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The Twin and Twin System in FCT L10 θ-MnNi Phase in an Equiatomic Mn-Ni Alloy
( pp.2546 - 2550 )
Yoon-Uk Heo1) and Hu-Chul Lee1)

Fabrication of Free-Standing Tungsten-Nanowhiskers on SiO2 Substrates with Electron-Beam Induced Deposition
( pp.2551 - 2555 )
Minghui Song1), Kazutaka Mitsuishi1) and Kazuo Furuya1)

Defects in Strained Epitaxial SrRuO3 Films on SrTiO3 Substrates
( pp.2556 - 2562 )
Sang Ho Oh1), Ju Hyung Suh1) and Chan Gyung Park1)

Structure of Nano-Size Oxides in ODS Steels and Its Stability under Electron Irradiation
( pp.2563 - 2566 )
K. Oka1), S. Ohnuki1), S. Yamashita2), N. Akasaka2), S. Ohtsuka2) and H. Tanigawa3)

Microstructure of Ge:Ta2O5 Granular Thin Films: an Application of TEM-Tomography
( pp.2567 - 2571 )
Hongye Gao1), Shoichi Toh2), Syo Matsumura1)2), Seishi Abe3) and Shigehiro Ohnuma3)

Effect of Pt Substitution by Cu on Structural and Morphological Changes in Fe-Pt Nanoparticles during Annealing as Studied by In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy
( pp.2572 - 2579 )
Masatoshi Nakanishi1)2), Gen-ichi Furusawa2), Kokichi Waki3), Yasushi Hattori4), Takeo Kamino5), Katsuhiro Sasaki1), Kotaro Kuroda1) and Hiroyasu Saka1)

Depth-Resolved EELS and Chemical State Mapping of N+-Implanted TiO2 Photocatalyst
( pp.2580 - 2584 )
Tomoko Yoshida1), Shunsuke Muto1) and Jun Wakabayashi1)

Atomic Structure of Faceted Σ3 CSL Grain Boundary in Silicon: HRTEM and Ab-initio Calculation
( pp.2585 - 2589 )
Norihito Sakaguchi1), Hideki Ichinose2) and Seiichi Watanabe1)

Site-Selective Electronic Structure of Aluminum in Oxide Ceramics Obtained by TEM-EELS Analysis Using the Electron Standing-Wave Method
( pp.2590 - 2594 )
Yu Yamamoto1), Kazuyoshi Tatsumi1) and Shunsuke Muto1)

Diffusion and Formation of Intermetallic Compounds during Accumulative Roll-Bonding of Al/Mg Alloys
( pp.2595 - 2598 )
Ming-Che Chen1), Che-Wei Kuo1), Chia-Ming Chang1), Chih-Chun Hsieh1), Yin-Yu Chang2) and Weite Wu1)

In-situ Electron Holography Observation of FePt Nanoparticles at Elevated Temperatures
( pp.2599 - 2605 )
Masatoshi Nakanishi1)2), Gen-ichi Furusawa2), Kokichi Waki3), Yasushi Hattori4), Katsuhiro Sasaki1), Keiichi Fukunaga5), Tsukasa Hirayama5), Hiroyasu Saka1) and Kotaro Kuroda1)

Magnetic Domain Structure and Magnetic Hardening in Sm-Fe-Mn-N Coarse Powder
( pp.2606 - 2611 )
J. J. Kim1), H. S. Park1), D. Shindo1), T. Iseki2), N. Oshimura2), T. Ishikawa2) and K. Ohmori2)

Magnetic Macrostructural Study of L10 Nanocrystalline FePt Alloys by Means of Electron Holography
( pp.2612 - 2615 )
Weixing Xia1), Joong Jung Kim1), Daisuke Shindo1) and Akihiro Makino2)

Electron Holography of Charging Effect in ZrO2 Sintered Body
( pp.2616 - 2620 )
Ki Hyun Kim1), Joong Jung Kim1), Weixing Xia1) and Daisuke Shindo1)

In Situ Lorentz Microscopy and Electron Holography of Magnetization Process in Ferrite Magnets
( pp.2621 - 2625 )
Toshiharu Aiso1), Daisuke Shindo1) and Takafumi Sato2)

Lorentz Microscopic Observations of Electrical Steel Sheets under an Alternating Current Magnetic Field
( pp.2626 - 2630 )
Zentaro Akase1), Daisuke Shindo1), Masao Inoue2) and Akira Taniyama3)

Quantitative Electron Holographic Analysis of Electric Potential Distribution around FEG-Emitters
( pp.2631 - 2635 )
J. J. Kim1), W. X. Xia1), D. Shindo1), T. Oikawa2) and T. Tomita2)

Interaction between Magnetic Domain Walls and Antiphase Boundaries in Ni2Mn(Al,Ga) Studied by Electron Holography and Lorentz Microscopy
( pp.2636 - 2641 )
T. Yano1), Y. Murakami1), R. Kainuma1)2) and D. Shindo1)

Reactive Diffusion between Ag–5Pt Alloy and Sn at Solid-State Temperatures
( pp.2642 - 2649 )
Shunsuke Sasaki1) and Masanori Kajihara1)

Eutectic and Amorphous Phase Formation at Au/Cr/Si Thin Film Interface by Nanoindentation and Annealing
( pp.2650 - 2658 )
Woei-Shyan Lee1) and Fang-Jui Fong1)

Finite Element Analysis of V-Bending of Polypropylene Using Hydrostatic-Pressure-Dependent Plastic Constitutive Equation
( pp.2659 - 2664 )
Kunio Hayakawa1), Yukio Sanomura2), Mamoru Mizuno3), Yukio Kasuga2) and Tamotsu Nakamura1)

Dynamic and Static Restoration Behaviors of Pure Lead and Tin in the Ambient Temperature Range
( pp.2665 - 2673 )
Satoshi Hotta1), Keigo Matsumoto1), Taichi Murakami1), Takayuki Narushima1) and Chiaki Ouchi1)

Effect of Cold Drawing on Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Cu-5 at% Zr Alloy
( pp.2674 - 2678 )
Hisamichi Kimura1), Hiroaki Matsumoto1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Subloop Deformation Behavior of TiNi Shape Memory Alloy Subjected to Stress-Controlled Loadings
( pp.2679 - 2686 )
Elzbieta A. Pieczyska1), Hisaaki Tobushi2), Wojciech K. Nowacki1), Stefan P. Gadaj1) and Toshimi Sakuragi2)

Production of Fine Tantalum Powder by Electrochemical Method
( pp.2687 - 2694 )
Boyan Yuan1) and Toru H. Okabe2)

The Oxide Scale Formation and Evolution on Detonation Gun Sprayed NiCrAlY Coatings during Isothermal Oxidation
( pp.2695 - 2702 )
Zhaoxiang Chen1), Fuhe Yuan1), Zhongguang Wang1) and Shijie Zhu2)

Microstructures of 50-nm Cu Interconnects along the Longitudinal Direction
( pp.2703 - 2707 )
Khyoupin Khoo1), Jin Onuki1), Takahiro Nagano1), Suguru Tashiro1), Yasunori Chonan2), Haruo Akahoshi3), Toshio Haba3), Toshimi Tobita4), Masahiro Chiba4) and Kensuke Ishikawa5)

Wettability of Liquid In and Bi on Flat and Porous Solid Iron Substrate
( pp.2708 - 2711 )
Nobuyuki Takahira1), Takeshi Yoshikawa1), Toshihiro Tanaka1) and Lauri Holappa2)

Non-Isothermal Decomposition of As-Received and Oxidised TiH2 Powders
( pp.2712 - 2714 )
Seksak Asavavisithchai1), Victor H. Lopez2) and Andrew R. Kennedy3)

Improvement of Bending Motion by Catalyst Addition of Pd-Al2O3 Powder for an Uni-Morph Soft Device Constructed of Polymer Sheets with and without Powder Dispersion of Hydrogen Storage Alloy
( pp.2715 - 2717 )
Yoshitake Nishi1), Takashi Ogasawara1) and Haru-Hisa Uchida2)

Interdiffusion in Ni-Co-Re and Ni-Co-Ru Systems
( pp.2718 - 2723 )
Efendi Mabruri1), Shingo Sakurai1), Yoshinori Murata1), Toshiyuki Koyama2) and Masahiko Morinaga1)

Thermoelectric and Mechanical Properties of Angular Extruded Bi0.4Sb1.6Te3 Compounds
( pp.2724 - 2728 )
Takahiro Hayashi1), Masayoshi Sekine1), Junya Suzuki1), Yuma Horio1) and Hirotsugu Takizawa2)

Influence of Al on Shape Memory Effect and Twinning Induced Plasticity of Fe-Mn-Si-Al System Alloy
( pp.2729 - 2734 )
Motomichi Koyama1), Masato Murakami1), Kazuyuki Ogawa2), Takehiko Kikuchi2) and Takahiro Sawaguchi2)

Bending Stress Dependent Electrical Resistivity of Carbon Fiber in Polymer for Health Monitoring System
( pp.2735 - 2738 )
Yoshitake Nishi1) and Mitsuru Hirano1)

Absorption and Release of Carbon Dioxide with Various Metal Oxides and Hydroxides
( pp.2739 - 2742 )
Kenji Yamauchi1), Norihiro Murayama1) and Junji Shibata1)

Properties of Strontium Copper Oxide Films Prepared by Radio Frequency Reactive Magnetron Sputtering with Different Oxygen Partial Pressures
( pp.2743 - 2746 )
Jui-wen Liu1), Shih-chin Lee1) and Chih-hao Yang1)

An Internal Variable Approach to Creep Behavior of Pure Magnesium Poly and Single Crystals
( pp.2747 - 2752 )
Jae Sin Park1) and Young Won Chang1)

Quantitative Prediction of Voids Formation in a Growing Nickel Oxide Scale at 1373 K
( pp.2753 - 2761 )
Kojiro Akiba1), Mitsutoshi Ueda1), Kenichi Kawamura1) and Toshio Maruyama1)

Evaluating Spatial Distribution Randomness of Overlap Permissive Second Phase in Three- and Two-Dimensions
( pp.2762 - 2767 )
Kenjiro Sugio1), Yasutaka Momota1), Di Zhang1), Hiroshi Fukushima1) and Osamu Yanagisawa1)

Statistical Relationship between Three- and Two-Dimensional Spatial Distributions of Dispersed Phases
( pp.2768 - 2777 )
Kenjiro Sugio1), Yasutaka Momota1), Di Zhang1), Hiroshi Fukushima1) and Osamu Yanagisawa1)

Effect of Gas Bubbling on Tensile Elongation of Gravity Mold Castings of Magnesium Alloy
( pp.2778 - 2781 )
Chang Dong Yim1), Guohua Wu2) and Bong Sun You1)

High Thermal Conductivity of Gallium Nitride (GaN) Crystals Grown by HVPE Process
( pp.2782 - 2786 )
Hiroyuki Shibata1), Yoshio Waseda1)2), Hiromichi Ohta3), Kazumasa Kiyomi4), Kenji Shimoyama5), Kenji Fujito4), Hirobumi Nagaoka4), Yuji Kagamitani1), Rayko Simura1) and Tsuguo Fukuda1)

Cu45Zr45Al5Ag5 Bulk Glassy Alloy with Enhanced Compressive Strength and Plasticity at Cryogenic Temperature
( pp.2787 - 2790 )
Asahi Kawashima1), Takahiro Okuno1), Hiroaki Kurishita2), Wei Zhang1), Hisamichi Kimura1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

β′ Phase Decomposition in Zn-22 mass%Al and Zn-22 mass%Al-2 mass%Cu Alloys at Room Temperature
( pp.2791 - 2794 )
Héctor J. Dorantes-Rosales1), Victor M. López-Hirata1), Joel Moreno-Palmerin1), Nicolas Cayetano-Castro1), Maribel L. Saucedo-Muñoz1) and Alberto A. Torres Castillo2)

SEM In Situ Study on Deformation Behavior of Cu and Cu/Ni Films under Three-Point Bending
( pp.2795 - 2798 )
Jianguo Huang1), Xishu Wang2) and Xiangkang Meng1)



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