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Influence of Current Density on the Reduction of TiO2 in Molten Salt (CaCl2 + CaO)
( pp.2704 - 2708 )
Keiichi Kobayashi1), Yuichi Oka1) and Ryosuke O. Suzuki1)

Oxygen Distribution in Titanium Single Crystal Fabricated by Optical Floating-Zone Method under Extremely Low Oxygen Partial Pressure
( pp.2709 - 2715 )
Koji Hagihara1), Takahiro Tachibana1), Keita Sasaki1), Yoshiyuki Yoshida2), Naoki Shirakawa2), Tohru Nagasawa3), Takayuki Narushima4) and Takayoshi Nakano1)

Effect of Oxygen Content on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Biomedical Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr Alloy under Solutionized and Aged Conditions
( pp.2716 - 2720 )
Masaaki Nakai1), Mitsuo Niinomi1), Toshikazu Akahori1), Harumi Tsutsumi1) and Michiharu Ogawa2)

Effect of Nb Content on Deformation Textures and Mechanical Properties of Ti-18Zr-Nb Biomedical Alloys
( pp.2721 - 2725 )
Hirobumi Tobe1), Hee Young Kim1) and Shuichi Miyazaki1)2)

Effect of Nitrogen Addition on Superelasticity of Ti-Zr-Nb Alloys
( pp.2726 - 2730 )
Masaki Tahara1), Hee Young Kim1), Tomonari Inamura2), Hideki Hosoda2) and Shuichi Miyazaki1)3)

Effect of Cooling Rate on Superelasticity and Microstructure Evolution in Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al and Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al-0.2N Alloys
( pp.2731 - 2736 )
Yusaku Tomio1), Tadashi Furuhara2) and Tadashi Maki3)

Isothermal Aging Behavior of Beta Titanium–Manganese Alloys
( pp.2737 - 2743 )
Masahiko Ikeda1), Masato Ueda1), Ryoichi Matsunaga1), Michiharu Ogawa2) and Mitsuo Niinomi3)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of α′ Martensite Type Ti Alloys Deformed under the α′ Processing
( pp.2744 - 2750 )
Hiroaki Matsumoto1), Kazuki Kodaira1), Kazuhisa Sato1), Toyohiko J. Konno1) and Akihiko Chiba1)

Cost Effective Pure Titanium with High Mechanical Response by Oxide Dispersion Strengthening
( pp.2751 - 2756 )
Tomohiro Yoshimura1), Hisashi Imai2), Thotsaphon Threrujirapapong1) and Katsuyoshi Kondoh2)

Mechanical Properties of a Titanium Matrix Composite Reinforced with Low Cost Carbon Black via Powder Metallurgy Processing
( pp.2757 - 2762 )
Thotsaphon Threrujirapapong1), Katsuyoshi Kondoh2), Hisashi Imai2), Junko Umeda2) and Bunshi Fugetsu3)

Surface Hardening Treatment for Titanium Materials Using Ar-5%CO Gas in Combination with Post Heat Treatment under Vacuum
( pp.2763 - 2771 )
Y. Z. Kim1), Takashi Konno1), Taichi Murakami1), Takayuki Narushima1) and Chiaki Ouchi1)

Effects of Current Density on Elongation of an Electropulsing Treated Zn-Al Based Alloy
( pp.2772 - 2777 )
S. To1), Y. H. Zhu1), W. B. Lee1), X. M. Liu2) and Y. B. Jiang3)

Isothermal fcc/hcp Transformation in Fe-Si-C-Alloy Thermally Treated at Lower Bainitic Transformation Temperature
( pp.2778 - 2784 )
Kazuyuki Ogawa1), Takahiro Sawaguchi1) and Setuo Kajiwara1)

Hardening Behavior in Aged Al-4%Cu-0.3%Mg Alloys with 0.5 and 2%Ag Additions
( pp.2785 - 2789 )
Joel Moreno Palmerin1), Héctor J. Dorantes Rosales1), Victor M. López Hirata1), Nicolás Cayetano Castro2), Jorge L. González Velázquez1) and Angel de J. Morales Ramirez1)

Effect of Trace Sodium on High Temperature Embrittlement in Quasi-Static and Impact Deformation of Al-5 mass% Mg Alloys
( pp.2790 - 2794 )
Hiroyuki Yamada1), Keitaro Horikawa1) and Hidetoshi Kobayashi1)

Mechanical Behavior of Au-Based Metallic Glass in Micro-Scale at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures
( pp.2795 - 2800 )
C. J. Lee1), Y. H. Lai1), C. W. Tang1), J. C. Huang1) and J. S. C. Jang2)

Microstructural Variation and Tensile Properties of a Cast 5083 Aluminum Plate via Friction Stir Processing
( pp.2801 - 2807 )
Chun-Yi Lin1), Truan-Sheng Lui1) and Li-Hui Chen1)

Amino Acid Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of In(OH)3 Nanoparticles Controlled in Size and Shape
( pp.2808 - 2812 )
Takafumi Sasaki1), Masafumi Nakaya1), Kiyoshi Kanie1) and Atsushi Muramatsu1)

Carbide Phases Synthesised from C/Mo Powder Compacts at Specified Sub-Stoichiometric Ratios by Solar Radiation Heating to Temperatures between 1600°C and 2500°C
( pp.2813 - 2819 )
Bernard Granier1), Nobumitsu Shohoji2), Fernando Almeida Costa Oliveira2)3), Teresa Magalhães2), Jorge Cruz Fernandes3) and Luis Guerra Rosa3)

Effects of Process Parameters on the Macrostructure of a Squeeze-Cast Mg-2.5 mass%Nd Alloy
( pp.2820 - 2825 )
Yanling Yang1), Liming Peng1)2), Penghuai Fu1), Bin Hu1), Wenjiang Ding1) and Baozheng Yu3)

Effects of Electron Beam Irradiation on Impact Value of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyetheretherketone
( pp.2826 - 2832 )
Yoshitake Nishi1)2)3), Hiroaki Takei1), Keisuke Iwata2), Michelle Salvia4) and Alain Vautrin3)

Effect of Intermetallic Compound Layer on Tensile Strength of Dissimilar Friction-Stir Weld of a High Strength Mg Alloy and Al Alloy
( pp.2833 - 2838 )
Naotsugu Yamamoto1), Jinsun Liao1), Shuhei Watanabe2) and Kazuhiro Nakata2)

Observation of Magnetic Domain Structure in Fe81B15Si4 Amorphous Alloy by Lorentz Microscopy and Electron Holography
( pp.2839 - 2843 )
Masahiro Hiraoka1), Zentaro Akase1), Daisuke Shindo1), Yuichi Ogawa2) and Yoshihito Yoshizawa3)

Development of a New Gravity Separator for Plastics —a Hybrid-Jig—
( pp.2844 - 2847 )
Kunihiro Hori1), Masami Tsunekawa1), Masatsune Ueda1), Naoki Hiroyoshi1), Mayumi Ito1) and Hideaki Okada1)

Conductivity Percolation on a Square Lattice with Two Different Sizes of Particles
( pp.2848 - 2851 )
Kazuhito Shida1), Ryoji Sahara1), MN Tripathi1), Hiroshi Mizuseki1) and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe1)

Effects of Different Hydroxyapatite Binders on Morphology, Ca/P Ratio and Hardness of Nd-YAG Laser Clad Coatings
( pp.2852 - 2857 )
C. S. Chien1), T. J. Han2), T. F. Hong3), T. Y. Kuo2) and T. Y. Liao2)

Constitutive Relation for Ambient-Temperature Creep in Hexagonal Close-Packed Metals
( pp.2858 - 2864 )
Tetsuya Matsunaga1), Tatsuya Kameyama2), Kohei Takahashi3) and Eiichi Sato4)

Intragranular Deformation Mechanisms during Ambient-Temperature Creep in Hexagonal Close-Packed Metals
( pp.2865 - 2872 )
Tetsuya Matsunaga1), Tatsuya Kameyama2), Kohei Takahashi3) and Eiichi Sato4)

New Method for Production of Solar-Grade Silicon by Subhalide Reduction
( pp.2873 - 2878 )
Kouji Yasuda1), Kunio Saegusa2) and Toru H. Okabe1)

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Made with TiO2-Coated Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes and Natural Dyes Extracted from Ipomoea
( pp.2879 - 2884 )
Ho Chang1), Tung-Jung Hsieh1), Tien-Li Chen2), Kouhsiu-David Huang3), Ching-Song Jwo4) and Shu-Hua Chien5)

Precompaction Effects on Density and Mechanical Properties of Al2O3 Nanopowder Compacts Fabricated by Magnetic Pulsed Compaction
( pp.2885 - 2890 )
S. J. Hong1), J. M. Koo1), J. G. Lee2), M. K. Lee2), H. H. Kim2) and C. K. Rhee2)

Formation Mechanism of Microchannels and Lining Layers in Sintered Iron Powder Compacts with Copper Sacrificial Cores
( pp.2891 - 2896 )
Tatsuya Ohmi1), Takuhiro Kodama1) and Manabu Iguchi1)

Synthesis of TiN Nanoparticles by Explosion of Ti Wire in Nitrogen Gas
( pp.2897 - 2899 )
Wonbaek Kim1), Je-shin Park1), Chang-yul Suh1), Sung-wook Cho1), Sujeong Lee1) and In-Jin Shon2)



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