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Microstructures and Fusing Electrical Current of Microelectronic Sn-9Zn-(0.25RE) Solders
( pp.1491 - 1495 )
Fei-Yi Hung1), Truan-Sheng Lui2), Li-Hui Chen2) and Kung-An Lan2)

Influence of Ga addition on Microstructure, Tensile Properties and Surface Oxide Film Characteristics of Microelectronic Sn-9Zn-xGa Solders
( pp.1496 - 1502 )
Fei-Yi Hung1), Truan-Sheng Lui2), Li-Hui Chen2) and Ping-Hui Chen2)

Estimation of the Thermal Fatigue Resistance and Creep Properties of the Co/Ni-Bearing SAC305 Lead-Free Solders by the Strain Rate Change Tensile Test
( pp.1503 - 1507 )
Fangjie Cheng1)2), Hiroshi Nishikawa2) and Tadashi Takemoto2)

Effect of Surface Contamination on Solid-State Bondability of Sn-Ag-Cu Bumps in Ambient Air
( pp.1508 - 1512 )
Ying-Hui Wang1) and Tadatomo Suga1)

Impact Properties of Lead-Free Sn-Ag-Cu-Ni-Ge Solder Joint with Cu Electrode
( pp.1513 - 1517 )
Ikuo Shohji1), Hirohiko Watanabe2), Takeshi Okashita3) and Tsutomu Osawa1)

Effect of Ni or Co Addition to Sn-Ag Solder on Microstructure and Joint Strength at Interface
( pp.1518 - 1523 )
Hiroshi Nishikawa1), Akira Komatsu2) and Tadashi Takemoto1)

Effect of Hold Time on Low Cycle Fatigue Life of Micro Solder Joint
( pp.1524 - 1530 )
Yoshihiko Kanda1), Yoshiharu Kariya1) and Yusuke Mochizuki1)

Characteristics of Zn-Al-Cu Alloys for High Temperature Solder Application
( pp.1531 - 1536 )
Seong-Jun Kim1), Keun-Soo Kim2), Sun-Sik Kim2), Chung-Yun Kang3) and Katsuaki Suganuma2)

Interfacial Bonding Mechanism Using Silver Metallo-Organic Nanoparticles to Bulk Metals and Observation of Sintering Behavior
( pp.1537 - 1545 )
Yusuke Akada1), Hiroaki Tatsumi1), Takuto Yamaguchi1), Akio Hirose1), Toshiaki Morita2) and Eiichi Ide2)

Surface Sink Effects on Void Formation in GaSb and InSb under Ion Irradiation
( pp.1546 - 1549 )
Noriko Nitta1), Yukari Ohoka2), Koichi Sato1), Qiu Xu1), Yoshihiko Hayashi1), Toshimasa Yoshiie1) and Masafumi Taniwaki2)

Interdiffusion in Pt-Containing γ-Ni and γ′-Ni3Al Alloys at 1150°C
( pp.1550 - 1557 )
Shigenari Hayashi1), Daniel J. Sordelet1), Larry R. Walker2) and Brian Gleeson1)

Effect of Ni Addition on the Glass Forming Ability and Mechanical Properties in Cu60Zr22Ti18 Metallic Glass Alloy
( pp.1558 - 1562 )
Dong-Myoung Lee1)2), Seung-Yong Shin1), Ju-Hyun Sun1), Jin-Kyu Lee1) and Chi-Hwan Lee2)

Kinetic Analysis of the Gasification of Diamond
( pp.1563 - 1571 )
Yoshiaki Kashiwaya1), Maki Iwasa1) and Kuniyoshi Ishii1)

Preparation of TiC-Ti3SiC2 Composites by Mechanical Alloying and Hot-Pressing
( pp.1572 - 1578 )
Hitoshi Hashimoto1) and Zheng Ming Sun1)

In Situ Observation of Diamond Gasification and the Crystallographic Relationship of Graphite Formed on the Surface of Diamond
( pp.1579 - 1588 )
Yoshiaki Kashiwaya1), Maki Iwasa1) and Kuniyoshi Ishii1)

Grain Boundary Precipitation in Fe-30Mn-9Al-5Cr-0.7C Alloy
( pp.1589 - 1593 )
Yi Hsuan Tuan1), Chih Lung Lin1), Chuen Guang Chao1) and Tzeng Feng Liu1)

Effect of Milling on the Carbothermal Reduction of Oxide Mixture for (Ti,W)C-Ni
( pp.1594 - 1599 )
Hanjung Kwon1) and Shinhoo Kang1)

Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of AZ91 Mg Alloy in the Sodium Stannate Electrolyte
( pp.1600 - 1605 )
Duck Y. Hwang1), Jin Y. Cho1), Dong H. Lee2), Bong Y. Yoo1) and Dong H. Shin1)

Water Drop Erosion on Turbine Blades: Numerical Framework and Applications
( pp.1606 - 1615 )
Qulan Zhou1)2), Na Li1)2), Xi Chen2), Akio Yonezu3), Tongmo Xu1), Shien Hui1) and Di Zhang1)

Reactive Infiltration of TiN Powder Preform with Molten Aluminum for the Fabrication of Nitride Ceramics Composite
( pp.1616 - 1620 )
Yoshihiro Kobayashi1), Makoto Kobashi1) and Naoyuki Kanetake1)

Influence of Casting Defects on Tensile Properties of ADC12 Aluminum Alloy Die-Castings
( pp.1621 - 1628 )
A. K. M. Aziz Ahamed1) and Hiroshi Kato1)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Resistance Spot Welded Advanced High Strength Steels
( pp.1629 - 1637 )
M. I. Khan1), M. L. Kuntz1), E. Biro2) and Y. Zhou1)

Surface Coating on Aluminum Flakes with Titanium Nitride Layer by Barrel-Sputtering Techniques
( pp.1638 - 1643 )
Satoshi Akamaru1), Yuji Honda1)2), Akira Taguchi1) and Takayuki Abe1)

Preparation of WC-SiC Whisker Composites by Hot Pressing and Their Mechanical Properties
( pp.1644 - 1649 )
Shigeaki Sugiyama1), Daiki Kudo2) and Hitoshi Taimatsu2)

Effects of Pre-Strain and Heat Treatment Temperature on Phase Transformation Temperature and Shape Recovery Stress of Ti-Ni-Nb Shape Memory Alloys for Pipe Joint Applications
( pp.1650 - 1655 )
Kazunari Uchida1), Naoto Shigenaka1), Toshio Sakuma2), Yuji Sutou3) and Kiyoshi Yamauchi3)

Effects of Cold Drawing and Annealing on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Co-Cr-Mo-Ni-Fe Alloys for Surgical Implants
( pp.1656 - 1660 )
Yoshimitsu Okazaki1)

Susceptibility to Hydrogen Absorption and Hydrogen Thermal Desorption of Titanium Alloys Immersed in Neutral Fluoride Solution under Applied Potential
( pp.1661 - 1666 )
Ken’ichi Yokoyama1), Katsutoshi Takashima2) and Jun’ichi Sakai2)3)

Environmentally Assisted Cracking Behavior of Dissimilar Metal Weldments under High Temperature Water Conditions
( pp.1667 - 1674 )
J. Y. Huang1), M. C. Young1), S. L. Jeng1), J. J. Yeh1), J. S. Huang1) and R. C. Kuo1)

Design of Cascaded Oxide Thermoelectric Generator
( pp.1675 - 1680 )
Lihua Zhang1), Tsuyoshi Tosho2), Noriyuki Okinaka2) and Tomohiro Akiyama2)

Froth Separation of Ferrihydrite Slurry Using Microbubbles with Ultrasonic Irradiation
( pp.1681 - 1687 )
Etsuro Shibata1), Shun Saito1) and Takashi Nakamura1)

High Temperature Properties of AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Composite Reinforced with Short Alumina Fiber and Mg2Si Particle
( pp.1688 - 1693 )
Kazunori Asano1) and Hiroyuki Yoneda1)

Effects of Annealing Temperature on the Properties of Strontium Copper Oxide Prepared by Radio Frequency Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Method
( pp.1694 - 1697 )
Jui-wen Liu1), Shih-chin Lee1) and Chih-hao Yang1)

Effects of Friction Stir Welding Parameters on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Brass Joints
( pp.1698 - 1701 )
G. M. Xie1)2), Z. Y. Ma2) and L. Geng1)

Recrystallization Behavior of Zr-xNb Alloys
( pp.1702 - 1705 )
Yoon-Soo Lim1), Hyun-Gil Kim2) and Yong-Hwan Jeong2)

Hydrothermal Crystallization of TiO2 Gel Films on Ti Substrates and Formability of Hydroxyapatite
( pp.1706 - 1709 )
Masato Ueda1), Ryoichi Matsunaga1), Masahiko Ikeda1) and Michiharu Ogawa2)

Tensile Properties and Stretch Formability of Mg-1.5 mass%-0.2 mass%Ce Sheet Rolled at 723 K
( pp.1710 - 1712 )
Yasumasa Chino1), Kensuke Sassa1) and Mamoru Mabuchi2)



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