) and Shyi-Kaan Wu1)

Preparation of Directionally Solidified B4C–TiB2–SiC Ternary Eutectic Composites by a Floating Zone Method and Their Properties
( pp.2067 - 2072 )
WenJun Li1), Rong Tu1) and Takashi Goto1)

Fabrication of Thin Zirconia Rod Using a Traveling-Zone Sintering Method
( pp.2073 - 2076 )
Shuji Tada1), Hitoshi Hashimoto1) and Zheng Ming Sun1)

Quantitative Parameters and Definition of Stages of Anodic-Cathodic Microplasma Processes on Aluminum Alloys
( pp.2077 - 2082 )
Olga P. Terleeva1), Young-joo Oh2), Alexandra I. Slonova1), Irina B. Kireenko1), Myoung-Ryul Ok2) and Heon-Phil Ha2)

Fatigue Properties of Stainless Steel Wire Ropes for Electrodes in Functional Electrical Stimulation Systems
( pp.2083 - 2088 )
Takayuki Narushima1), Keisuke Suzuki, Taichi Murakami2), Chiaki Ouchi2) and Yasutaka Iguchi2)

Oxidation Resistance of Boiler Steels with Al2O3–Y2O3 Nano- and Micro-Composite Coatings Produced by Sol–Gel Process
( pp.2089 - 2092 )
Mingming Yao1)2), Yedong He1), Wei Zhang1)3) and Wei Gao3)

Guidelines for Developing Amide-Based Hydrogen Storage Materials
( pp.2093 - 2097 )
Yuko Nakamori1), Gaku Kitahara1), Akihito Ninomiya1), Masakazu Aoki2), Tatsuo Noritake2), Shin-ichi Towata2) and Shin-ichi Orimo1)

Commercial Purity Titanium Processed by Rotary-Die Equal Channel Angular Pressing Method
( pp.2098 - 2101 )
Akira Watazu1), Ichinori Shigematsu1), Aibin Ma1), Kazutaka Suzuki1), Tsunemichi Imai1) and Naobumi Saito1)

Kinetics of the Chlorination Reaction of Tantalum Pentoxide with Carbon Tetrachloride Gas
( pp.2102 - 2106 )
Byung-Su Kim1) and Young-Yoon Choi1)

In Situ Observations of Solidification and Melting of Aluminum Alloy Using Ultrasonic Waveguide Sensor
( pp.2107 - 2113 )
Dikky Burhan1), Ikuo Ihara1) and Yoshihisa Seda1)

High Speed Deposition of Y2O3 Films by Laser-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition
( pp.2114 - 2116 )
Ryan Banal1), Teiichi Kimura1) and Takashi Goto1)



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