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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.10 No.6 (1978)

Polymer Journal
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Fatigue in Mechanochemical Systems
( pp.563 - 568 )
Yoichi Tatara1)

Structure and Mechanical Properties of Poly(γ-methyl glutamate) Films. II.
( pp.569 - 582 )
Junji Watanabe1), Michiro Naka1), Junichiro Watanabe1), Koji Watanabe1) and Ichitaro Uematsu1)

Modelling and Simulation of the Chemical Homogeneity of the Butadiene—Styrene Copolymer in High-Conversion Emulsion Copolymerization
( pp.583 - 590 )
Maurycy Kalfus1) and Edward Grzywa2)

Application of the Flory—Mandelkern Equation to Unfractionated Poly(vinyl alcohol) Samples
( pp.591 - 597 )
Maurycy Kalfus1)

NMR Studies on Poly(oxymethylene) Crystals. II.
( pp.599 - 605 )
Toshiyuki Shibata1) and Shigeo Iwayanagi1)

Dependence of Nucleation Parameters for Polymer Crystallization from the Melt on Chemical Nature of a Macromolecule
( pp.607 - 617 )
Valery P. Privalko1)

Physical Properties of the Poly(1-olefin)s. Thermal Behavior and Dilute Solution Properties.
( pp.619 - 628 )
Jeou-shyong Wang1), Roger S. Porter2) and Jack R. Knox3)

The Electric Conduction of Poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate)
( pp.629 - 630 )
Kunio Hikichi1), Akihiro Tsutsumi1), Toshio Higuchi1) and Joichi Saito1)

Formation of the Liquid Crystals of Poly(L-lysinehydrobromide) in Aqueous Solution
( pp.631 - 636 )
Yoshiyuki Kondo1), Yoshiro Ukai1) and Eisaku Iizuka1)

A Novel Anionic Ring-Opening Polymerization of Potassium Salt of 4,4-Dimethyl-1,2-thiazetidin-3-one 1,1-Dioxide
( pp.637 - 639 )
Yoshio Imai1), Mitsuru Ueda1) and Kazuo Okuyama1)

Study on the Dual Nature of the Propagating Radical of Methyl Methacrylate
( pp.641 - 643 )
Mikiharu Kamachi1), Der Jang Liaw1) and Shun-ichi Nozakura1)



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