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( p.249 )
Osami Kobori1), Hirotsugu Inoue2) and Norikazu Ooka3)

An Attempt to Evaluate Insufficient Supply of Oil in Ball Bearing with Ultrasonic Technique
( pp.250 - 255 )
Akitoshi Takeuchi1)

Depth Evaluation of Fretting Fatigue Crack Appearing at Bolt Joints of Aluminum Alloy Plates by Synchronized Surface Acoustic Wave Measurement
( pp.256 - 263 )
Sanat Wagle1) and Hiroshi Kato1)

Investigation of the Effect of the Roughness-Induced Crack Closure on the Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of Hot-Rolled Steels under Mixed-Mode Loading Conditions
( pp.264 - 269 )
Ki-Jeong Seo1), Jeong-Moo Lee1) and Byoung-Ho Choi2)

Characterization of a Humid Concrete by Study of Thermal Impedance
( pp.270 - 273 )
Jibao Shen1), Didier Defer2), Emmanuel Antczak2) and Bruno Duthoit2)

Using Lamb Waves to Evaluate Debonding of Steel Plate Strengthened Concrete
( pp.274 - 278 )
Chia-Chi Cheng1), Ying-Tzu Ke1) and Keng-Tsang Hsu1)

Measurement Technique of Distribution of Power Generation Current Using Static Magnetic Field around Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell by 3D Inverse Problem FEM
( pp.279 - 284 )
Tomoaki Katou1), Yuji Gotoh1), Norio Takahashi2) and Masaaki Izumi3)

Bridge Deflection Measurement Using Digital Image Correlation with Camera Movement Correction
( pp.285 - 290 )
Satoru Yoneyama1) and Hiroki Ueda1)

Variation in Pressure in Liquid-Filled Plastic Film Bags Subjected to Drop Impact
( pp.291 - 295 )
Kenta Watanabe1), Eisaku Umezaki1) and Katsunori Futase2)

Nondestructive Elastic-Wave Tests of Foundation Slab in Office Building
( pp.296 - 302 )
Krzysztof Schabowicz1) and Jerzy Hola1)

Acoustic Nonlinearity of Surface Wave in a Fatigued Aluminum Alloy Specimen
( pp.303 - 307 )
Kyung-Young Jhang1), Jaeik Lee2) and Taehun Lee2)

Mobile Computed Tomography for Inspection of Large Stationary Components in Nuclear and Aerospace Industries
( pp.308 - 310 )
Uwe Ewert1), Bernhard Redmer1), Christoph Rädel1), Ulf Schnars2), Rudolf Henrich2), Klaus Bavendiek3) and Mirko Jahn3)

Application of the “GUCHI” Technique in Radiographic Testing for Flaw Sizing of Pipe
( pp.311 - 315 )
Toshibumi Kashiwa1), Shinichi Higuchi1) and Norikazu Ooka1)

Temperature Distribution Estimated by Optimization and Near-Field Acoustical Holography
( pp.316 - 320 )
Takeshi Ohbuchi1), Kojiro Nishimiya1), Koichi Mizutani1), Naoto Wakatsuki1) and Hiroyuki Masuyama2)

Material Differentiation by Differential Computed Tomography
( pp.321 - 322 )
Josef Prokop1), Libor Sveda1), Alexandr Jancarek1) and Ladislav Pina1)

Noncontact Deflection Distribution Measurement for Large-Scale Structures by Advanced Image Processing Technique
( pp.323 - 329 )
Shien Ri1), Tatsuro Numayama1), Masumi Saka1), Kenichi Nanbara2) and Daisuke Kobayashi2)

Non-Contact Guided Waves Tomographic Imaging of Plate-Like Structures Using a Probabilistic Algorithm
( pp.330 - 336 )
Farabirazy Albiruni1), Younho Cho1), Joon-Hyun Lee2) and Bong-Young Ahn3)

Simulation of Internal Crack Detection in Shape-Distorted Cast Billets Using Time-of-Flight Measurements of Longitudinal Ultrasonic Waves
( pp.337 - 341 )
Hideto Mitsui1), Tadashi Ebihara1), Koichi Mizutani1) and Naoto Wakatsuki1)

Development of AE Monitoring System with Noise Reduction Function by Spectral Subtraction
( pp.342 - 348 )
Takuma Matsuo1) and Hideo Cho1)

( p.349 )
Kunihiro Hashimoto1), Si Young Chang2), Hirofumi Miyahara3) and Sang-mok Lee4)

Fatigue Limit of High V–Cr–Ni Spheroidal Carbides Cast Iron under Rotating Bending Fatigue Test
( pp.350 - 353 )
Masahito Tanaka1), Kazumichi Shimizu1), Daijiro Ito1) and Hideto Matsumoto2)

Solidification Microstructures and Quench/Temper Hardness of Tantalum Added High-Carbon High-Speed Steel Type Cast Alloy
( pp.354 - 361 )
Ichihito Narita1), Souichi Sakamoto1), Hirofumi Miyahara1), Kaoru Yamamoto2), Kazunori Kamimiyada3) and Keisaku Ogi4)

Corrosion Properties and Microstructure of a Broad Range of Ce Additions on Mg–Zn Alloy
( pp.362 - 366 )
Kyung Chul Park1), Byeong Ho Kim1), Hisamichi Kimura2), Yong Ho Park1) and Ik Min Park1)

Multi-Subcenters Solution Search Algorithm for CFD Optimization Problems and Its Application to Die Casting
( pp.367 - 373 )
Yoshifumi Kuriyama1) and Ken’ichi Yano2)

Real-Time Radiographic Observation of Solidification Behavior of Al–Si–Cu Casting Alloys with the Variation of Iron Content
( pp.374 - 379 )
Bonghwan Kim1), Sanghwan Lee1), Sangmok Lee1) and Hideyuki Yasuda2)

Influence of Alloying Elements on Sulfide Formation in Lead Free Bronze Castings with Dispersed Sulfide Particles
( pp.380 - 384 )
Toru Maruyama1), Hiroyuki Abe2), Kazuteru Hirose3), Ryozo Matsubayashi3) and Takeshi Kobayashi4)

A Phase Field Model of Sintering with Direction-Dependent Diffusion
( pp.385 - 389 )
Jie Deng1)

Hardness and Micro-Texture in Friction Stir Welds of a Nanostructured Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Ferritic Steel
( pp.390 - 394 )
Wentuo Han1)2), Shigeharu Ukai2), Farong Wan1), Yutaka Sato3), Bin Leng2), Hiroya Numata2), Naoko Oono2), Shigenari Hayashi2), Qingxin Tang2) and Yoshito Sugino2)

Dynamic Mechanical Behaviour of Polymer Bonded Nd–Fe–B Composite Materials
( pp.395 - 400 )
Aleksandar Grujić1), Mirko Stijepović2)3), Jasna Stajić-Trošić1), Slaviša Putić2), Dragutin Nedeljković1), Aleksandar Stajčić1) and Radoslav Aleksić2)

Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Interaction between Screw Dislocation and Pseudo Yttrium Oxide in Bcc-Fe
( pp.401 - 406 )
K. Yashiro1), A. Yamaguchi2), M. Tanaka2), T. Okuda3), K. Koga3) and T. Segi3)

Damping Properties of Homogenized and Cold-Rolled Mg–14.3Li–0.8Zn β-Phase Magnesium Alloy
( pp.407 - 411 )
Shih-Hang Chang1), Shyi-Kaan Wu2), Ying-Hsuan Li2), Ke-Chun Lin2) and Hui-Yun Bor3)

Atmospheric Corrosivity Estimation at Electrical Control Unit Room by Multichannel Quartz Crystal Microbalance Corrosion Sensors
( pp.412 - 416 )
Kazumi Fujii1), Kenya Ohashi1), Tadahiko Hashimoto2) and Nobuyoshi Hara3)

Detectability of Holes in SiC Particulate-Reinforced Al–Si Alloy Composite by Means of Ultrasonic Measurement
( pp.417 - 424 )
Hiroshi Kato1), Shota Otsuka1) and Haruo Kurita2)

Preparation of Ultra-High Purity Cylindrical Mo Ingot by Electron Beam Drip Melting
( pp.425 - 427 )
Back-Kyu Lee1)2), Jung-Min Oh2), Good-Sun Choi3), Kang-In Rhee2), Seoung-Won Lee1), Sang-Bae Kim2) and Jae-Won Lim2)

Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Al-Based In Situ Nano-Composites Reinforced by Al2O3 and Intermetallic Compounds
( pp.428 - 434 )
Hyun Bom Lee1), Hiroyasu Tezuka1), Equo Kobayashi1), Tatsuo Sato1) and Kee Do Woo2)

Mass Gain of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyimide (CFRP) by Dipping in Hot Distilled Water
( pp.435 - 439 )
Yoshitake Nishi1), Tatsuya Yamamoto1), Shota Iizuka1), Michael C. Faudree2) and Hideki Ozawa3)

Discharge Characteristics of Plasma Display Panels with SrCaO Protective Layer Manufactured Using “All-in-Vacuum” Process
( pp.440 - 445 )
Takanobu Yano1), Kazuya Uchida1), Giichiro Uchida2), Tsutae Shinoda2) and Hiroshi Kajiyama2)

Effects of γ′ Precipitation on the Structure and Properties of 713LC Superalloy via HIP Treatment
( pp.446 - 452 )
Shih-Hsien Chang1)

Reliability Enhancement of Thick Al–Cu Wire Bonds in IGBT Modules Using Al2Cu Precipitates
( pp.453 - 456 )
Toshiki Kurosu1)2), Khyoupin Khoo3), Yoshihide Nakamura2), Keisuke Ozaki2), Nobuhiro Ishikawa4) and Jin Onuki3)

Editor’s Announcement
( p.457 )

Editor’s Announcement
( p.457 )

Editor’s Announcement
( p.458 )



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