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Decrease in Process Pressure for Forming Au-to-Au Joints via Reduction Reaction of Ag2O
( pp.127 - 130 )
Taro Inoue1), Tomo Ogura1), Akio Hirose1)

Resistance to Oxidation at 150℃ of Sub-Micrometer Diameter Silver-Coated Copper Particles Produced by Wet Chemical Synthesis and Immersion Plating
( pp.131 - 136 )
Yong Moo Shin1), Jong-Hyun Lee1)

Effects of Leveler Concentration in High Aspect Ratio Via Filling in 3D SiP
( pp.137 - 139 )
Se-Hyun Jang1), Tai-Hong Yim2), Young-Sik Song2), Jae-Ho Lee1)

Tensile Properties of Bi Alloys and a Case Study for Alloy Design in Their Application to High Temperature Solders
( pp.140 - 147 )
Meiqi Yu1), Zhefeng Xu1), Yong Bum Choi1), Takuma Konishi1), Kazuhiro Matsugi1), Jinku Yu2), Satoshi Motozuka3), Ken-ichiro Suetsugu4)

Effects of Complexing Reagent on Electroless Nickel Iron Alloy Plating for the Diffusion Barrier of UBM
( pp.148 - 151 )
Ja-Kyung Koo1), Jae-Ho Lee1)

Evolution of Carbides in H13 Steel in Heat Treatment Process
( pp.152 - 156 )
Hao Wang1), Jing Li1), Cheng-Bin Shi1), Ji Li1), Bao He1)

Infrared Spectroscopic and Computational Studies on Li4FeH6 with High Gravimetric Hydrogen Density
( pp.157 - 159 )
Takahiro Ogata1), Toyoto Sato1), Shigeyuki Takagi1), Hiroyuki Saitoh2), Yuki Iijima1), Biswajit Paik3), Shin-ichi Orimo1) 3)

Thermoelectric Properties of p-Type Cr Doped MnSiγ Prepared by Liquid Quenching Technique
( pp.160 - 163 )
Swapnil Ghodke1), A. Yamamoto2), M. Omprakash2), H. Ikuta1), T. Takeuchi2) 3)

Effect of Shot Peening on Residual Stress and Microstructure in the Deformed Layer of Inconel 625
( pp.164 - 166 )
L.H. Wu1), C.H. Jiang1)

Extra Electron Diffraction Spots Caused by Fine Precipitates Formed at the Early Stage of Aging in Al-Mg-X (X=Si, Ge, Zn)-Cu Alloys
( pp.167 - 175 )
Kenji Matsuda1), Akihiro Kawai2), Katsumi Watanabe2), Seungwon Lee1), Calin D. Marioara3), Sigurd Wenner4), Katsuhiko Nishimura1), Teiichiro Matsuzaki5), Norio Nunomura6), Tatsuo Sato7), Randi Holmestad4), Susumu Ikeno1)

Grain Refinement of Aluminum Alloy Bar by a Modified RAP Process for Semi-Solid Forming
( pp.176 - 181 )
Yongfei Wang1), Shengdun Zhao1), Chenyang Zhang1)

Effect of Electrodes and Post Weld Solution Annealing Treatment on Microstructures, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Dissimilar High Nitrogen Austenitic and Conventional Austenitic Stainless Steel Weldments
( pp.182 - 185 )
Himanshu Vashishtha1), Ravindra V. Taiwade1), Sumitra Sharma1)

Effects of Alloying Elements on Static Recrystallization Behavior of Work-Hardened Austenite of High Carbon Low Alloy Steel
( pp.186 - 195 )
Manabu Kubota1), Yukiko Kobayashi2), Kohsaku Ushioda3), Jun Takahashi2)

Effect of Carbon Content on Static Recrystallization Behavior of Work-Hardened Austenite in Low Alloy Steel and Its Mechanism
( pp.196 - 205 )
Manabu Kubota1), Yukiko Kobayashi2), Kohsaku Ushioda3), Jun Takahashi2)

Fabrication of Laminated Spark Plasma Sintered Compacts Composed of Alumina-Particle-Dispersed Magnesium and Magnesium
( pp.206 - 210 )
Shigehiro Kawamori1), Hiroshi Fujiwara2), Yoshinori Nagai3), Yukio Kasuga1)

Effect of pH on Hydrogen Absorption into Steel in Neutral and Alkaline Solutions
( pp.211 - 217 )
Norihiro Fujimoto1), Takashi Sawada1), Eiji Tada2), Atsushi Nishikata2)

Recrystallization Texture and Shear Band Formation in Bending
( pp.218 - 224 )
Hiroshi Kaneko1), Tatsuya Morikawa2), Masaki Tanaka2), Hirofumi Inoue3), Kenji Higashida2)

Assessment of the Electrolyte Composition in the Degree of Sensitization in AISI 347H Stainless Steel
( pp.225 - 230 )
V. L. Cruz-Hernández1), M. A. García-Rentería2), R. García-Hernández1), V. H. López-Morelos1)

Microstructure of Erbium Oxide Thin Film on SUS316 Substrate with Y2O3 or CeO2 Buffer Layers Formed by MOCVD Method
( pp.231 - 235 )
Seungwon Lee1), Takayuki Shinkawa2), Kenji Matsuda1), Masaki Tanaka3), Yoshimitsu Hishinuma3), Katsuhiko Nishimura1), Teruya Tanaka3), Takeo Muroga3), Takahiro Sato4)

Influence of Humidity on Friction Forces in Point-Contact under Small Loads
( pp.236 - 242 )
Rongguang Wang1), Shoma Furukawa2), Masanobu Imakawa2)

Foaming Process and Properties of 6063 Aluminum Foams by Melt Foaming Method
( pp.243 - 248 )
Tong Shi1), Xiang Chen1) 2), Ying Cheng1), Yanxiang Li1) 2)

Effect of CaCO3 Foaming Agent at Formation and Stabilization of Al-Based Foams Fabricated by Powder Compact Technique
( pp.249 - 258 )
Aleksandra V. Byakova1), Svyatoslav V. Gnyloskurenko2), Takashi Nakamura3)

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Multilayered Cu/Ti Composites Fabricated by Accumulative Roll Bonding
( pp.259 - 265 )
S. Jiang1), N. Jia1), X.H. Zhou1), H. Zhang2), T. He3), X. Zhao1)

Structural Crosstalk between Crystallographic Anisotropy in Bone Tissue and Vascular Network Analyzed with a Novel Visualization Method
( pp.266 - 270 )
Aiko Sekita1), Aira Matsugaki1), Takayoshi Nakano1)

Effects of Mo Addition on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of Ti-Mn Alloys Fabricated by Metal Injection Molding for Biomedical Applications
( pp.271 - 279 )
Pedro Fernandes Santos1), Mitsuo Niinomi2) 3) 4) 5), Ken Cho3), Huihong Liu6), Masaaki Nakai7), Takayuki Narushima1), Kyosuke Ueda1), Yoshinori Itoh8)

Effect of Particle Shape on the Stereological Bias of the Degree of Liberation of Biphase Particle Systems
( pp.280 - 286 )
Takao Ueda1), Tatsuya Oki1), Shigeki Koyanaka1)

Separation of Silver (I) and Zinc(II) from Nitrate Solutions by Solvent Extraction with LIX63
( pp.287 - 290 )
Pan-Pan Sun1), Byoung-Jun Min1), Sung-Tae Kim1), Sung-Yong Cho1)

Accelerated Formation of an Ultrafine-Grained Microstructure in Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam after Extrusion and Differential Speed Rolling
( pp.291 - 293 )
W.Y. Kim1), W.J. Kim2), H. Utsunomiya1)

Evaluation of Powder Layer Density for the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Process
( pp.294 - 297 )
Joon-Phil Choi1), Gi-Hun Shin2) 3), Hak-Sung Lee4) 5), Dong-Yeol Yang2) 5), Sangsun Yang2), Chang-Woo Lee5), Mathieu Brochu1), Ji-Hun Yu2) 5)

Pseudocapacitive Behavior of Ag3PO4 Nanospheres Prepared by a Sonochemical Process
( pp.298 - 301 )
Chengxiang Zheng1), Hua Yang1), Yang Yang1)

Stress-Rate Dependent Output Voltage for Fe29Co71 Magnetostrictive Fiber/Polymer Composites: Fabrication, Experimental Observation and Theoretical Prediction
( pp.302 - 304 )
Fumio Narita1), Kenichi Katabira1)



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