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Global Flow of Metal Resources in the Used Automobile Trade
( pp.703 - 710 )
Masaaki Fuse1), Kenichi Nakajima2) and Hiroshi Yagita3)

Grain Refinement and Superplasticity Induced by Hot Compression of Continuously-Casted Mg-9Al-1Zn-1Ca and Mg-9Al-1Zn Alloys
( pp.711 - 718 )
Masataka Hakamada1), Akira Watazu1), Naobumi Saito1) and Hajime Iwasaki2)

Effect of Vanadium Doping on Structure and Properties of ZnSe Films Prepared by Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
( pp.719 - 722 )
Masahiro Tahashi1), Zunyi Wu1), Hideo Goto1), Youji Hayashi1) and Toshiyuki Ido1)

Effect of Cu Addition on the Phase Equilibria in Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets
( pp.723 - 726 )
Shota Nishio1), Satoshi Sugimoto1)2), Ryota Goto2), Masashi Matsuura1) and Nobuki Tezuka1)

Heat Treatment of TiH2 Powder to Control Decomposition Phenomenon for Aluminum Foam Fabrication by Melt Route
( pp.727 - 733 )
Kota Kadoi1), Norbert Babcsán2) and Hideo Nakae3)

Difference in Bioactivity, Initial Cell Attachment and Cell Morphology Observed on the Surface of Hydroxyapatite Ceramics with Controlled Orientation
( pp.734 - 739 )
Takeshi Hagio1), Tomohiko Tanase1), Jun Akiyama1), Masanori Umino1), Kazuhiko Iwai1) and Shigeo Asai2)

Fatigue Properties of Helium Injected F82H-IEA Heat Material
( pp.740 - 743 )
Norikazu Yamamoto1), Yoshiharu Murase1) and Johsei Nagakawa1)2)

Phase-Field Simulation of the Effect of Elastic Inhomogeneity on Microstructure Evolution in Ni-Based Superalloys
( pp.744 - 748 )
Yuhki Tsukada1), Yoshinori Murata1), Toshiyuki Koyama2) and Masahiko Morinaga1)

Preparation and Consolidation of Alumina/Graphene Composite Powders
( pp.749 - 751 )
Ting He1)2), Jianlin Li3), Lianjun Wang1), Juanjuan Zhu1) and Wan Jiang1)

Estimation of Planar Anisotropy of the r-Value in Ferritic Stainless Steel Sheets
( pp.752 - 758 )
Jun-ichi Hamada1), Kazuyuki Agata2) and Hirofumi Inoue3)

Visualization of Diffusive Hydrogen in Low Alloy Steel by means of Hydrogen Microprint Technique at Elevated Temperatures
( pp.759 - 764 )
Keitaro Horikawa1), Hiroaki Okada1), Hidetoshi Kobayashi1) and Wataru Urushihara2)

Change-Channel Angular Extrusion of Magnesium Alloy AZ31
( pp.765 - 770 )
Tianmo Liu1)2), Jianzhong Liu1)2), Liwei Lu1)2), Yu Liu1)2) and Zhongchang Wang3)

Influence of Severe Plastic Deformation on Precipitation Hardening in an Al-Mg-Si Alloy: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
( pp.771 - 775 )
Meng-Shan Tsai1), Pei-Ling Sun2), Po-We Kao1) and Chih-Pu Chang1)

Mechanical Properties of Copper Sulfide-Dispersed Lead-Free Bronze
( pp.776 - 781 )
Hidekazu Sueyoshi1), Yuki Yamano1), Kensuke Inoue1), Yoshikazu Maeda2) and Kosaku Yamada3)

Modeling Temperature Gradient Evolution of CoSb3 Material for Thermoelectric Devices during Spark Plasma Sintering
( pp.782 - 790 )
Yanhong Cai1), Degang Zhao1)2), Xueying Zhao1), Lidong Chen1), Wan Jiang1) and Pengcheng Zhai3)

Effect of Shot Peening on Surface Characteristics and Fatigue Properties of T5-Treated ZK60 Alloy
( pp.791 - 798 )
Wencai Liu1), Jie Dong1), Ping Zhang2), Chunquan Zhai1)3) and Wenjiang Ding1)3)

Monitoring of Environmental Factors and Corrosion Analysis of Reinforcing Steel in Mortar
( pp.799 - 805 )
Vedarajan Raman1) and Toshiyasu Nishimura1)

Equilibrium Phase Relationship between SiC and a Liquid Phase in the Fe-Si-C System at 1523–1723 K
( pp.806 - 813 )
Sakiko Kawanishi1), Takeshi Yoshikawa1) and Toshihiro Tanaka1)

Excess Vaporization of Na from Na2O-SiO2 Molten Slag by Transfer Thermal Plasma of Ar
( pp.814 - 818 )
Keiichiro Kashimura1), Yoshiaki Kitayama1) and Kazuhiro Nagata1)

Infrared Reflection Absorption Study for Carbon Monoxide Adsorption on Chromium Deposited Cu(100) Surfaces
( pp.819 - 824 )
T. Wadayama1), H. Yoshida1), S. Oda1) and N. Todoroki1)

Development of Alternative Method of Blasting and Ultra-High Adhesive Strength Thermal Spray Coatings by Vacuum Arc Treatment
( pp.825 - 831 )
Yoshimasa Noda1), Akira Sato1), Shogo Tobe1), Masayuki Hara2) and Tsuginori Inaba2)

Evaluation of Grain Refinement and Mechanical Property on Friction Stir Welded Inconel 600
( pp.832 - 836 )
Kuk Hyun Song1), Hidetoshi Fujii1) and Kazuhiro Nakata1)

Surface Layer Characteristics of TiB2/Al Composite by Stress Peening
( pp.837 - 840 )
Weizhi Luan1), Chuanhai Jiang1) and Vincent Ji2)

Forgeability and Flow Stress of Mg-Zn-Y Alloys with Long Period Stacking Ordered Structure at Elevated Temperatures
( pp.841 - 846 )
Ryo Matsumoto1), Michiaki Yamasaki2), Masaaki Otsu2) and Yoshihito Kawamura2)

Machinability of Copper Sulfide-Dispersed Lead-Free Bronze
( pp.847 - 852 )
Hidekazu Sueyoshi1), Kensuke Inoue1), Yuki Yamano1), Yoshikazu Maeda2) and Kosaku Yamada3)

Thermoelectric Properties of Ca-Ir-O Compounds Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering
( pp.853 - 858 )
Nittaya Keawprak1), Rong Tu1) and Takashi Goto1)

Grindability of Dental Cast Ti-Zr Alloys
( pp.859 - 863 )
Masatoshi Takahashi1), Masafumi Kikuchi1) and Osamu Okuno1)

Thermal Fatigue Cracking and Extension Behaviors of Squeeze Infiltrated Al18B4O33/Mg Functionally Graded Materials
( pp.864 - 871 )
Wook Jin Lee1), Bong Gyu Park1), Ik Min Park1), Yong Ho Park1), Jeong Jung Oak2) and Hisamichi Kimura2)

Fabrication of Ti-Zr Binary Metallic Wire by Arc-Melt-Type Melt-Extraction Method
( pp.872 - 878 )
Takeshi Nagase1)2), Koichi Kinoshita3), Takayoshi Nakano2) and Yukichi Umakoshi4)

Development of New Production Technology for Metallic Foam Core Sandwich Panel Using Friction Phenomena
( pp.879 - 884 )
Yong-Jai Kwon1), Ichinori Shigematsu2) and Naobumi Saito2)

The Influence of Canning HIP Treatment on the Microstructure Characters of Cr35-Si65 and Cr50-Si50 Targets
( pp.885 - 890 )
Chung-Hung Tam1), Shih-Chin Lee1) and Shih-Hsien Chang2)

Effect of O2-Plasma Treatment on Surface Characteristics and Osteoblast-Like MG-63 Cells Response of Ti-30Nb-1Fe-1Hf Alloy
( pp.891 - 898 )
En-Yu Wu1), Keng-Liang Ou2), Shih-Fu Ou1), Klaus D. Jandt3) and Yung-Ning Pan1)

Effects of Thermal Storage and Cu Addition on Adhesive Strength and Microstructure of Sn-3.0 mass% Ag-1.5 mass% Sb-xCu Solder Joints
( pp.899 - 908 )
Hwa-Teng Lee1) and Wen-Yeong Huang1)

Optimization of Pressure and Soaking Time of HIP Treatment on 713LC Cast Superalloy
( pp.909 - 916 )
Shih-Hsien Chang1)

Kinetic Approach for Growth and Coalescence of Nano-Size Oxide Particles in 9Cr-ODS Steel Using High-Energy Synchrotron Radiation X-rays in SPring-8
( pp.917 - 921 )
Sa-Woong Kim1), Takahisa Shobu2), Satoshi Ohtsuka1), Takeji Kaito1), Masaki Inoue1) and Masato Ohnuma3)

Optoelectronic Characteristics of UV Photodetector Based on ZnO Nanopillar Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Method
( pp.922 - 925 )
K. J. Chen1), F. Y. Hung2), S. J. Chang1) and S. J. Young1)

Hardening Behavior of a 304 Stainless Steel Containing Deformation-Induced Martensite during Static Strain Aging
( pp.926 - 929 )
Sang Hun Lee1), Jeom Yong Choi2) and Won Jong Nam1)

Development of High-Pressure Sliding Process for Microstructural Refinement of Rectangular Metallic Sheets
( pp.930 - 933 )
Tadayoshi Fujioka1) and Zenji Horita1)

Elastic and Superelastic Properties of NiFeCoGa Fibers Grown by Micro-Pulling-Down Method
( pp.934 - 937 )
K. Oikawa1), R. Saito1), K. Anzai1), H. Ishikawa1), Y. Sutou1), T. Omori1), A. Yoshikawa2), V. A. Chernenko3), S. Besseghini4), A. Gambardella4), R. Kainuma2) and K. Ishida1)



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