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Home  >  Journal list  >  MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS  >  Vol.54 No.11 (2013)

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Enhanced Strength and Electrical Conductivity of Cu–8Fe Composite by Adding Trace Ag and P
( pp.2075 - 2078 )
Zhixiong Xie1), H. Y. Gao2), S. J. Dong1), J. Wang2), H. Huang2), Ping Luo3)

Effect of Addition of Phosphate Powder on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Sand Cemented with Calcium Phosphate Compound
( pp.2079 - 2084 )
Satoru Kawasaki1), Masaru Akiyama2)

Effect of High-Density Electric Current on the Microstructure and Fatigue Crack Initiation of Stainless Steel
( pp.2085 - 2092 )
Yongpeng Tang1), Atsushi Hosoi1), Yuichi Iwase1), Yang Ju1)

Effects of Stacking Fault Energy on Fundamental Deformation Modes in Single Crystalline Magnesium by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
( pp.2093 - 2097 )
Daisuke Matsunaka1) 2), Yasuaki Ohnishi1), Yoji Shibutani1) 2)

TiC Coating on Titanium by Carbonization Reaction Using Spark Plasma Sintering
( pp.2098 - 2101 )
Tomohiro Hayashi1), Kiyotaka Matsuura2), Munekazu Ohno2)

Fabrication of Porous Al–Cu Alloys with Aligned Unidirectional Pores by Dipping Pipes in Melt and Semi-Solid Slurry
( pp.2102 - 2108 )
Tatsuro Hayashida1), Shinsuke Suzuki1), Junichi Ichikawa1), Ryuji Toyoyama1)

Influence of Casting Conditions on Initially Solidified Structures Formed during Permanent-Mold Casting of Zn–Al and Al–Cu Alloys
( pp.2109 - 2118 )
Hiroshi Kato1), Tsuyoshi Nakahara1)

Intergranular Segregation in the Pressure Vessel Steel of a Commercial Nuclear Reactor Studied by Atom Probe Tomography
( pp.2119 - 2124 )
Takeshi Toyama1), Yasuyoshi Nagai1), Abderrahim Al Mazouzi2), Masahiko Hatakeyama1), Masayuki Hasegawa1), Tadakatsu Ohkubo3), Eric Van Walle2), Robert Gerard4)

Effects of Electrostatic Discharge Stress on Electrical Properties of Bidirectional TVS Zener Diode with Abrupt Junctions
( pp.2125 - 2130 )
Daoheung Bouangeune1), Yeon-Ho Kil1), Sang-Sik Choi2), Deok-Ho Cho2), Kyu-Hwan Shim1) 2), Chel-Jong Choi1) 3)

Effects of Ti Addition into Core Alloy on Forming and Brazing Characteristics of 4343/3003/4343 Aluminum Alloy Clad Sheets
( pp.2131 - 2138 )
Jesik Shin1), Kitae Kim1), Sehyun Ko1)

Vacuum Ultraviolet Irradiation Treatment for Reducing Gold–Gold Bonding Temperature
( pp.2139 - 2143 )
Akiko Okada1), Shuichi Shoji1), Masatsugu Nimura1), Akitsu Shigetou2), Katsuyuki Sakuma3), Jun Mizuno1)

Influence of Welding Currents on Microstructure and Microhardness of Ni45 Alloy Reinforced with Spherical Tungsten Carbides (40 mass%) by Plasma Transferred Arc Welding
( pp.2144 - 2150 )
De-wei Deng1), Hou-fu Xia1), Yan-liu Ge1)

Rapid Synthesis and Consolidation of a Nanostructured Mg0.6Al0.8Ti1.6O5 Compound by Pulsed Current Activated Heating
( pp.2151 - 2154 )
Hyun-Su Kang1), Song-Lee Du1), Jung-Mann Doh2), Jin-Kook Yoon2), In-Jin Shon1)

Mechanochemical Synthesis and Rapid Consolidation of Nanostructured (Ti,Al,V)C by Pulsed Current Activated Heating and Its Mechanical Properties
( pp.2155 - 2158 )
In-Jin Shon1), Hyun-Su Oh1), Hanjung Kwon2)

Cactus-Like SnO2 Nanostructures Grown by Thermal Evaporation Technique
( pp.2159 - 2161 )
Geun-Hyoung Lee1)

Fused Line Study of 17-4PH Stainless Steel Deposited with Co-Based Alloy
( pp.2162 - 2165 )
Dewei Deng1), Houfu Xia1), Rui Chen1), Xiaona Li2)



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