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Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Magnesium-Aluminum Based Alloys Containing Strontium
( pp.1203 - 1211 )
Aitao Tang1), Fusheng Pan1), Mingbo Yang1)2) and Renju Cheng1)2)

Molecular Dynamics Investigation on Microstructure and Void in Amorphous SiO2
( pp.1212 - 1218 )
Nguyen Thu Nhan1), Pham Khac Hung1), Do Minh Nghiep2) and Hyoung Seop Kim3)

Ti and Ni Cluster Composites Prepared by A Dual Source Plasma Gas Condensation Cluster Deposition System
( pp.1219 - 1222 )
Shogo Sawa1), Naokage Tanaka1), Ryoji Katoh1) and Kenji Sumiyama1)

Thermal Stability, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured Al-Ni-Mm-X (X = Cu and Fe) Alloys Hot-Extruded from Gas-Atomized Powders
( pp.1223 - 1228 )
H. S. Kim1), Y. H. Sohn2), T. G. Kim1), J. M. Koo3) and S. J. Hong3)

Structural Characterization of Stress-Induced Martensitic Transformation in a Polycrystalline Austenitic Fe-Mn-Si-Cr Alloy
( pp.1229 - 1234 )
Shotaro Senoo1), Kozo Shinoda1), Masugu Sato2), Tadatsugu Maruyama3) and Shigeru Suzuki1)

Thermoelectric Properties of Silicon Carbide Sintered with Addition of Boron Carbide, Carbon, and Alumina
( pp.1235 - 1241 )
Yasuhiro Ohba1), Toshitada Shimozaki2) and Hidenori Era1)

The Origin of Midrib in Lenticular Martensite
( pp.1242 - 1248 )
Akinobu Shibata1), Toshio Murakami1), Shigekazu Morito2), Tadashi Furuhara3) and Tadashi Maki1)

Deformation and Fatigue Characteristics of Large Welded Bellows with Inclined External Edge
( pp.1249 - 1255 )
Takuo Nagamachi1), Takashi Mishiba2) and Katsuhiro Katsuki2)

Synthesis of W2C by Reactive Hot Pressing and Its Mechanical Properties
( pp.1256 - 1261 )
Hitoshi Taimatsu1), Shigeaki Sugiyama2) and Yuichiro Kodaira1)

Optimization of Rolling Conditions in Mg–Al–Ca Alloy Containing Insoluble Second Phase Particles
( pp.1262 - 1269 )
Hiroyuki Watanabe1), Masahiro Yamaguchi2), Yorinobu Takigawa2) and Kenji Higashi2)

Effects of Nb on the Microstructure and Elevated-Temperature Mechanical Properties of Alloy 690-SUS 304L Dissimilar Welds
( pp.1270 - 1277 )
Sheng-Long Jeng1), Hwa-Ten Lee2), Jiunn-Yuan Huang1) and Roang-Ching Kuo1)

Dislocation Bow-Out Model for Yield Stress of Ultra-Fine Grained Materials
( pp.1278 - 1283 )
Masaharu Kato1), Toshiyuki Fujii2) and Susumu Onaka1)

Dynamic Deformation Behaviour and Microstructural Evolution of High-Strength Weldable Aluminum Scandium (Al-Sc) Alloy
( pp.1284 - 1293 )
Woei-Shyan Lee1) and Tao-Hsing Chen1)

The Fine-Grained Structure in Magnesium Alloy Containing Long-Period Stacking Order Phase
( pp.1294 - 1297 )
Tatsuya Morikawa1), Kenji Kaneko1), Kenji Higashida1), Daisuke Kinoshita1), Masanori Takenaka1) and Yoshihito Kawamura2)

TEM and HRTEM Observations of Microstructural Change of Silicon Single Crystal Scratched under Very Small Loading Forces by AFM
( pp.1298 - 1302 )
Makoto Takagi1), Kenji Onodera2), Akihito Matsumuro1), Hiroyuki Iwata3), Katsuhiro Sasaki4) and Hiroyasu Saka4)

Effect of Zirconium Oxide Addition on Mechanical Properties in Ultrafine Grained Ferritic Stainless Steels
( pp.1303 - 1310 )
Masami Taguchi1), Hidehiko Sumitomo2), Ryo Ishibashi1) and Yasuhisa Aono1)

Phase Relations, Activities and Precious Metal Distribution in the Cu-Fe-S-Sb System Saturated with Carbon at 1200°C
( pp.1311 - 1319 )
Leandro Voisin1), Takahiko Okura1) and Kimio Itagaki2)

Oblique Angle Deposition of Columnar Niobium Films for Capacitor Application
( pp.1320 - 1326 )
M. Tauseef Tanvir1), K. Fushimi1), Y. Aoki1) and H. Habazaki1)

Excess Electrochemical Vaporization of SiO from Na2O-SiO2 Molten Slag by Transfer Thermal Plasma of Ar
( pp.1327 - 1332 )
Keiichirou Kashimura1), Kuniyoshi Nakada1) and Kazuhiro Nagata1)

Corrosion Protect DLC Coating on Steel and Hastelloy
( pp.1333 - 1337 )
Hironobu Miya1) and Jie Wang1)

Activity Coefficient of Strontium in Liquid Copper and the Standard Free Energy of Formation for SrO·6Al2O3 and SrO·2Al2O3
( pp.1338 - 1341 )
Shigeru Ueda1)2), Keita Utagawa1)2) and Katsunori Yamaguchi1)

Trace Analysis of Released Metallic Ions in Static Immersion Test for Characterization of Metallic Biomaterials
( pp.1342 - 1345 )
Tetsuya Ashino1), Naofumi Ohtsu1) and Kazuaki Wagatsuma1)

Electrochemical Iron-Chromium Alloying of Carbon Steel Surface Using Alternating Pulsed Electrolysis
( pp.1346 - 1354 )
Shunsuke Yagi1), Hiroki Oshima2), Kuniaki Murase1), Eiichiro Matsubara1) and Yasuhiro Awakura1)

Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Anodized Mg-9 mass%Li-1 mass%Zn Alloy
( pp.1355 - 1358 )
Jian-Yih Wang1), Chung-Ming Liu2), Wei-Kun Chen3), Yih-Ming Liu4) and Ming-Der Ger4)

Optimization of Welding Condition for Nonlinear Friction Stir Welding
( pp.1359 - 1364 )
Hironori Takahara1), Masato Tsujikawa1), Sung Wook Chung2), Yuzo Okawa3), Kenji Higashi1) and Sachio Oki4)

Fabrication of Superplastic Microtubes Using Dieless Drawing Process
( pp.1365 - 1371 )
Tsuyoshi Furushima1), Ken-ichi Manabe1) and Takashi Sakai2)

Process Design Optimization through Numerical Experimentation for a Brake Disc Casting
( pp.1372 - 1379 )
Chun-Ping Yeh1), Weng-Sing Hwang1) and Chien-Hen Lin2)

Effect of CH/C2 Species Density on Surface Morphology of Diamond Film Grown by Microwave Plasma Jet Chemical Vapor Deposition
( pp.1380 - 1384 )
Chun-Hsi Su1) and Ching-Yu Chang1)

Preparation of Zr-Based Metallic Glass Wires for Biomaterials by Arc-Melting Type Melt-Extraction Method
( pp.1385 - 1394 )
Takeshi Nagase1), Koichi Kinoshita2) and Yukichi Umakoshi1)

Solidification Structure of the Coating Layer on Hot-Dip Zn-11%Al-3%Mg-0.2%Si-Coated Steel Sheet
( pp.1395 - 1400 )
Kazuhiko Honda1), Wataru Yamada1) and Kohsaku Ushioda1)

Nucleation of the Primary Al Phase on TiAl3 during Solidification in Hot-Dip Zn-11%Al-3%Mg-0.2%Si-Coated Steel Sheet
( pp.1401 - 1409 )
Kazuhiko Honda1), Kohsaku Ushioda1), Wataru Yamada1), Koki Tanaka2) and Hidetoshi Hatanaka3)

Effect of Silica Addition on Ceramic Layer in Centrifugal-Thermit Reaction
( pp.1410 - 1414 )
M. T. Le1), Cheolgi Kim1) and Jaeryeong Lee2)

Undercooling Solidification and Magnetic Properties of Pr90Fe10 Alloy Produced by the Gas Flow Levitation Method
( pp.1415 - 1418 )
Shuji Azumo1), Hiroshi Yonemura1) and Katsuhisa Nagayama1)

Bulk Metallic Glass Formation by Melting Liquid Joining Method
( pp.1419 - 1422 )
XinMin Wang1), Kunsu Son1) and Akihisa Inoue1)

Effects of Solution Treatment and Cold Rolling on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel for Surgical Implants
( pp.1423 - 1427 )
Yoshimitsu Okazaki1)

Thermodynamic and Magnetic Properties of GdPd Hydride
( pp.1428 - 1433 )
Masanori Hara1), Takayuki Nakazawa2), Satoshi Akamaru1), Kuniaki Watanabe1), Katsuhiko Nishimura2), Katsunori Mori2) and Masao Matsuyama1)

Formation and in Vivo Evaluation of Carbonate Apatite and Carbonate Apatite/CaCO3 Composite Films Using the Thermal Substrate Method in Aqueous Solution
( pp.1434 - 1440 )
Kensuke Kuroda1), Mikiko Moriyama1), Ryoichi Ichino1), Masazumi Okido1) and Azusa Seki2)

Diffusion of Re and Ru in the γ′ Phase of Ni Based Alloys
( pp.1441 - 1445 )
Efendi Mabruri1), Shingo Sakurai1), Yoshinori Murata1), Toshiyuki Koyama2) and Masahiko Morinaga1)

Annealing of Amorphous Sm5Fe17 Melt-Spun Ribbon
( pp.1446 - 1450 )
Tetsuji Saito1)

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered Al2O3-Co Composites Using Electroless Deposited Al2O3-Co Powders
( pp.1451 - 1455 )
Byong-Taek Lee1), Ki-Ho Kim1), A. H. M. Esfakur Rahman1) and Ho-Yeon Song1)

Polarization Behavior of Pure Magnesium under a Controlled Flow in a NaCl Solution
( pp.1456 - 1461 )
Sachiko Hiromoto1), Akiko Yamamoto1), Norio Maruyama1), Hidetoshi Somekawa2) and Toshiji Mukai2)

Wettability of Lead-Free Solders on Gold-Plated Copper Substrates
( pp.1462 - 1466 )
Ngoc Binh Duong2), Tadashi Ariga1), Luay Bakir Hussain2) and Amad Badri Ismail2)

A Combined Conjugation and Hybridization Technology for Different Types of DNA and Nanoparticles
( pp.1467 - 1473 )
Ho Chang1) and Wei-Chen Tzeng1)

Phase Equilibria and Microstructure on γ′ Phase in Co-Ni-Al-W System
( pp.1474 - 1479 )
Kazuya Shinagawa1), Toshihiro Omori1), Jun Sato1), Katsunari Oikawa1), Ikuo Ohnuma1), Ryosuke Kainuma2) and Kiyohito Ishida1)

Hydrogen Reduction of Fe2O3/WO3 Mixture with Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Fe/W Composite
( pp.1480 - 1485 )
M. Bahgat1), Min-Kyu Paek1) and Jong-Jin Pak1)

Improvement of Glass Forming Ability of Cu-Ni-Zr-Ti Alloys by Substitution of Hf and Nb
( pp.1486 - 1489 )
Dong-Myoung Lee1)2), Ju-Hyun Sun2), Seung-Yong Shin2), Jeong-Chan Bae2) and Chi-Hwan Lee1)



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