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Home  >  Journal list  >  MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS  >  Vol.55 No.6 (2014)

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Thermoelectric Properties of a T-Shaped Quantum Dot with Relatively Strong On-Site Coulomb Interaction
( pp.861 - 865 )
Gaofeng Ji1) 2), Xiansheng Cao1), Guoping Ru2)

Structure of an Al–Cu–Co Decagonal Quasicrystal Studied by Cs-Corrected STEM
( pp.866 - 870 )
Kunio Yubuta1), Kazuki Yamamoto2), Akira Yasuhara3), Kenji Hiraga1)

Structure of the Passive Film formed on Fe–Mn–Si–Cr–Ni Shape Memory Alloy after Wet and Dry Corrosion Test
( pp.871 - 876 )
T. Nishimura1)

Effect of High-Pressure Torsion Process on Precipitation Behavior of α Phase in β-Type Ti–15Mo Alloy
( pp.877 - 884 )
Baozhen Jiang1) 2), Koichi Tsuchiya1) 2), Satoshi Emura1), Xiaohua Min1)

Effect of Two-Step Aging on Cluster Formation in Al–Mg–Si Alloys
( pp.885 - 891 )
Ken Takata1), Jun Takahashi2), Makoto Saga1), Kohsaku Ushioda3), Akira Hibino4), Masao Kikuchi5)

Preparation and Hydrolysis of Aluminum Based Composites for Hydrogen Production in Pure Water
( pp.892 - 898 )
Huihu Wang1) 2), J. Lu1), S. J. Dong1) 2), Y. Chang2) 3), Y. G. Fu1), Ping Luo1) 2)

High Temperature Tensile Properties and Its Mechanism in Low-Carbon Nb-Bearing Steels
( pp.899 - 906 )
Suguru Yoshida1), Teruhisa Okumura2), Hiroshi Kita3), Jun Takahashi4), Kohsaku Ushioda5) 6)

Atomic Group Rotation Mechanism for {10\bar{1}2} Twinning of HCP Crystal Materials
( pp.907 - 910 )
Shan Jiang1)

Characteristics of Austenite Grain Refinement by High-Speed Large-Reduction Forging —Production Technology for Fine Grained Steel by Large Deformation Forging III—
( pp.911 - 916 )
Masaru Miyake1), Yasuhiro Sodani1)

Defects Modification of TiB2–TiC Composite Phase Coating Resistance Spot Welding Electrode via Friction Stir Processing
( pp.917 - 920 )
Ping Luo1) 2), Z. X. Xie2), S. J. Dong1) 2), A. Z. Yangli2), Wei Yang2)

Microstructure of Cr–V–Mo Steel Processed by Recrystallization and Partial Melting and Its Effect on Mechanical Properties
( pp.921 - 929 )
Yi Meng1), Sumio Sugiyama1), Jun Yanagimoto1)

Macro-Segregation and Microstructural Characteristics in Rheo-Diecasting of a High Strength Al–4.8 mass%Si–0.7 mass%Mg Alloy
( pp.930 - 936 )
Byoung-Hee Choi1), Young-Soo Jang1), Byung-Geun Kang1), Chun-Pyo Hong1)

Influences of pH Value and Deposition Time on HA/TiO2 Coatings Deposited by Electrochemical Method
( pp.937 - 941 )
Xu Min1), Ma Fengcang1) 2), Liu Ping2), Li Wei2), Liu Xinkuan2), Chen Xiaohong2), He Daihua2), Geng Fang3)

Measurement of Seebeck Coefficient and Conductive Behaviors of Bi2Te3−xSex (x = 0.15–0.6) Thermoelectric Semiconductors without Harmful Dopants
( pp.942 - 946 )
Mei Fusa1), Naoaki Yamamoto2), Kazuhiro Hasezaki3)

Carbon-Dispersed WC–FeAl Hard Material Fabricated by Mechanical Milling and Subsequent Pulsed Current Sintering
( pp.947 - 951 )
Hiroyuki Nakayama1), Keizo Kobayashi1), Kimihiro Ozaki1), Kotaro Kikuchi2)

Effect of Orifice Introduction on Floating Characteristics of Cuboid Particles Simulating Tantalum Capacitors in Pneumatic Separation Column
( pp.952 - 957 )
Naohito Hayashi1), Tatsuya Oki1)

Crystallization Behaviors of Copper Smelter Slag Studied Using Time-Temperature-Transformation Diagram
( pp.958 - 963 )
Yong Fan1), Etsuro Shibata2), Atsushi Iizuka2), Takashi Nakamura2)

The Effect of Pre-Strain on the Resistance to Hydrogen Embrittlement in 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel
( pp.964 - 970 )
Il-Jeong Park1), Jae-Gil Jung2), Seo Yeon Jo1), Sang-Min Lee1), Young-Kook Lee1)

Effect of Cu on the Precipitation of Deleterious Phases and the Mechanical Properties of 27Cr–7Ni Hyper Duplex Stainless Steels
( pp.971 - 977 )
Soon-Hyeok Jeon1), Il-Jeong Park1), Hye-Jin Kim1), Soon-Tae Kim1), Young-Kook Lee1), Yong-Soo Park1)

Surface-Grinding Kinetics for the Concentration of PGMs from Spent Automobile Catalysts by Attritor Surface Grinding
( pp.978 - 985 )
Gangfeng Liu1), Tomoki Ichinose2), Ayumu Tokumaru2), Shuji Owada1)



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