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Low-Temperature Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of SiC Porous Granules from Activated Charcoal with a Na Flux
( pp.1929 - 1933 )
Haruhiko Morito1), Hisanori Yamane1), Takahiro Yamada1), Shu Yin1) and Tsugio Sato1)

First-Principles Study of Carbon Vacancy in Ta4AlC3
( pp.1934 - 1936 )
Y. L. Du1)2), Z. M. Sun1), H. Hashimoto1) and W. B. Tian1)

Time-Temperature-Transformation Diagram of Successive γ→ε′→α′ Martensitic Transformation in SUS304L Stainless Steel
( pp.1937 - 1940 )
Jae-hwa Lee1), Takashi Fukuda1) and Tomoyuki Kakeshita1)

Reduction of Copper Ions in Green Rust Suspension and Oxidation of Green Rust Containing Metallic Copper
( pp.1941 - 1946 )
Katsuya Inoue1), Kozo Shinoda1), Shigeru Suzuki1) and Yoshio Waseda1)

High Strength and Fracture Toughness Balances in Extruded Mg-Zn-RE Alloys by Dispersion of Quasicrystalline Phase Particles
( pp.1947 - 1952 )
Hidetoshi Somekawa1), Alok Singh1), Yoshiaki Osawa1) and Toshiji Mukai1)

Three-Dimensional Observation of Dislocations by Electron Tomography in a Silicon Crystal
( pp.1953 - 1956 )
Masaki Tanaka1), Masaki Honda1), Masatoshi Mitsuhara2), Satoshi Hata2), Kenji Kaneko1)3) and Kenji Higashida1)

Effect of Calcium Additions on Creep Properties of a Die-Cast AM50 Magnesium Alloy
( pp.1957 - 1962 )
Daigo Itoh1), Yoshihiro Terada1) and Tatsuo Sato1)

Mechanical Properties of Biomedical Co-33Cr-5Mo-0.3N Alloy at Elevated Temperatures
( pp.1963 - 1969 )
Tadayoshi Odahara1), Hiroaki Matsumoto1) and Akihiko Chiba1)

Effect of Magnetic Field on Microstructure Evolution during Disorder-Order Transformation in an Fe-Pd Alloy
( pp.1970 - 1974 )
Sahar Farjami1), Takashi Fukuda1) and Tomoyuki Kakeshita1)

Relaxation of Free Volume in Zr50Cu40Al10 Bulk Metallic Glasses Studied by Positron Annihilation Measurements
( pp.1975 - 1978 )
Akito Ishii1), Fuminobu Hori1), Akihiro Iwase1), Yuka Fukumoto1), Yoshihiko Yokoyama2) and Toyohiko J. Konno2)

Effect of Initial Grain Size on Dynamically Recrystallized Grain Size in AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
( pp.1979 - 1982 )
Yorinobu Takigawa1), Masayoshi Honda1), Tokuteru Uesugi1) and Kenji Higashi1)

Parameter Physics on Hydrogen Storage by Classical Molecular Dynamics Method
( pp.1983 - 1986 )
Hiroshi Ogawa1), Akinori Tezuka1), Hao Wang1), Tamio Ikeshoji1) and Masahiko Katagiri2)

Effects of Dielectric-Layer Composition on Growth of Self-Formed Ti-Rich Barrier Layers in Cu(1 at%Ti)/Low-k Samples
( pp.1987 - 1993 )
Kazuyuki Kohama1), Kazuhiro Ito1), Susumu Tsukimoto1), Kenichi Mori2), Kazuyoshi Maekawa2) and Masanori Murakami1)3)

Reduction of Hysteresis Loss in Itinerant-Electron Metamagnetic Transition of La1−zCez(FexMnySi1−xy)13 Magnetic Refrigerants at Low Temperatures
( pp.1994 - 1997 )
Shun Fujieda1), Asaya Fujita1) and Kazuaki Fukamichi2)

Diffusion Bonding of Co to TiAu High Temperature Shape Memory Alloy
( pp.1998 - 2005 )
Yuta Okimori1), Tomonari Inamura1), Hideki Hosoda1) and Kenji Wakashima1)

Effects of Hydrogen on the Vacancy Formation in Magnesium
( pp.2006 - 2011 )
Masuo Yamada1), Moritaka Hida1) and Takehide Senuma2)

A Study of Adsorption of CO on Hydrogen Covered Pt(111) Surface Using Electron-Stimulated Desorption Spectroscopy
( pp.2012 - 2015 )
Kazuyuki Ueda1) and Kazuya Yasuda1)

Revisiting the Structure of Martensite in Iron-Carbon Steels
( pp.2016 - 2027 )
Oleg D. Sherby1), Jeffrey Wadsworth2), Donald R. Lesuer3) and Chol K. Syn3)

Simulating Surface-Mediated Self Assembly Patterns by a Stabilized Fourier Spectral Method
( pp.2028 - 2032 )
Meie Li1) and Jinxiong Zhou2)

Bulk Texture Measurement of Interstitial-Free Annealed Steel Using Gaussian Integrated Intensities of Neutron Diffraction Spectra
( pp.2033 - 2039 )
P. G. Xu1), Y. Tomota1), H. Suzuki2), T. Suzuki3), S. Machiya2) and F. X. Yin4)

High Temperature Stability of Anatase Films Prepared by MOCVD
( pp.2040 - 2046 )
Rong Tu1) and Takashi Goto1)

Microstructure and Oxidation Behavior of Boron-Added WSi2 Compact
( pp.2047 - 2053 )
Akira Yamauchi1), Tatsuya Sasaki2), Akira Kobayashi3) and Kazuya Kurokawa1)

Determination of Trace Elements in High Purity Tungsten by Solid-Phase Extraction/ICP-MS
( pp.2054 - 2057 )
Shin-ichi Hasegawa1)

Effect of Electron-Beam Irradiation on Impact Value of Silica Glass
( pp.2058 - 2062 )
Keisuke Iwata1) and Yoshitake Nishi1)

Solid State Bonding of Carbon Material to Copper with Nickel Insert
( pp.2063 - 2067 )
Hidekazu Sueyoshi1) and Hisayoshi Fukudome1)

Acoustic Microscopy of Interfacial Crack in Sn-Ag-Cu Alloy Solder Joints under Shear Fatigue Testing
( pp.2068 - 2075 )
Hiroshi Kato1) and Hirotsugu Kobayashi1)

Characterization of Ferroelectric NaxK1−xNbO3 System Films Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition
( pp.2076 - 2081 )
Fengping Lai1), Rong Tu1), Takashi Goto1) and Jingfeng Li2)

Effect of Deposition Conditions on the Structure and Properties of CrAlN Films Prepared by Pulsed DC Reactive Sputtering in FTS Mode at High Al Content
( pp.2082 - 2090 )
Sara Khamseh1), Masateru Nose2), Tokimasa Kawabata1), Atsushi Saiki1), Kenji Matsuda1), Kiyoshi Terayama1) and Susumu Ikeno1)

TEM Sample Preparation for Microcompressed Nanocrystalline Ni
( pp.2091 - 2095 )
Satoko Kuwano1)2), Takeshi Fujita2), Deng Pan2)3), Ke Wang3) and Mingwei Chen2)3)

Rolling Texture Evolution of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Sheets by Isothermal Eccentric-Rolls Drawing
( pp.2096 - 2099 )
Masahide Kohzu1), Shota Nakatsuka1) and Kenji Higashi1)

Non-Conductive Adhesive (NCA) Trapping Study in Chip on Glass Joints Fabricated Using Sn Bumps and NCA
( pp.2100 - 2106 )
Sang-Mok Lee1), Byeung-Gee Kim1) and Young-Ho Kim1)

Stress Reduction of Ge2Sb2Te5 by Inhibiting Oxygen Diffusion
( pp.2107 - 2111 )
Young Sam Park1), Jung Wook Lim1), Woo Seok Yang1), Seung-Yun Lee1), Sung-Min Yoon1) and Byoung Gon Yu1)

Recirculation of Chilean Copper Smelting Dust with High Arsenic Content to the Smelting Process
( pp.2112 - 2118 )
Victor Montenegro1), Hiroyuki Sano2) and Toshiharu Fujisawa2)

Dispersion-Flocculation Behavior of Fine Lead Particles in an Organic Solvent
( pp.2119 - 2123 )
Masami Tsunekawa1), Yuta Sasaki1), Yoshiaki Nakamura1), Mayumi Ito1), Naoki Hiroyoshi1) and Kyoung Keun Yoo2)

Selective Leaching of Zinc from Spent Zinc-Carbon Battery with Ammoniacal Ammonium Carbonate
( pp.2124 - 2128 )
Shun Myung Shin1), Jin Gu Kang1)2), Dong Hyo Yang1), Jeong Soo Sohn1) and Tae Hyun Kim1)

New Technique for Evaluation of Preferential Alignment of Biological Apatite (BAp) Crystallites in Bone Using Transmission X-ray Diffractometry
( pp.2129 - 2135 )
Katsunari Sasaki1)2), Takayoshi Nakano3), Joseph D. Ferrara2), Jee-Wook Lee3) and Toshihiko Sasaki1)

Cold Rolling-Induced Multistage Transformation in Ni-Rich NiTi Shape Memory Alloys
( pp.2136 - 2140 )
Chiang-Hao Li1), Lung-Jen Chiang1), Yung-Fu Hsu2) and Wen-Hsiung Wang1)

Structure, Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Zr65Al7.5Ni10Cu17.5 Glassy Alloy Rod with a Diameter of 16 mm Produced by Tilt Casting
( pp.2141 - 2146 )
Q. S. Zhang1), W. Zhang1), X. M. Wang1), Y. Yokoyama1), K. Yubuta1) and A. Inoue2)

Study on the Reduction of Molybdenum Dioxide by Hydrogen
( pp.2147 - 2152 )
Byung-Su Kim1), Eun-young Kim2), Ho-Suck Jeon1), Hoo-In Lee1) and Jae-Chun Lee1)

Influence of Processing on the Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V-Based Composites Reinforced with 7.5 mass% TiC and 7.5 mass% W
( pp.2153 - 2158 )
Heeman Choe1), Susan Abkowitz2) and Stanley M. Abkowitz2)

Preparation and Properties of a Nanostructured NiCrC Alloy Coating for Boiler Tubes Protection
( pp.2159 - 2162 )
Kai Tao1), Xianglin Zhou1), Hua Cui2) and Jishan Zhang1)

Relation between Surface Tension and Graphite Shape in Cast Iron
( pp.2163 - 2165 )
D. Shi1), D. Li1), G. Gao1) and L. Wang1)

Synthesis of Sodium Niobate Powders by Mechanochemical Processing
( pp.2166 - 2168 )
Jung-Yeul Yun1)2), Jae-Ho Jeon1) and Suk-Joong L. Kang2)



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