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Polymer Journal
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The Conformational Transition in the Concentrated Solution of Sodium Poly(L-GLUTAMATE)
( pp.749 - 754 )
Yoshiharu Tsujita1), Ikuo Yamanaka1) and Akira Takizawa1)

13C NMR Study of Poly(propylene oxide) and Poly(1-butene oxide)
( pp.755 - 761 )
Nobuki Oguni1), Satoshi Shinohara1) and Keonil Lee1)

X-Ray Structural Studies of Some Poly(α-amino acid)s with Hydrophobic Side Chains: Poly(L-valine), Poly(L-isoleucine), and Poly(L-phenylalanine)
( pp.763 - 774 )
Osamu Yamashita1), Takashi Yamane1), Tamaichi Ashida1), Shinsuke Yamashita2) and Takuya Yamashita2)

Controlled Release of 5-Fluorouracil from Adsorbents Containing Matrices Polymerized by Radiation
( pp.775 - 779 )
Masaru Yoshida1), Minoru Kumakura1) and Isao Kaetsu1)

Studies on Chitin. III. Preparation of Chitin Fibers
( pp.781 - 786 )
Seiichi Tokura1), Norio Nishi1) and Junzo Noguchi1)

Formation of Aromatic Compounds as Side Reactions in the Polycondensation of Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) Terephthalate
( pp.787 - 793 )
Hiroyoshi Kamatani1) and Katsuaki Kuze1)

Evaluation of Termination Rate by Segmental and Translational Diffusions in Radical Polymerizations
( pp.795 - 803 )
Katsukiyo Ito1)

Polymerization of Phenylacetylenes. IX. Polymerization of β-Naphthylacetylene by WCl6 and MoCl5
( pp.805 - 811 )
Toshiyuki Ohtori1), Toshio Masuda1) and Toshinobu Higashimura1)

Polymerization of Phenylacetylenes. X. Polymerization of Diphenylacetylene by WCl6- and MoCl5-Based Catalysts
( pp.813 - 818 )
Toshio Masuda1), Hiromasa Kawai1), Toshiyuki Ohtori1) and Toshinobu Higashimura1)

Excluded-Volume Effects in Dilute Polymer Solutions. VIII. Poly(D,L-β-methyl β-propiolactone) in Several Solvents and Reanalysis of Data on Poly(D-β-hydroxybutyrate)
( pp.819 - 826 )
Tatsumi Hirosye1), Yoshiyuki Einaga1) and Hiroshi Fujita1)

Solution Polycondensation of Diesters and Diamines Having Hetero Atom Groups in Polar Solvents
( pp.827 - 833 )
Naoya Ogata1), Kohei Sanui1), Takeshi Ohtake1) and Hiroyuki Nakamura1)



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