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Home  >  Journal list  >  MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS  >  Vol.56 No.2 (2015)

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Selected Topics on Material Strength and Thermally Activated Deformation Processes
( pp.175 - 181 )
Masaharu Kato1)

Order Evolution in Iron-Based Alloys Viewed through Amplitude Dependent Damping Studies
( pp.182 - 186 )
Osvaldo Agustín Lambri1), José Ignacio Pérez-Landazábal2), Damián Gargicevich1), Vicente Recarte2), Federico Guillermo Bonifacich1), Gabriel Julio Cuello3), Vicente Sánchez-Alarcos2)

Mechanism of End Deformation after Cutting of Light Gauge Channel Steel Formed by Roll Forming
( pp.187 - 192 )
Siti Nadiah binti Mohd Saffe1), Takuo Nagamachi2), Hiroshi Ona3)

Damping Capacities of Ti50Ni50−xCux Shape Memory Alloys Measured under Temperature, Strain, and Frequency Sweeps
( pp.193 - 199 )
Chen Chien1), Shyi-Kaan Wu1) 2), Shih-Hang Chang3)

Effects of Thickness and Crystallographic Orientation on Fatigue Life of Single-Crystalline Copper Foils
( pp.200 - 205 )
Kazuki Kammuri1), Masashi Kitamura1), Toshiyuki Fujii2), Masaharu Kato3)

Effects of Injection Velocity on Distribution of Primary α-Phase Particles in Semi-Solid High Pressure Die Casting of JIS AC4CH Aluminum Alloy
( pp.206 - 211 )
Yuichiro Murakami1), Kenji Miwa2), Masayuki Kito3), Takashi Honda3), Naoyuki Kanetake4), Shuji Tada1)

Active-Transient Liquid Phase (A-TLP) Bonding of High Volume Fraction SiC Particle Reinforced A356 Matrix Composite
( pp.212 - 217 )
Guifeng Zhang1), Bo Chen1), Minzheng Jin1), Jianxun Zhang1)

Change in Mechanical Strength and Bone Contactability of Biomedical Titanium Alloy with Low Young’s Modulus Subjected to Fine Particle Bombarding Process
( pp.218 - 223 )
Yurie Oguchi1), Toshikazu Akahori2), Tomokazu Hattori2), Hisao Fukui3), Mitsuo Niinomi4)

Rapid Synthesis of LDHs Using Dolomite as a Magnesium Source and Application to Borate Removal
( pp.224 - 228 )
Xinhong Qiu1), Mari Yoshida1), Tsuyoshi Hirajima1), Keiko Sasaki1)

Criticality Assessment of Metals for Japan’s Resource Strategy
( pp.229 - 235 )
Hiroki Hatayama1), Kiyotaka Tahara1)

Influence of Pre-Deformation of 5052H112 Alloy on Tensile Properties and Fracture Resistance under Vibration
( pp.236 - 241 )
Kuo-Tsung Huang1), Shih-Hsien Chang2), Truan-Sheng Lui3)

Effect of Intermediate Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of 3003/4343 Aluminum Clad Sheet Manufactured by Strip Casting/Clad Rolling
( pp.242 - 248 )
Shin-Cheon Yun1), Kyu-Sik Kim1), Kwang Jun Euh2), Hyoung Wook Kim2), Kee-Ahn Lee1)

Work Softening Behavior of Zirconium-Aluminum-Nickel-Copper Bulk-Metallic-Glass by Rolling
( pp.249 - 252 )
Toshio Nasu1), Shiori Kanazawa1), Sayaka Hayashizaki1), Shangxun Zhao1), Sadayuki Takahashi1), Takeshi Usuki2), Yasuo Kameda2)

Effects of Nd on the Microstructures, Mechanical Properties and in Vitro Corrosion Behavior of Cast Mg-1Mn-2Zn-xNd Alloys
( pp.253 - 258 )
Ying-Long Zhou1), Yuncang Li2), Dong-Mei Luo3)

In Situ Synthesis of TiB/Ti6Al4V Composites Reinforced with Nano TiB through SPS
( pp.259 - 263 )
Yuankui Cao1), Fanpei Zeng2), Jinzhong Lu2), Bin Liu1) 2), Yong Liu1), Yunping Li3)

(Ti,Cr)C Synthesized In Situ by Spark Plasma Sintering of TiC/Cr3C2 Powder Mixtures
( pp.264 - 268 )
Hanjung Kwon1), Sun-A Jung1), Wonbaek Kim1)

Damage Evaluation in Lithium Cobalt Oxide/Carbon Electrodes of Secondary Battery by Acoustic Emission Monitoring
( pp.269 - 273 )
Chan-Yang Choe1), Woo-Sang Jung2), Jai-Won Byeon1)

Formation of High Light Scattering Texture on Glass Substrates Using Spherical Silica Particles and Spin-on-Glass for Thin Film Si Solar Cells
( pp.274 - 276 )
Shuhei Miura1), Shinichi Noda1), Kazutoshi Suzuki1), Masanari Inoue2), Koichi Murakami2), Fumitaka Ohashi2), Shuichi Nonomura1) 2)



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