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Polymer Journal
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Catalysis of Polymers Containing Quaternized Linear Poly(N-alkylethyleneimine) Chain in Aqueous–Organic Hetero-Phase Reactions
( pp.1 - 6 )
Takeo Saegusa1), Shiro Kobayashi1), Akira Yamada1) and Shigenori Kashimura1)

Studies of the Cyclopolymerization in the Presence of Alkylalminum Chlorides. IV. Polymerization of o-Vinylphenyl Acrylate
( pp.7 - 13 )
Toyoji Kakuchi1), Kazuaki Yokota1) and Yoshiyuki Takada1)

Poly(alkylene oxide) Ionomers. II. Solution Co- and Terpolymerization of Trioxane for the Preparation of Poly(oxymethylene) Ionomers
( pp.15 - 25 )
L. DeMejo1), W. J. MacKnight1) and O. Vogl1)

Studies on Chitin. I. Acetylation of Chitin
( pp.27 - 32 )
Norio Nishi1), Junzo Noguchi1), Seiichi Tokura1) and Hiroyuki Shiota1)

Rheology of Copolymer Solutions. IV. Nonlinear Viscoelasticity of Solutions of an SBS Block Copolymer
( pp.33 - 42 )
Kunihiro Osaki1), Bong-Shik Kim1) and Michio Kurata1)

Partition Coefficients of Vinyl Chloride between PVC/Liquid/Vapor Phases
( pp.43 - 51 )
C. B. Patel1), R. E. Grandin1), R. Gupta1), E. M. Phillips1), C. E. Reynolds1) and R. K. S. Chan1)

Preparation of Poly(butadiene-g-N-acetylethyleneimine) and Its Hydrolysis to Poly(butadiene-g-ethyleneimine)
( pp.53 - 58 )
Takeo Saegusa1), Akira Yamada1) and Shiro Kobayashi1)

Deformation Mechanism of Polyethylene Spherulites as Observed by Wide-Angle Light Scattering
( pp.59 - 70 )
Akira Todo1), Takeji Hashimoto1) and Hiromichi Kawai1)

Conformational Induction in Block Copolypeptide of γ-Benzyl L-Glutamate and ε-Carbobenzoxy L-Lysine
( pp.71 - 79 )
Noboru Nishioka1) and Akio Teramoto1)

Functional Monomers and Polymers. LI. On the Synthesis and Polymerization of Acryloylaminomethyl Derivatives of Nucleic Acid Bases
( pp.81 - 82 )
Koichi Kondo1), Shozo Tanioku1) and Kiichi Takemoto1)

Electron Microscopic Studies of Crystallite Structures of the Collagen Model Polypeptide, (Pro-Hyp-Gly)10
( pp.83 - 84 )
Haruaki Eto1), Kenji Okuyama1) and Motowo Takayanagi1)



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