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Gasdynamic Simulation of Aerosol Deposition Method
( pp.1620 - 1625 )
Hiroshi Katanoda1) and Kazuyasu Matsuo2)

Development of Lateral Compression Method of Circular Tube Thin Coating for Mechanical Properties of Plasma Sprayed CoNiCrAlY
( pp.1626 - 1630 )
Hiroyuki Waki1) and Akira Kobayashi2)

In-Situ Densification of Ti Coatings by the Warm Spray (Two-Stage HVOF) Process
( pp.1631 - 1637 )
Jin Kawakita1), Seiji Kuroda1), Sebastian Krebs2) and Hiroshi Katanoda3)

Comparison of Microstructure and Oxidation Behavior of CoNiCrAlY Bond Coatings Prepared by Different Thermal Spray Processes
( pp.1638 - 1642 )
Mitsuhiro Shibata1), Seiji Kuroda1), Hideyuki Murakami1), Machiko Ode1), Makoto Watanabe1) and Yukihiro Sakamoto2)

Effect of Spray Distance on the Mechanical Properties of Plasma Sprayed Ni-45Cr Coatings
( pp.1643 - 1648 )
Wei-Ze Wang1), Chang-Jiu Li2) and Yu-Yue Wang2)

Corrosion Behavior and Thermal Conductivity of Plasma Sprayed AlN/Al2O3 Coating
( pp.1649 - 1653 )
Hongwei Yang1), Weiling Luan1) and Shan-Tung Tu1)

Characterization of the Microstructure and Electrical Conductivity of Plasma-Sprayed La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 Coating
( pp.1654 - 1657 )
Cheng-Xin Li1), Min Gao1), Chang-Jiu Li1), Wei Zhou1), Guan-Jun Yang1) and Yu-Yue Wang1)

Effect of Heat Treatment Conditions on Micro Structure of Cast Iron Coatings Sprayed by HVOF Spraying
( pp.1658 - 1664 )
Takayuki Kuwashima1), Hiroshi Horie2), Takashi Saitoh1), Takahito Takagawa1), Takashi Iimura1) and Tetsuya Sonoda1)

Microstructural Investigation of CoNiCrAlY Coated Ni-Based Single Crystal Superalloy Prepared by LPPS
( pp.1665 - 1670 )
Takashi Sakai1)2), Mitsuhiro Shibata2)3), Hideyuki Murakami2) and Seiji Kuroda2)

Influence of Substrate Materials upon Fabrication of Aluminum Nitride Coatings by Reactive RF Plasma Spraying
( pp.1671 - 1676 )
Motohiro Yamada1), Hajime Nakamura1), Toshiaki Yasui1), Masahiro Fukumoto1) and Koyata Takahashi2)

Plasma-Erosion Properties of Ceramic Coating Prepared by Plasma Spraying
( pp.1677 - 1683 )
Junya Kitamura1), Hiroaki Mizuno1), Nobuaki Kato1) and Isao Aoki1)

Deposition Behaviors of Solid Phases in Liquid-Solid Two-Phase Particles in High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying
( pp.1684 - 1689 )
Y.-Y. Wang1)2), C.-J. Li1), K. Kusumoto2) and G.-J. Yang1)

Phase Formation during Deposition of TiO2 Coatings through High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spraying
( pp.1690 - 1696 )
Chang-Jiu Li1), Guan-Jun Yang1), Yu-Yue Wang1), Cheng-Xin Li1), Fu-Xing Ye2) and Akira Ohmori2)

Simulation of Solid Particle Impact Behavior for Spray Processes
( pp.1697 - 1702 )
Kensuke Yokoyama1)2), Makoto Watanabe1), Seiji Kuroda1), Yoshihiko Gotoh2), Tobias Schmidt3) and Frank Gärtner3)

Preliminary Study of Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell of Nano-TiO2 Coating Deposited by Vacuum Cold Spraying
( pp.1703 - 1709 )
Sheng-Qiang Fan1), Chang-Jiu Li1), Cheng-Xin Li1), Guang-Jian Liu1), Guan-Jun Yang1) and Ling-Zi Zhang1)

Graphitization Potential of Cast Iron Powder in Atmospheric Plasma Spray Conditions
( pp.1710 - 1716 )
I. Ozdemir1)2), Y. Tsunekawa1), M. Okumiya1) and T. Ueno1)

Preparation and Evaluation of Ordinary Attritor Milled Ti-Al Powders and Corresponding Thermal Sprayed Coatings
( pp.1717 - 1722 )
Masahiro Fukumoto1), Min Nie1) and Toshiaki Yasui1)

Critical Velocities for High Speed Particle Deposition in Kinetic Spraying
( pp.1723 - 1727 )
Jingwei Wu1)2), Hongyuan Fang1), Sanghoon Yoon2), Changhee Lee2) and HyungJun Kim3)

Giant Magnetoimpedance in Fe74.5−xCuxNb1.5V1.5Si13.5B9 As-Quenched Ribbons
( pp.1728 - 1730 )
Bo Li1), Hongwei Qin2), Juan Chen2) and Jifan Hu2)

Removal of Iron from Molten Recycled Aluminum through Intermediate Phase Filtration
( pp.1731 - 1736 )
Humberto Lopes de Moraes1), José Roberto de Oliveira2), Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa1) and Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório1)

Candidate Atomic Cluster Configurations in Metallic Glass Structures
( pp.1737 - 1742 )
Daniel B. Miracle1), Eric A. Lord2) and Srinivasa Ranganathan2)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Strip Produced by Twin Roll Casting
( pp.1743 - 1749 )
Yusuke Nakaura1), Akira Watanabe1) and Koichi Ohori1)

Effect of Forging Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of In Situ (TiB+TiC)/Ti Composites
( pp.1750 - 1754 )
Feng-cang Ma1)2), Wei-jie Lu1), Ji-ning Qin1) and Di Zhang1)

Influence of Si Addition on Microstructure Evolution of Ni3Al0.50V0.50 Alloy
( pp.1755 - 1761 )
Makoto Tanimura1), Kei-ichi Kondo2), Toshihiro Doi2) and Yasumasa Koyama2)

Electron Irradiation Induced Phase Transformation in Nd2Fe14B Alloy
( pp.1762 - 1768 )
Akihiro Nino1), Takeshi Nagase2) and Yukichi Umakoshi2)

Recrystallization Behavior and Texture Formation of Rapidly Annealed Cold-Rolled Extralow Carbon Steel Sheets
( pp.1769 - 1775 )
Takehide Senuma1), Kaoru Kawasaki2) and Yoshito Takemoto1)

Recrystallization Effect and Electric Flame-Off Characteristic of Thin Copper Wire
( pp.1776 - 1781 )
Fei-Yi Hung1), Yuan-Tin Wang1), Li-Hui Chen1) and Truan-Sheng Lui1)

Addition of an Aminic Antioxidant to a Hindered Ester-Based Heat Resisting Oil to Improve Lubrication for Press Forming of Magnesium Alloy Sheets
( pp.1782 - 1787 )
Eiji Goto1), Takashi Kachi1), Haruo Okahara2), Yorinobu Takigawa3) and Kenji Higashi3)

Copper Leaching Behavior from Waste Printed Circuit Board in Ammoniacal Alkaline Solution
( pp.1788 - 1792 )
Kazuya Koyama1), Mikiya Tanaka1) and Jae-chun Lee2)

Grain Refinement of Tough Pitch Copper by Electromagnetic Vibrations during Solidification
( pp.1793 - 1797 )
Yoshiki Mizutani1), Kenji Miwa1), Takuya Tamura1), Yoshihiro Nakai2) and Yasuyuki Otsuka2)

Formation of Fine and Dense Conical Carbides on Tool Steel Surface by Sputter Etching
( pp.1798 - 1804 )
Rongguang Wang1), Qinglian Zhang1), Masahiko Kato1) and Keijiro Nakasa1)

The Structure, Phase Composition and Mechanical Properties of Microplasma Electrolytic Coatings Produced on a Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
( pp.1805 - 1809 )
O. P. Terleeva1), Young-Joo Oh2), Myoung-Ryul Ok2), A. I. Slonova1), I. B. Kireenko1) and Dong-Heon Lee3)

Influence of Electron Beam Irradiation on the Impact Value of Alkali Free Glass
( pp.1810 - 1814 )
Yoshitake Nishi1) and Keisuke Iwata1)

Morphology of Spinels and Al2O3 Particles in an Al2O3/Al-Mg-Si Composite Material Revealed by Scanning Low Energy Electron Microscopy
( pp.1815 - 1820 )
K. Matsuda1), T. Matsuki2), I. Müllerov3), L. Frank3) and S. Ikeno1)

Strength of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cu-25 at%Al Alloy Junction Device
( pp.1821 - 1825 )
Yoshitake Nishi1) and Kazunori Tanaka1)

Fatigue Life Prediction of Biomedical Titanium Alloys under Tensile/Torsional Stress
( pp.1826 - 1831 )
Equo Kobayashi1), Hiroto Mochizuki1), Hisashi Doi1), Takayuki Yoneyama1) and Takao Hanawa1)

Magnetic Removal of Phosphate from Wastewater Using Schwertmannite
( pp.1832 - 1837 )
Akbar Eskandarpour1), Kensuke Sassa1), Yoshiyuki Bando2), Masazumi Okido1) and Shigeo Asai1)

Nano-Sized Indium Oxide Powder Synthesized by Spray Pyrolysis Process
( pp.1838 - 1846 )
Jaekeun Yu1), Seonggu Kang2), Jinbae Kim2), Jwayeon Kim1), Joungsu Han3), Jaewoon Yoo1), Sangwoon Lee1) and Zousam Ahn4)

Correlation between IDIG Ratio from Visible Raman Spectra and sp2/sp3 Ratio from XPS Spectra of Annealed Hydrogenated DLC Film
( pp.1847 - 1852 )
F. C. Tai1), S. C. Lee1), C. H. Wei2) and S. L. Tyan3)

A Spray Coating and Its Mechanical Properties of Al-Si-Zn Alloy Produced by the Spray Forming Process
( pp.1853 - 1858 )
Toru Maruyama1), Takeshi Kobayashi1) and Masatoshi Kano2)

Fume Generation Behaviors in Short Circuit Mode during Gas Metal Arc Welding and Flux Cored Arc Welding
( pp.1859 - 1863 )
Hyunbyung Chae1)2), Cheolhee Kim1), Jeonghan Kim1) and Sehun Rhee2)

Copper Enrichment of Iron-Base Alloy Scraps by Phase Separation in Liquid Fe-Cu-P and Fe-Cu-P-C Systems
( pp.1864 - 1868 )
Katsunori Yamaguchi1), Takuya Ohara1), Shigeru Ueda1) and Yoichi Takeda1)

Spin-Coating Polyimide Film on Hydrogenated DLC Film Surface Prepared by Ion Beam Deposition Method
( pp.1869 - 1873 )
Fong-Cheng Tai1), Shih-Chin Lee1) and Che-Hung Wei2)



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