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High Temperature Grain Boundary Plasticity in Ceramics
( pp.229 - 235 )
Taketo Sakuma1) and Hidehiro Yoshida2)

Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamic Theory of 4-Component Lead-Free Solder
( pp.236 - 244 )
Kenichiro Suetsugu1), Atsushi Yamaguchi1), Kazumi Matsushige2) and Toshihisa Horiuchi2)

Dielectric Properties of Ba1−xCaxTi2O5 Prepared by Arc Melting
( pp.245 - 248 )
Xinyan Yue1)2), Rong Tu2) and Takashi Goto2)

Theory of Instability Phenomena and Its Application to Melting of Cubic Metals
( pp.249 - 253 )
Yutaka Aikawa1) and Katsuhiko Fujii2)

Evaluation of Phase Diagrams for the Al2O3-CaO-SrO System by In-Situ Observation Using Confocal Laser Microscope
( pp.254 - 260 )
Tomonori Kuroki1), Yoshitoshi Saito2), Taijiro Matsui2) and Kazuki Morita1)

Microstructure Evolution in the Rolled Mg97Zn1Y2 Alloy with Long-Period Stacking Phase upon Annealing
( pp.261 - 265 )
Baishu Wang1)2), Yongbing Liu1), Zhenguo Su1) and Zhanyi Cao1)

Influence of Ag on Kinetics of Solid-State Reactive Diffusion between Pd and Sn
( pp.266 - 274 )
Taro Sakama1) and Masanori Kajihara2)

Characteristics of Retained Austenite in Quenched High C-High Cr Alloy Steels
( pp.275 - 279 )
Muneo Yaso1), Shuhei Hayashi2), Shigekazu Morito2), Takuya Ohba2), Kunichika Kubota3) and Kouji Murakami4)

In-Situ Observation of Grain Growth of Steel at High Temperature
( pp.280 - 285 )
Yasuhiro Yogo1), Kouji Tanaka1) and Koukichi Nakanishi1)

Interfacial Morphology of Magnetic Pulse Welded Aluminum/Aluminum and Copper/Copper Lap Joints
( pp.286 - 292 )
Mitsuhiro Watanabe1) and Shinji Kumai1)

Electric Flame-Off Characteristics and Fracture Properties of 20 μm Thin Copper Bonding Wire
( pp.293 - 298 )
Fei-Yi Hung1), Truan-Sheng Lui2), Li-Hui Chen2) and Yi-Chang Lin2)

Postbuckling Behavior of Composite Laminated Plates with Initial Imperfections under Biaxial Compression
( pp.299 - 304 )
Keiichi Nemoto1), Hirakazu Kasuya2), Hisao Kikugawa3) and Takashi Asaka4)

Effect of Different Preservative Methods on Fracture Behavior of Bovine Cortical Bone
( pp.305 - 312 )
Masahiro Kuninori1), Hisao Kikugawa2), Takashi Asaka3) and Hirakazu Kasuya4)

Pop-in Crack Propagation Monitoring for AA2024-T3 Ductile Alloy
( pp.313 - 320 )
H. C. Lin1), T. Y. Kuo2) and H. T. Lee3)

Immobilization of Arsenic from Novel Synthesized Scorodite—Analysis on Solubility and Stability
( pp.321 - 331 )
Tetsuo Fujita1), Ryoichi Taguchi1), Hisashi Kubo1), Etsuro Shibata2) and Takashi Nakamura2)

Effect of O2 Pretreatment on Fluorinated Carbon Film Surfaces
( pp.332 - 334 )
Mi Ryn Seong1), Gye Young Lee1), Si Hyeong Cho2), Hyun Woo Lim2), Jin Goo Park1) and Caroline Sunyong Lee1)

Effect of the Electrodeposition Temperature on the Cyclic-Oxidation Resistance of Ni Aluminide Containing Zr Formed by Molten-Salt Electrodeposition
( pp.335 - 340 )
Michihisa Fukumoto1), Takashi Suzuki1), Motoi Hara1) and Toshio Narita2)

Simultaneous Determination of the Composition and Size of Oxide Particles in Solid Materials by Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
( pp.341 - 348 )
Andrey V. Karasev1)2) and Ryo Inoue1)

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Mg96Zn2Y2 Alloy Prepared by Extrusion of Machined Chips
( pp.349 - 353 )
Syuichi Fudetani1), Takaomi Itoi1), Tetsuo Kubo1), Yoshihito Kawamura2) and Mitsuji Hirohashi1)

Effect of Strontium, Magnesium and Iron Content on Mechanical Properties of Rheocast Al-7 mass%Si-Mg Alloys
( pp.354 - 360 )
Satoru Sato1), Yasunori Harada1)2), Naoki Ishibashi1) and Mitsuru Adachi1)2)

Effects of Process Conditions of Melting Furnace on Alkali-Free Glass Cleanliness
( pp.361 - 367 )
Chien-Chih Yen1), Meng-Chun Wu1) and Weng-Sing Hwang1)

Effects of Nd Content on the Dynamic Elastic Modulus and Mechanical Properties of Titanium-Neodymium Alloys
( pp.368 - 372 )
Ying-Long Zhou1) and Mitsuo Niinomi2)

Effect of Microscopic Internal Structure on Sound Absorption Properties of Polyurethane Foam by X-ray Computed Tomography Observations
( pp.373 - 380 )
Tsuyoshi Yamashita1), Kazuhiro Suzuki1), Hideki Adachi1), Souichiro Nishino1) and Yo Tomota1)

Microstructural Characteristics and the Charge-Discharge Characteristics of Sn-Cu Thin Film Materials
( pp.381 - 387 )
Chao-Han Wu1), Fei-Yi Hung2), Truan-Sheng Lui1) and Li-Hui Chen1)

Formation, Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Bulk Glassy Alloys with a Diameter of 20 mm in Zr-(Ti,Nb)-Al-Ni-Cu System
( pp.388 - 394 )
A. Inoue1), Q. S. Zhang1), W. Zhang2), K. Yubuta2), K. S. Son2) and X. M. Wang2)

Effects of HIP Treatment on the Microstructure and Properties of Cr35-Si65 Target
( pp.395 - 400 )
Chung-Hung Tam1), Shih-Chin Lee1), Shih-Hsien Chang2) and Fong-Cheng Tai3)

The Effect of Ultrasonic Treatment on Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Cast Magnesium Alloys
( pp.401 - 408 )
Yeong-Jern Chen1), Wen-Nong Hsu2) and Jhih-Ren Shih2)

Characteristics of the Treated Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder with Stearic Acid Using the Dry Process Coating System
( pp.409 - 414 )
Soo-Bok Jeong1), Young-Cheol Yang1), Young-Bae Chae1) and Byoung-Gon Kim1)

Ti-Coated Al2O3 Balls Prepared by Fine Particle Bombardment and Their Reductive Properties
( pp.415 - 418 )
Daigo Yamaguchi1), Shigeru Suzuki1) and Jin Mizuguchi1)

Ferromagnetic Properties of Co-Cu Alloy with Nanoscale Lamellar Structure
( pp.419 - 422 )
Motohiro Yuasa1), Hiromi Nakano2), Yoshiaki Nakamoto1), Masataka Hakamada3) and Mamoru Mabuchi1)

Anomalous Thermal Expansion of Cold-Rolled Ti-Nb-Ta-Zr Alloy
( pp.423 - 426 )
Masaaki Nakai1), Mitsuo Niinomi1), Toshikazu Akahori1), Harumi Tsutsumi1), Xiaoliang Feng1) and Michiharu Ogawa2)

Effects of Pore Characteristics Finely-Controlled by Spacer Method on Damping Capacity of Porous Aluminum
( pp.427 - 429 )
Masataka Hakamada1), Hiroyuki Watanabe2), Tetsunume Kuromura1), Youqing Chen1), Hiromu Kusuda1) and Mamoru Mabuchi1)



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