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Electrical and Magnetic Properties, and Electronic Structures of Pseudo-Gap-Type Antiferromagnetic L10-Type MnPt Alloys
( pp.2 - 10 )
Rie Y. Umetsu1), Kazuaki Fukamichi1) and Akimasa Sakuma2)

Uncompensated Spin Elements in Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Bilayer with Non-Collinear Spin Structure
( pp.11 - 14 )
Chiharu Mitsumata1), Akimasa Sakuma2), Kazuaki Fukamichi3) and Masakiyo Tsunoda4)

Epitaxial Growth of Ordered Co2(Cr1−xFex)Al Full-Heusler Alloy Films on Single Crystal Substrates
( pp.15 - 19 )
Susumu Okamura1), Aya Miyazaki1), Nobuki Tezuka1)2), Satoshi Sugimoto1) and Koichiro Inomata1)2)

Phase Separation and Stability of L21-Type Phase in Co2(Cr1−xFex)(Ga1−yAly) Alloys
( pp.20 - 24 )
Kosei Kobayashi1), Ryosuke Kainuma1)2) and Kiyohito Ishida1)2)

Half-Metallic Properties and Stability of Ferromagnetic State in the Full-Heusler Alloys (FexRu1−x)2CrSi (0≤x≤1)
( pp.25 - 30 )
Sou Mizutani1), Shoji Ishida2), Sinpei Fujii2) and Setsuro Asano3)

Theoretical Prediction of Materials to Preserve High Spin Polarization against Chemical Disorder
( pp.31 - 37 )
Shoji Ishida1), Sou Mizutani2), Sinpei Fujii1) and Setsuro Asano3)

Coercivity Control of FePt Nanoparticles by Interfacial Disorder
( pp.38 - 42 )
Y. K. Takahashi1), S. Okamoto2), O. Kitakami2), Y. Shimada3) and K. Hono1)

Additive Effects of AlN and MgO on FePt Nanoparticle Assembly
( pp.43 - 46 )
Satoshi Okamoto1), Osamu Kitakami1) and Yutaka Shimada2)

Magnetic Properties of L10 Ordered FePt Films Prepared on a Fe–Si–B–Nb–Cu Soft Magnetic Underlayer
( pp.47 - 51 )
Ichiro Fujii1), Toshiyuki Shima2) and Koki Takanashi1)

Morphological Change in FePt Nanogranular Thin Films Induced by Irradiation with 2.4 MeV Cu2+ Ions: Electron Tomography Observation
( pp.52 - 58 )
M. Shirai1), T. Horiuchi1), A. Horiguchi1), S. Matsumura1), K. Yasuda1), M. Watanabe2) and T. Masumoto2)

Order-Disorder Transformation in L10-FePd Nanoparticles Studied by Electron Diffraction
( pp.59 - 62 )
Kazuhisa Sato1) and Yoshihiko Hirotsu1)

Guest Atom Displacements in Silicon Cluster Na2@Si50H44
( pp.63 - 66 )
Hiroyuki Takenaka1) and Kazuo Tsumuraya1)

Effect of Temperature and Strain Amplitude on Dislocation Structure of M963 Superalloy during High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue
( pp.67 - 71 )
Lizi He1)2), Qi Zheng1), Xiaofeng Sun1), Hengrong Guan1), Zhuangqi Hu1), Kiet Tieu2), Cheng Lu2) and Hongtao Zhu2)

Effect of Alloying Elements on Heat Treatment Behavior of Hypoeutectic High Chromium Cast Iron
( pp.72 - 81 )
Sudsakorn Inthidech1), Prasonk Sricharoenchai1) and Yasuhiro Matsubara2)

Crack Nucleation Mechanism of Austempered Ductile Iron during Tensile Deformation
( pp.82 - 89 )
Zenjiro Yajima1), Yoichi Kishi1), Ken’ichi Shimizu1), Hideharu Mochizuki2) and Toshiki Yoshida3)

Microstructural Modification in a Beta Titanium Alloy for Implant Applications
( pp.90 - 95 )
Tsing (Qing) Zhou1), Goroh Itoh2), Yoshinobu Motohashi3) and Mitsuo Niinomi4)

Effect of Stress Concentration on Upper Yield Point in Mild Steel
( pp.96 - 100 )
Hong-Bing Sun1), Yuya Kaneda1), Masanobu Ohmori2) and Fusahito Yoshida1)

Twisting Relaxed Tensile Strength and Its Reliability of Si–Ti–C–O (Tyrano) Fiber
( pp.101 - 105 )
Yoshitake Nishi1)2), Hiroyuki Kobayashi1) and Kunio Yamada2)

Microstructure and Characteristic of Laser Surface Alloyed Ni and Ni–Cr–B–Si on Al–Mg–Si Alloy
( pp.106 - 111 )
Yao-Chih Chuang1), Shih-Chin Lee1) and Hsin-Chih Lin2)

Change in Mechanical Properties of Ion-Irradiated Ceramics Studied by Nanoindentation
( pp.112 - 121 )
Shinsuke Nakano1), Shunsuke Muto1) and Tetsuo Tanabe2)

Solubility and Activity of Oxygen in Pb–Bi Melts
( pp.122 - 128 )
A. Kishimoto1), A. Wada1), T. Michimoto1), T. Furukawa2), K. Aoto2) and T. Oishi1)

Leaching of Pt, Pd and Rh from Automotive Catalyst Residue in Various Chloride Based Solutions
( pp.129 - 135 )
Sri Harjanto1), Yucai Cao1), Atsushi Shibayama1)2), Isao Naitoh3), Toshiyuki Nanami3), Koichi Kasahara3), Yoshiharu Okumura4), Kejun Liu5) and Toyohisa Fujita5)

Modeling of the Equilibria of Yttrium(III) and Europium(III) Solvent Extraction from Nitric Acid with PC-88A
( pp.136 - 142 )
Nianxin Fu1)2) and Mikiya Tanaka1)

Isolation of Magnetite Nanoparticles by Colloidal Dispersant in Aqueous Solution
( pp.143 - 148 )
Chang-Neng Shauo1), Chuen-Guang Chao1) and Ming-Chin Cheng2)

Combustion Synthesis of Doped Lanthanum Gallate as an Electrolyte for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
( pp.149 - 155 )
Hiroyuki Ishikawa1), Makiko Enoki2), Tatsumi Ishihara2) and Tomohiro Akiyama1)

Purification of Cobalt, Nickel, and Titanium by Cold-Crucible Induction Melting in Ultrahigh Vacuum
( pp.156 - 161 )
Seiichi Takaki1) and Kenji Abiko1)

New Compo-Casting Method of Ceramics Inserted Cast Iron Reducing Thermal Stress
( pp.162 - 169 )
Yoshihiro Tomita1) and Haruyoshi Sumimoto1)

Synthesis and Characterization of a Metallic Ceramic Material–Ti3SiC2
( pp.170 - 174 )
Zheng Ming Sun1), Hitoshi Hashimoto1), Zhe Feng Zhang1), Song Lan Yang1) and Shuji Tada1)

Ni-Rich Ni–Pd–P Glassy Alloy with High Strength and Good Ductility
( pp.175 - 178 )
Yuqiao Zeng1), Nobuyuki Nishiyama2), Takeshi Wada1), Dmitri V. Louzguine-Luzgin1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Effect of Surface Asperity on Diffusion Bonding
( pp.179 - 184 )
Airu Wang1), Osamu Ohashi2) and Kenji Ueno3)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded AA2024-T3 Aluminum Alloy
( pp.185 - 193 )
Saad Ahmed Khodir1), Toshiya Shibayanagi1) and Masaaki Naka1)

Formation and Mechanical Properties of Cu–Zr–Al–Sn Bulk Metallic Glasses
( pp.194 - 197 )
Hua Men1), Xiang Ke Wang1), Jun Ying Fu1), Chao Li Ma1) and Tao Zhang1)

Prediction and Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Corrosion Resistant Superalloy K44 with Adjusting Minor Additions C, B and Hf
( pp.198 - 206 )
Jianting Guo1), Jieshan Hou1), Lanzhang Zhou1) and Hengqiang Ye2)

Evaluation of Fiber/Matrix Interfacial Strength of Neutron Irradiated SiC/SiC Composites Using Hysteresis Loop Analysis of Tensile Test
( pp.207 - 210 )
Kazumi Ozawa1), Tatsuya Hinoki1), Takashi Nozawa2), Yutai Katoh2), Yuichi Maki1), Sosuke Kondo1), Shinichiro Ikeda1) and Akira Kohyama1)

Influence of Bonding Condition on Bonding Process Using Ag Metallo-Organic Nanoparticles for High Temperature Lead-Free Packaging
( pp.211 - 217 )
Eiichi Ide1), Akio Hirose1) and Kojiro F. Kobayashi1)

Microstructures and Magnetic Domain Structures of Sintered Sm(Co0.720Fe0.200Cu0.055Zr0.025)7.5 Permanent Magnet Studied by Transmission Electron Microscopy
( pp.218 - 223 )
Fumiaki Okabe1), Hyun Soon Park1), Daisuke Shindo1), Young-Gil Park2), Ken Ohashi3) and Yoshio Tawara3)

Estimation of Material Flow in Stir Zone during Friction Stir Welding by Distribution Measurement of Si Particles
( pp.224 - 232 )
Hidetoshi Fujii1), Young Gon Kim2), Takuya Tsumura1), Toru Komazaki3) and Kazuhiro Nakata1)

The Effect of a Grain Boundary on Deformation in an Aluminum Bicrystal with a Common Tensile Axis of [100]
( pp.233 - 238 )
Keizo Kashihara1) and John A. Wert2)

Friction Stir Welding of Ultrafine Grained Interstitial Free Steels
( pp.239 - 242 )
Hidetoshi Fujii1), Rintaro Ueji2), Yutaka Takada1), Hiromoto Kitahara3), Nobuhiro Tsuji3), Kazuhiro Nakata1) and Kiyoshi Nogi1)



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