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Conjugated Silicon–Based Polymer Resists for Nanotechnologies: EB and UV Meditated Degradation Processes in Polysilanes
( pp.197 - 201 )
Frantisek Schauer1), Petr Schauer2), Ivo Kuřitka1) and Hua Bao3)

Photonic Crystal Structure of Wing Scales in Sasakia Charonda Butterflies
( pp.202 - 208 )
Jiřina Matějková-Plšková1), Dalibor Jančik1), Miroslav Mašláň1), Satoshi Shiojiri2) and Makoto Shiojiri3)

Study of Thermal Stability of Ultrafine-Grained Copper by means of Electron Back Scattering Diffraction
( pp.209 - 213 )
Ondřej Man1), Libor Pantělejev1) and Ludvík Kunz2)

Mapping the Local Density of States by Very-Low-Energy Scanning Electron Microscope
( pp.214 - 218 )
Zuzana Pokorná1) and Luděk Frank1)

Structure and Electro-Optical Properties of Thin Films Grown by Alternate Atomic Layer Deposition of ZnO and Al2O3 on the Sapphire Substrate
( pp.219 - 226 )
Miran Čeh1), Hsing-Chao Chen2), Miin-Jang Chen2), Jer-Ren Yang2) and Makoto Shiojiri3)

Gold Substitution Effect on Structure and Superconductivity Properties in Filled Skutterudite La(Pt1−xAux)4Ge12
( pp.227 - 230 )
Lingwei Li1), Eitaro Sakada1) and Katsuhiko Nishimura1)

Ultra-Fast Spectrometric Cathodoluminescence Scanning Microscopy for Materials Analysis
( pp.231 - 236 )
Hiroshi Saijo1) and Makoto Shiojiri2)

Profiling N-Type Dopants in Silicon
( pp.237 - 242 )
Miloš Hovorka1), Filip Mika1), Petr Mikulík2) and Luděk Frank1)

UV Light Activation of TiO2-Doped SnO2 Thick Film for Sensing Ethanol at Room Temperature
( pp.243 - 245 )
Wen Zeng1)2), Tianmo Liu1) and Zhongchang Wang2)

Effect of Substrate Temperature, Biasing and Sputter Cleaning on the Structure and Properties of Nanostructured TiB2 Coatings on High Speed Steel
( pp.246 - 252 )
Prasonk Sricharoenchai1), Nurot Panich2), Patama Visuttipitukul1) and Panyawat Wangyao1)

Fabrication of ZnO Nanopillars by Atomic Layer Deposition
( pp.253 - 255 )
Mong-Kai Wu1), Miin-Jang Chen1), Feng-Yu Tsai1), Jer-Ren Yang1) and Makoto Shiojiri2)

Crystallization Studies on Se-Te-Cd Chalcogenide Glasses
( pp.256 - 260 )
M. A. Abdel Rahim1), A. El-Korashy1) and S. Al-Ariki1)

Preparation of Pyrochlore Potassium Tantalate Thin Films on Ta/ITO Glass via Mild Hydrothermal Growth
( pp.261 - 264 )
T. Hashizume1), A. Saiki1) and K. Terayama1)

Very Low Energy Scanning Electron Microscopy of Free-Standing Ultrathin Films
( pp.265 - 270 )
Ilona Müllerová1), Miloš Hovorka1), Renáta Hanzlíková1) and Luděk Frank1)

Oxidation Resistance of CrAlN Films with Different Microstructures Prepared by Pulsed DC Balanced Magnetron Sputtering System
( pp.271 - 276 )
S. Khamseh1), M. Nose2), T. Kawabata1), K. Matsuda1) and S. Ikeno1)

Effect of Tin Addition on the Properties of Electroless Ni-P-Sn Ternary Deposits
( pp.277 - 281 )
Yong Zou1), YanHai Cheng2), Lin Cheng1) and Wen Liu1)

Microstructure and Properties of TiAlN/a-C Nanocomposite Coatings Prepared by Reactive Sputtering
( pp.282 - 287 )
Masateru Nose1), Tokimasa Kawabata2), Sara Khamseh3), Kenji Matsuda2), K. Fujii4), Susumu Ikeno2) and Wen-An Chiou5)

Preparation and Thermoelectric Properties of Bi-Doped Mg2Si0.8Sn0.2 Compound
( pp.288 - 291 )
Weijun Luo1), Meijun Yang1), Fei Chen1), Qiang Shen1), Hongyi Jiang1) and Lianmeng Zhang1)

Grain Contrast Imaging in UHV SLEEM
( pp.292 - 296 )
Šárka Mikmeková1), Miloš Hovorka1), Ilona Müllerová1), Ondřej Man2), Libor Pantělejev2) and Luděk Frank1)

Effect of Pulsed Electrical Field on Deposition of YSZ Thin Films in an Aqueous Solution
( pp.297 - 300 )
Atsushi Saiki1), Takashi Hashizume1) and Kiyoshi Terayama1)

HRTEM Observation of Metastable Phases in a Mg–15%Gd–6.4%Sc Alloy
( pp.301 - 304 )
Tokimasa Kawabata1), Kenji Matsuda1) and Susumu Ikeno1)

Microstructure Evolution of a Novel Super304H Steel Aged at High Temperatures
( pp.305 - 309 )
Xin-mei Li1), Yong Zou1), Zhong-wen Zhang2) and Zeng-da Zou1)

Effect of Silver Addition on the β′-Phase in Al-Mg-Si-Ag Alloy
( pp.310 - 316 )
J. Nakamura1), K. Matsuda2), T. Kawabata2), T. Sato3), Y. Nakamura3) and S. Ikeno2)

Precipitation Kinetics in Supersaturated Al-2.0 at% Cu-1.0 at% Mg Alloy
( pp.317 - 320 )
N. Afify1), A. Gaber1), A. M. Abousehly2) and Y. M. Abou Deif2)

First-Principles Study on Stability and Electronic Structures of Pt-Rh Bimetallic Nanoparticles
( pp.321 - 324 )
Koretaka Yuge1), Takayuki Ichikawa1) and Jun Kawai1)

Combined Effect of Pre-Straining and Pre-Aging on Bake-Hardening Behavior of an Al-0.6 mass%Mg-1.0 mass%Si Alloy
( pp.325 - 332 )
Tetsuya Masuda1)2), Yasuo Takaki2), Takeo Sakurai2) and Shoichi Hirosawa1)

Transmission Electron Microscopy Study on the Grain Boundaries and Magnetic Domains in Nd–Fe–B Based Magnets
( pp.333 - 340 )
Kohei Sato1), Yasukazu Murakami1), Daisuke Shindo1), Satoshi Hirosawa2) and Akira Yasuhara3)

Effect of Cold Forging and Static Recrystallization on Microstructure and Mechanical Property of Magnesium Alloy AZ31
( pp.341 - 346 )
Jianzhong Liu1)2), Tianmo Liu1)2), Hanqi Yuan1)2), Xiuling Shi1)2) and Zhongchang Wang3)

Effects of Grain Size on Hydrogen Environment Embrittlement of High Strength Low Alloy Steel in 45 MPa Gaseous Hydrogen
( pp.347 - 353 )
Koichi Takasawa1), Yoru Wada1), Ryoji Ishigaki1) and Rinzo Kayano1)

Characteristic Variation of Niobium Powder Produced under Various Reduction Temperature and Amount of Reductant Addition
( pp.354 - 358 )
Jae-sik Yoon1), Shoji Goto2) and Byung Il Kim3)

Wettability of Sodium Chloride Aqueous Solutions on SUS304 Stainless Steel with Current Flow
( pp.359 - 365 )
Rongguang Wang1)

Separation and Determination of Zirconium Carbide in Zr50Al10Ni5Cu30 Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composites Containing ZrC Particles
( pp.366 - 370 )
Mikio Ishikuro1) and Kazuaki Wagatsuma1)

Cold Crack Criterion for ADC12 Aluminum Alloy Die Casting
( pp.371 - 376 )
Shuxin Dong1), Yasushi Iwata1), Yoshio Sugiyama1) and Hiroaki Iwahori1)

Fabrication of Beta-Ti-Type Ti-Nb-Ta-Zr (TNTZ) Wire with High-Ductility by Arc-Melt-Type Melt-Extraction Method
( pp.377 - 380 )
Takeshi Nagase1)2), Takayoshi Nakano2), Yukichi Umakoshi3) and Mitsuo Niinomi4)

Heterogeneity along the Height in Disc Specimens of Graphite/Tungsten Powder Mixtures with Sub-Stoichiometric Carbon Atom Ratios Heated by Concentrated Solar Beam to 1600°C
( pp.381 - 388 )
Nobumitsu Shohoji1), Teresa Magalhães1), Fernando Almeida Costa Oliveira1), Luís Guerra Rosa2), Jorge Cruz Fernandes2), José Rodríguez3), Inmaculada Cañadas3) and Diego Martínez3)

Fitness-for-Service Evaluation of a Pipe with an Incomplete Penetration Flaw
( pp.389 - 393 )
Soo-Keun Park1) and Tae-Woon Nam2)

Life Cycle Assessment of Copper Sulfide-Dispersed Lead-Free Bronze
( pp.394 - 398 )
Hidekazu Sueyoshi1), Yuki Yamano1), Yoshikazu Maeda2) and Kosaku Yamada3)

Structure–Properties Relations in Friction Stir Spot Welded Low Carbon Steel Sheets for Light Weight Automobile Body
( pp.399 - 403 )
Seung-Wook Baek1), Don-Hyun Choi1), Chang-Yong Lee1), Byung-Wook Ahn1), Yun-Mo Yeon2), Keun Song2) and Seung-Boo Jung1)

Effects of Strontium Ion Doping on the Thermoelectric Properties of Dysprosium Cobalt Oxide
( pp.404 - 407 )
Hideki Hashimoto1)2), Takafumi Kusunose1) and Tohru Sekino2)

Influence of Post-Annealing on the Oxide Layer of AZ91 Mg Alloy Prepared by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation
( pp.408 - 412 )
Duck Young Hwang1), Young Gun Ko2), Yong Min Kim1), Bongyoung Yoo1) and Dong Hyuk Shin1)

Dissolution Kinetics of Complex Sulfides Using Acidophilic Microorganisms
( pp.413 - 419 )
Debabrata Pradhan1)2), Dong Jin Kim1), Gautam Roy Chaudhury3), Jeong Soo Sohn1) and Seoung Won Lee2)



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