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Polymer Journal
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Cationic Copolymerization of 1,3-Dioxolane and Isoprene
( pp.1 - 6 )
Masahiko Okada1), Shigeru Ikai1), Kazumasa Chiba1), Masahiro Hirota1) and Yuya Yamashita1)

Dual Site Character of AlEt3-ZnCl2-CCl4 Catalyst in the Copolymerization of Ethylene with Vinyl Acetate
( pp.7 - 12 )
Takeo Saegusa1), Tadao Yatsu1), Satoru Miyaji1) and Hiroyasu Fujii1)

Anionic Copolymerizations of 1,1-Diphenylethylene with o- and p-Methoxystyrene
( pp.13 - 18 )
Heimei Yuki1) and Yoshio Okamoto1)

Cationic Copolymerization of 2-Chloroethyl Vinyl Ether with Styrene Derivatives
( pp.19 - 26 )
Tadashi Masuda1), Toshinobu Higashimura1) and Seizo Okamura1)

Copolymerization with Depropagation. VI. Equilibrium between Copolymer and Monomer
( pp.27 - 30 )
Masatsugu Izu1) and Kenneth F. O’Driscoll1)

Polymerization of Tetrahydrofuran by the AlEt3-H2O-Promoter System. Function of Promoter in Polymerization Kinetics
( pp.31 - 35 )
Takeo Saegusa1), Shu-ichi Matsumoto1) and Yoshihiko Hashimoto1)

Stereospecific Polymerization of Trityl, Diphenylmethyl and Benzyl Methacrylates
( pp.36 - 45 )
Heimei Yuki1), Koichi Hatada1), Toshikazu Niinomi1) and Yukio Kikuchi1)

The Stereocomplex Formation in Poly(methyl methacrylate) and the Stereospecific Polymerization of Its Monomer
( pp.46 - 54 )
Takeaki Miyamoto1) and Hiroshi Inagaki1)

Solution Properties of Synthetic Polypetides. VII. Approximate Expressions for Important Physical Quantities of Polypeptide Molecules
( pp.55 - 63 )
Akio Teramoto1), Takashi Norisuye1) and Hiroshi Fujita1)

Activity Coefficient of Polyelectrolytes in the Ternary System Water-Sodium Polyvinyl Sulfate-Sodium Chloride
( pp.64 - 70 )
Fumio Matsui1), Norio Ise1) and Tsuneo Okubo1)

Conformation of Poly(N-methyl glycine) Random Chains
( pp.71 - 81 )
Seiji Tanaka1) and Akio Nakajima1)

Temperature Dependence of Spherulitic Growth Rate of Isotactic Polystyrene. A Critical Comparison with the Kinetic theory of Surface Nucleation
( pp.82 - 100 )
Tadao Suzuki1) and André J. Kovacs1)

Thermal Change of Depolarization Current in Polymer Electrets
( pp.101 - 106 )
Toshiaki Takamatsu1) and Eiichi Fukada1)

Methyl Group Relaxations in the Glassy Phase of Polymers
( pp.107 - 115 )
Yoshikazu Tanabe1), Juichi Hirose1), Koji Okano1) and Yasaku Wada1)

Stress-Optical Coefficient of trans-1, 4-Polybntadiene and trans-1, 4-Polyisoprene Networks. Measurements and Theoretical Interpretation
( pp.116 - 129 )
Toshihide Ishikawa1) and Kazuo Nagai1)

Stereospecific Polymerization of Methyl α-Ethyl- and α-n-Propylacrylates
( pp.130 - 132 )
Heimei Yuki1), Koichi Hatada1), Toshikazu Nhnomi1) and Koh Miyaji1)

Pressure Dependence of Methyl Radical Observation in Polypropylene Irradiated by Ultraviolet Light
( pp.133 - 135 )
Kozo Tsuji1) and Toshifumi Seiki1)



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