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Diffusion Monte Carlo Study of Atomic Systems from Li to Ne
( pp.2612 - 2616 )
Kenta Hongo1), Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1) and Hiroshi Yasuhara1)

Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Electron Correlation in Chromium-Doped Silicon Cluster Cr@Si12
( pp.2617 - 2619 )
Kenta Hongo1), Vijay Kumar2), Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1) and Hiroshi Yasuhara1)

All-Electron GW Calculation for Quasiparticle Energies in C60
( pp.2620 - 2623 )
Hitoshi Adachi1), Soh Ishii2), Kaoru Ohno2), Kyoko Ichinoseki3) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe3)

Theoretical Investigation of Stable Structures of Ge6 Clusters with Various Negative Charges
( pp.2624 - 2628 )
Hideki Kikuchi1), Masae Takahashi1) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1)

First-Principles Study of C6M2 (M=B, Al, Mg, Li), C7B and Related Compounds
( pp.2629 - 2637 )
Kazuaki Kobayashi1), Masao Arai1) and Kazuo Yamamoto2)

Electronic Structure Calculations of Carbon Nanomaterials
( pp.2638 - 2645 )
Shuji Obata1)

First Principles Calculation of Defect and Magnetic Structures in FeCo
( pp.2646 - 2650 )
Masataka Mizuno1), Hideki Araki1) and Yasuharu Shirai1)

First-Principles Calculation of Point Defects in Uranium Dioxide
( pp.2651 - 2657 )
Misako Iwasawa1), Ying Chen2), Yasunori Kaneta2), Toshiharu Ohnuma1), Hua-Yun Geng2) and Motoyasu Kinoshita3)4)

Solitonic Migration and Collisions of Self-Interstitial Defects in BCC Iron
( pp.2658 - 2662 )
Katsuyuki Kusunoki1)

Study of Interaction between Au and TiO2(110) at Low Coverage
( pp.2663 - 2668 )
Kazuyuki Okazaki-Maeda1), Yasushi Maeda2), Yoshitada Morikawa3), Shingo Tanaka1) and Masanori Kohyama1)

Electronic Structures of Ag and Au Adsorbed on TiO2(110) Surfaces by First-Principles Calculations
( pp.2669 - 2673 )
Kazuyuki Okazaki-Maeda1), Yoshitada Morikawa2), Satoshi Ichikawa1), Shingo Tanaka1) and Masanori Kohyama1)

Adsorption, Bond Formation and Graphitization of Carbon Atoms on Ni(111) Surface
( pp.2674 - 2677 )
Yoshihiro Shamoto1) and Masato Aoki1)

Effects of Segregated Ga on an Al Grain Boundary: A First-Principles Computational Tensile Test
( pp.2678 - 2681 )
Ying Zhang1), Guang-Hong Lu1), Tianmin Wang1), Shenghua Deng1), Masanori Kohyama2) and Ryoichi Yamamoto3)

Grain Boundary Decohesion by Sulfur Segregation in Ferromagnetic Iron and Nickel —A First-Principles Study—
( pp.2682 - 2689 )
Masatake Yamaguchi1), Motoyuki Shiga1) and Hideo Kaburaki1)

First-Principles Calculations of Schottky Barrier Heights of Monolayer Metal/6H-SiC{0001} Interfaces
( pp.2690 - 2695 )
Shingo Tanaka1), Tomoyuki Tamura2), Kazuyuki Okazaki1), Shoji Ishibashi2) and Masanori Kohyama1)

Influence of Interface Structure on Schottky Barrier Heights of α-Al2O3(0001)/Ni(111) interfaces: A First-Principles Study
( pp.2696 - 2700 )
Siqi Shi1), Shingo Tanaka1) and Masanori Kohyama1)

First-Principles Study of Molecule/Al Interfaces
( pp.2701 - 2705 )
Rachid Belkada1), Yoshiyuki Shirakawa2), Masanori Kohyama3), Shingo Tanaka3) and Jusuke Hidaka2)

GBstudio: A Builder Software on Periodic Models of CSL Boundaries for Molecular Simulation
( pp.2706 - 2710 )
Hiroshi Ogawa1)

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Grain Boundary Formation and Migration in Silicon
( pp.2711 - 2717 )
Kenjiro Sugio1), Hiroshi Fukushima1) and Osamu Yanagisawa1)

Critical Estimation of Relaxation Coefficient in TDGL Equation Based on Path Probability Method
( pp.2718 - 2724 )
Munekazu Ohno1) and Tetsuo Mohri2)

Phase-Field Simulation of Austenite to Ferrite Transformation and Widmanstätten Ferrite Formation in Fe-C Alloy
( pp.2725 - 2731 )
Akinori Yamanaka1), Tomohiro Takaki2) and Yoshihiro Tomita1)

Simulation of V(CN) Precipitation in Steels Allowing for Local Concentration Fluctuations
( pp.2732 - 2736 )
Javier Aldazabal1), Carlos Garcia-Mateo2) and Carlos Capdevila2)

Modified Effective Specific Heat Method of Solidification Problems
( pp.2737 - 2744 )
Yau-Chia Liu1) and Long-Sun Chao1)

Finite Element Simulation of Liquid Phase Sintering with Tungsten Heavy Alloys
( pp.2745 - 2752 )
Seong Jin Park1), Suk Hwan Chung2), John L. Johnson3) and Randall M. German1)

High Mechanical Properties of Polychloroprene/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites
( pp.2753 - 2758 )
Meng-Heng Yeh1) and Weng-Sing Hwang1)

Electrochemical Characteristics of LiMn2O4 (Li/Ni) Cathode Materials
( pp.2759 - 2764 )
Fei-Yi Hung1), Truan-Sheng Lui1), Li-Hui Chen1) and Hung-Chi Liao1)

Phase-Field Simulation of Phase Transformation in Fe-Cu-Mn-Ni Quaternary Alloy
( pp.2765 - 2772 )
Toshiyuki Koyama1), Kiyoshi Hashimoto2) and Hidehiro Onodera1)

High Strain Rate Superplasticity of Mg Based Composites Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing
( pp.2773 - 2778 )
C. J. Lee1) and J. C. Huang1)

Influence of Hot Rolling and Post-Tempering on the Mechanical Properties of Duplex Stainless Steel Containing Martensite and Ferrite
( pp.2779 - 2785 )
Dong-Cherng Wen1)

High Corrosion and Weather Resistant Anionic Resin Coating for 2014 T6 Aluminum Alloys Which Maintains Mirror Luster
( pp.2786 - 2790 )
Masaaki Hara1), Kenji Matsuda1), Tooru Iwai1), Masayoshi Kihara1), Wataru Yamauchi1), Yorinobu Takigawa2) and Kenji Higashi2)

Quasi-One-Dimensional Analysis of the Effects of Pipe Friction, Cooling and Nozzle Geometry on Gas/Particle Flows in HVOF Thermal Spray Gun
( pp.2791 - 2797 )
Hiroshi Katanoda1)

Effects of Reduced Pressure and Coat Permeability on Casting Characteristics of Magnesium Alloy in Evaporative Pattern Casting Process
( pp.2798 - 2803 )
Kyong-Whoan Lee1), Gue-Serb Cho1), Kyeong-Hwan Choe1), Hyung-Ho Jo1), Akira Ikenaga2) and Sadatoshi Koroyasu3)

Bulk Metallic Glass Formation near a Quaternary Cu-Zr-Ti-Al Eutectic Point
( pp.2804 - 2807 )
Qingsheng Zhang1), Wei Zhang1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Microstructure and Electrical Conductivity of SrRuO3 Thin Films Prepared by Laser Ablation
( pp.2808 - 2814 )
Akihiko Ito1), Hiroshi Masumoto1) and Takashi Goto1)

Tensile Failure Behavior of SiC/Ti-6Al-4V Composites Manufactured by Plasma Spraying Route
( pp.2815 - 2820 )
Kyeong Ho Baik1)

Effect of Iron Content on Hot Tearing of High-Strength Al-Mg-Si Alloy
( pp.2821 - 2827 )
Hiromi Nagaumi1), Satoru Suzuki1), Toshimitsu Okane2) and Takateru Umeda3)

Low-Isostatic-Press Sintering of Iron Alloy Powder
( pp.2828 - 2834 )
Hidekazu Sueyoshi1), Shigeru Uchida2), Takeru Miyanowaki1), Keita Kume1) and Ryo Kurose1)

Three Temperature Model for Nonequilibrium Energy Transfer in Semiconductor Films Irradiated with Short Pulse Lasers
( pp.2835 - 2841 )
Seong Hyuk Lee1), Hyung Sub Sim1), Junghee Lee1), Jong Min Kim1) and Young Eui Shin1)

Amorphous Formation and Magnetic Properties of Nd-Fe-Co-Al Alloys by Gas Flow Type Levitation Process
( pp.2842 - 2845 )
Shuji Azumo1) and Katsuhisa Nagayama1)

Improvement of Charpy Impact of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer by Low Energy Sheet Electron Beam Irradiation
( pp.2846 - 2851 )
Yoshitake Nishi1), Keisuke Inoue1) and Michelle Salvia2)

Influences of Process Condition of Magnetron Sputtering on Magnetostrictive Susceptibility of Fe2.2Sm Alloy Film
( pp.2852 - 2859 )
Yoshitake Nishi1)2), Yoshito Matsumura1) and Keisuke Takahashi2)

Electrodeposited Co-Ni-Fe-C Alloys for Hydrogen Evolution in a Hot 8 kmol·m−3 NaOH
( pp.2860 - 2866 )
Piotr R. Zabinski1), Shinsaku Meguro1), Katsuhiko Asami2) and Koji Hashimoto1)

Superelastic Property of Ti-Ni Alloy Produced by Casting After SHS
( pp.2867 - 2870 )
Kazuhiro Kitamura1), Toshio Kuchida2), Tadashi Inaba2), Masataka Tokuda2) and Yukiharu Yoshimi3)

Influence of Electrolyte on an Energy-Saving Copper Recycling Process Using Ammoniacal Alkaline Solutions
( pp.2871 - 2876 )
Tetsuo Oishi1), Kazuya Koyama1), Mikiya Tanaka1) and Jae-Chun Lee2)

Improvement in the Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Inconel 718 Superalloy by HIP Treatment
( pp.2877 - 2881 )
Shih-Chin Lee1), Shih-Hsien Chang1), Tzu-Piao Tang2), Hsin-Hung Ho3) and Jhewn-Kuang Chen2)

Formation and Thermal Stability of Cu46.25Zr44.25Al7.5Er2 Bulk Metallic Glass with a Diameter of 12 mm
( pp.2882 - 2884 )
Hua Men1), Junying Fu1), Shujie Pang1), Chaoli Ma1) and Tao Zhang1)

Coincidence Doppler Broadening of Positron Annihilation Radiation for Detection of Helium in Irradiated Ni and Cu
( pp.2885 - 2887 )
Q. Xu1), T. Ishizaki2), K. Sato1), T. Yoshiie1) and S. Nagata3)



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